10 Ways Minimalism Can Fix Your Love Life

10 Ways Minimalism Can Fix Your Love Life


According to some people I’m a minimalist.  I intentionally limit the number of possessions I own as a way of improving my life.  I own between 90 and 100 things– total.  I guess I’m okay with the minimalist label.  Minimalism has benefited my life on a number of levels.

Simplicity sounds nice and all, but why are we talking about it on a dating website?  Minimalism helped my dating life when I was single, and it’s wonderful for my relationship.  Here are ten ways that minimalism can improve your love life.

Fewer distractions.

Possessions take our attention.  That’s not always a bad thing.  I use my computer to write.  That’s a good use of my energy.  But the thought we pay to our belongings can become detrimental.  Think of how often we look at cell phones.  The hours you spend glued to your phone could be better-used spending time with that special someone.

More money.

This one’s pretty easy to understand.  Having fewer possessions means you buy fewer things.  So you have more money.  More money means you can go on more dates.

More time.

I don’t have to spend my time washing my car, upgrading my cell phone plan, or cleaning a large apartment.  That’s because I don’t have a car or cell phone, and my apartment is small.  By limiting your possessions you free up your schedule.  That means you can go out and meet new people.

Less stress.

Worried about paying your bills?  We all deal with budgetary woes from time to time.  Try eliminating stressors like cable bills and Netflix.  Drop unnecessary obligations that don’t add value to your life.  These changes will drastically reduce stress and make you more fun to be around.

You can become more interesting.

Having too many possessions can keep you from discovering new things about yourself.  When you give up things like excessivae television and internet you are able to discover new hobbies and personal interests.  Then you’ll have a lot more to talk about on dates.

Look better.

Minimalists don’t own many articles of clothing.  Since you don’t need 10 pairs of jeans you can afford to buy higher quality.  You can also spend some extra cash on things like hair cuts and designer cologne or perfume.  You can look your best without spending as much.

Better partners.

Minimalism tends to carry over into your relationships.  You don’t need to limit the number of friends you have, but I recommend being selective about whom you spend time with.  Avoid negative people that don’t offer value to your life.  You shouldn’t feel guilty about firing bad friends.  Friendships should make both participants better.  Being more selective will increase the likelihood that your relationships are successful.  It’s better to be alone than date the wrong kind of person.

Cleaner home = happier guests.

Minimalists don’t have a lot of clutter lying around, and that makes our apartments easier to clean.  Romantic partners usually prefer a clean apartment to a dirty one.

Nicer apartment.

Now that you’ve reduced your budget and downsized your apartment you might be able to afford something nicer that’s closer to social hotspots like restaurants, cafes, and nightclubs.  Smaller apartments are cheaper, and you won’t need as much space for your things.

Better job.

Many of us are unhappy with our professional lives, but we feel trapped because of financial obligations.  Living a minimalist lifestyle can dramatically improve your financial reality and allow you to be more selective with work.  For some that will mean reducing work hours, and others will change careers altogether.  Having a healthier work life will show through in your relationships, and improve your love life.

Minimalism isn’t a prerequisite for successful dating, and it won’t improve your sex life by itself.  I know plenty of people who aren’t minimalists that do just fine, but if you’ve struggled with any of the things mentioned you might want to experiment with simple living.  It can change the way you see the world and the way the world looks at you!