12 Warning Signs She’ll Cheat On You Soon With a Friend!

12 Warning Signs She'll Cheat On You Soon With a Friend!


Urgent Warning Signs She’ll Cheat On You Soon With a Friend!

Sometimes you see it coming and sometimes these urgent warning signs she’ll cheat on you fly right under the radar.

Is she hiding her texts or acting weird?

Did she get a new hair cut?

Does she talk about her friend, Chad, a little too much?

It could mean nothing or it could be warning signs she’ll cheat on you soon with Chad.

Let’s look at the subtle but urgent warning signs she’ll cheat on you soon—or at least wants to!

First, let’s take a quick look at healthy and unhealthy male-female relationships when it comes to being in a couple.

Examples of Healthy and Unhealthy Male Friendships

These are based on what I’ve seen, what I’ve studied, what I’ve seen work and not work and my own values.

You can insert your own fine print.

Just keep in mind the highest rates of cheating (when women stray) are with a “good friend” or “coworker.”

Let’s look at some common warning signs she’ll cheat on you soon with a friend and then explore the green flags of female-male friendships so you can be sure of her loyalty.

Warning Signs She’ll Cheat on You

Whether she’s giving attention to one particular man or more than one, these are the warning signs she’ll cheat on you soon.

They don’t guarantee she’s about to cheat but the more of these she has the more likely she’s preparing for something something with someone else.

If she’s not already cheating imagine the motive behind these changed behaviours—

She’s consciously or unconsciously preparing herself to attract someone else and/or comparing you to real or perceived competition.

If she’s …

  1. Started working out or lost weight.
  2. Done something different with her hair.
  3. Paying more attention to her style.
  4. Started wearing perfume when she goes out.
  5. Going out with her girlfriends more at night.
  6. Evasive when you ask her questions about her whereabouts.
  7. Hiding her texts or added a password to her phone/computer.
  8. She receives a suspicious amount of wrong numbers esp late at night
  9. Mentioning Chad a little too often.
  10. Less physically affectionate with you.
  11. Nagging you about NEW things that bother her about you.
  12. Suddenly, no longer nagging you about the OLD things that bothered you.

Or, bonus tip…

She’s treating you with contempt for no reason…

…there’s a good chance she’s getting ready to consider other options or already is.

In future, you want to make sure you watch for the red flags of her male relationships.

I’ve got a bonus red flag for you that may be the most important but first let’s look at the red flags of her male friendships.

Red Flags—Unsafe Standards for Her Male Friendships

  1. The two of them go for dinner solo in public.
  2. The two of them visit solo in private.
  3. You’re never invited or not allow to join.
  4. His partner isn’t invited or not allowed to join.
  5. She “forgets” to tell you when they meet up.
  6. Your gal only talks about your and her relationship problems.
  7. She hides his texts from you.
  8. Your woman texts him late at night.
  9. Her texts and/or interactions with him are flirty.
  10. She’d rather spend time with him than you.

I know, right?

Let’s take a quick look at green flags in potential male-female relationship and then I’ll give you the most important of the warnings signs she’ll cheat on you soon.

Green Flags—Safe Standards for Her Male Friendships

Unless he’s 100% gay, ALL conditions must apply for a guy to make the green flag list.

  1. The two of them for lunch or coffee in a public setting.
  2. He’s never indicated a romantic interest in her.
  3. You’re welcome to join them anytime.
  4. If he’s got a partner, she’s welcome to join anytime.
  5. She tells him what a great guy you are.

Bonus Red Flag

Your gut says something’s off! (Even if you are unreasonably jealous.)

These signs may be signs of her already cheating or signs she’ll cheat on you soon, but even if nothing else is happening (yet), these are disrespectful behaviours to you.

I’ve got another video coming up on specifically what to do if you suspect your girlfriend or wife might be cheating on you but you’re not sure.

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Thank you for being here—big hug—and God bless!