25 Easy Valentine Crafts & Gift Ideas

25 Easy Valentine Crafts & Gift Ideas


Fun & Unique Valentine Crafts

Valentine crafts just get me giddy! I am so excited that the wonderful day of love is nearly here! That being said, we know that everyone could use some help coming up with ideas to celebrate the day of LOVE. Therefore, we’ve gathered 25 different Valentine crafts that you will absolutely adore!

Simple and unique Valentine's crafts for all ages | The Dating Divas
List of Valentine’s crafts that everyone will love!

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First up is Valentine craft food ideas! Then we’ll jump in to DIY Valentine crafts and gifts!

Valentine Craft Food Ideas

Food. Love. Crafting. What’s not to like?! We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite food ideas that double as Valentine’s Day crafts.

Popcorn, Chex, and chocolate make one of the best DIY Valentine's gifts and treats. | The Dating Divas
Valentine’s Day snack mix as a DIY Valentine gift or treats

1 . Valentine’s Snack Mix – Here’s a fun and easy recipe you can adjust for any holiday, in addition to adding ingredients to suit your tastes. This Valentine’s Snack Mix is easy to make, cute, and quite delicious! This would be perfect to bag up, add a cute tag, and have ready to give your sweetie on Valentine’s day. Yummy!

Strawberry-themed Valentine craft that is cute and delicious. | The Dating Divas
Make a strawberry skewer for a Valentine’s Day craft

2 . Strawberry Skewers – Want something healthy that spells out how much you love your spouse!? These strawberry skewers are quick, easy, and romantic. Use them as a side to your dinner party or later on in the evening as a sweet addition to your bedroom festivities.

Food Valentine crafts are easy with this heart-filled breakfast plan. | The Dating Divas
A heart-themed breakfast as a DIY Valentine gift or surprise

3 . A Hearty Breakfast – Everybody knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. How about adding a bit of romance to your spouse’s breakfast? Give them a heart-y breakfast! Spell out I {heart} U with pancake batter instead of the traditional circles. Fry an egg inside a metal heart-shaped cookie cutter, or cut fruit into heart shapes. Whatever you do, adding that special ingredient of love to their breakfast will make it taste extra yummy!

Give a Valentine Day craft that is also a delicious drink. | The Dating Divas
SoBe Valentine’s Day drink as an easy Valentine’s Day craft

4 . SoBe Your Valentine – Who doesn’t love a sweet SoBe drink?! This idea is quite refreshing and super easy. It’s one of those perfect valentine crafts that is a real time saver! It’s a great way to show some love even if you make it at the last minute.

A Kit Kat candy Valentine craft. | The Dating Divas
Kit Kat valentine craft and card idea

5 . Kit Kat Love Note – And all you need is a Kit Kat bar and a printer to make this darling Valentine craft. It’s a quick and sweet way to show your Valentine what you really think!

Bacon hearts are one of the yummiest DIY Valentine gifts. | The Dating Divas
Valentine food of bacon hearts which makes a delicious valentine gift

6 . Bacon Hearts – What do you do for your sweetheart when you’re on a budget for Valentine’s Day, but you know how to work the oven? How about Valentine’s bacon? It’s super simple, and your Valentine is going to love it!

Make your Valentine's Day gifts delicious with a candy bar bouquet. | The Dating Divas
Candy bar bouquet for one of your DIY Valentine gifts

7 . The Man Bouquet – Women like bouquets of roses or lilies, but men might like a bouquet of a different sort! Create unique Valentine crafts this year with the “Man Bouquet.” It’s filled with treats and gifts customized especially for your spouse!

Valentine crafts can be food centered too - not just paper and glue! | The Dating Divas
Delicious Valentine charcuterie to compliment your Valentine gifts

8 . Valentine Dessert Board – Even if you don’t make a big fuss over Valentine’s Day, you can always enjoy a sweet dessert platter. We count it as one of our Valentine crafts, because it’s basically edible art!

Delicous caramel and sweet words make one of the best Valentine craft gifts. | The Dating Divas
Riesen Valentine craft by The Dating Divas

9 . Riesens Why I Love You – We know you have plenty of “Riesens” to love your spouse, so why not whip up some Valentine’s crafts to prove it? All you need is a bag of Riesen candy and some paper. Then write down all the “Reisens” your spouse is ah-mazing. It’s a thoughtful gift with a sweet twist!

Heart-shaped cereal for a DIY Valentine gift. | The Dating Divas
Heart-shaped cereal in a bowl for a DIY Valentine gift for breakfast.

10 . I Love You With My Whole Heart – How cute are these sweet little hearts? The flavor of them is similar to Honey Nut Cheerios but the shape?! SO FUN! Print off the linked printable, and attach it to the box for a quick love note for your spouse on Valentine’s Day! You could even grab multiple boxes to use for Valentine crafts with the kids.

DIY VAlentine Crafts & Gifts

If giving the gift of food isn’t quite your style, here are some other Valentine crafts that could double as valentine gifts AND that allow you to spread the love, but not the butter. 😉

Make Valentine crafts in the shape of owls. | The Dating Divas
Simple, owl-themed, Valentine craft with paper bags

11 . Owl Valentine Crafts Bags – These are so darling! Perfect for all ages. Just fill it up with treats they love and wait for their smile.

Surprise your sweetie with a simple Valentine gift, like a new song download. | The Dating Divas
DIY Valentine gifts can be as simple as downloading a song

12 . Download a Quick Surprise – You don’t even have to leave your house to surprise your sweetie with a little unexpected present! Download his new favorite album, movie, game, or even a new book to his digital device. It’s quick AND thoughtful!

Make one of the best DIY Valentine crafts with simply a sharpie and a mug. | The Dating Divas
DIY Valentine gift made from a mug and sharpie

13 . Sharpie Tea Cups – Want the scoop on how to make this super sweet mug? Create them yourself using nothing but a Sharpie Pen and a mug. Simply write your favorite sentiments for your Valentine with this sweet Valentine craft.

Make Valentine crafts with items your husband loves. | The Dating Divas
A heart decoration made out of nuts that makes one of the easiest DIY valentine gifts

14 . I’m Nuts for You – I think it is fun to find things at the hardware store and make it crafty. This heart made out of nuts from the hardware store is simple to make, and you can give it to your Valentine as a way to show that you’re “nuts” about him!

Make valentine crafts that promise some physical love to your sweetie. | The Dating Divas
Kiss check DIY valentine gift

15 . A Check for 100 Kisses – Everybody loves getting a big fat check, but what if that check was for something much more valuable than money? Snag our FREE printable check from The Bank of Love, and leave your spouse a check for 100 kisses!

DIY Valentine gift that doubles as decor | The Dating Divas
Scrabble title Valentine craft idea

16 . LOVE Scrabble Banner – Another great way to add some LOVE decor to your home is this darling Valentine’s Scrabble Banner. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes to make, and of course, you can reuse it every year! It’s all the little touches that will make your home a romantic haven for you and your honey.

Make your own valentines crafts, such as a mesh wreath. | The Dating Divas
DIY Valentine’s Day craft – a mesh wreath

17 . Mesh Wreath – I love Valentine’s wreaths; they are cute, romantic, and a great way to decorate for the holiday of love. This Valentine’s wreath is so easy and so quick. Add a little flair to your home, and make a Valentine’s Day craft you can use over and over again.

Play a game of Dirty Deeds for a sexy valentine gift. | The Dating Divas
An intimate game for 2 as a Valentine gift

18 . Dirty Deeds – Are you ready to rev up your intimate life this Valentine’s Day?! This game is easy to put together and will throw some SPARK back into your bedroom romance. It will definitely top the list of perfect DIY Valentine gifts!

Instead of a random tree, carve your initials into decor for your Valentine gift this year. | The Dating Divas
Carve initials into something as decor for an easy Valentine craft

19 . Carved Love – Find your own wooden elements to use as your “tree” or remake this craft using a sheet of scrapbook paper with a wood grain design. Just add a simple heart and your initials. It’s something that your spouse will love and that you can use as decor throughout the year!

Print an easy DIY Valentine gift with this card. | The Dating Divas
Printable Valentine card for a DIY Valentine gift

20 . Easy Valentine Card – Click the link to see multiple Valentine’s cards that are just too cute for words. You can choose one of two options, print, and GO! A card for your Valentine in a flash!

A simple Valentine craft that is best kept in the bedroom. | The Dating Divas
Sexy mad libs make a fun DIY Valentine gift

21 . Sexy Mad Libs – For some silly time with your spouse, we have created 4 love-themed Mad Libs – a PERFECT at-home date idea that’s crafty at the same time! These cards only require printing, a little cutting if desired, and a pen.

Easy DIY Valentine craft anyone can do. | The Dating Divas
Create a string of heart decor pieces for a Valentine craft this year

22 . String of Hearts – This tutorial will show you how to make some easy Valentine crafts in under an hour. Your kids would even love to help. It is so fun and whimsical, we might keep it up even after Valentine’s Day!

A simple print that works as a Valentine's Day gift. | The Dating Divas
Love story print as a DIY Valentine gift

23 . Love Story Print – I’ve seen this saying a few different times now, and I just love it. It would be the perfect addition to any master bedroom or a collage of photos of just the two of you.

Make a love match with your spouse using fun valentine crafts and games. | The Dating Divas
A matching game for 2 as a DIY Valentine gift

24 . It’s a Love Match – Are you looking for a fun way to connect with your spouse that will spice things up in the bedroom, sharpen your memory skills, and celebrate Valentine’s Day? This post accomplishes all three of these goals by putting a romantic spin on the classic game of Memory! It’s an easy DIY Valentine craft and game.

Countdown to Valentine's Day with a kiss Valentine craft. | The Dating Divas
Create a Valentine craft kiss countdown

25 . Kiss Me Countdown – It’s always fun to count down to those special days of the year. With Valentine’s Day almost here, you can put together this quick and simple Kiss Me Countdown, and share a special kiss each day! It’s one of my favorite Valentine’s Day crafts and the perfect treat for your significant other that will bring you both a whole lot closer together.

If you are still looking for more craft ideas for V-day, we also have the best list of print-and-go Valentine’s Day cards.

However you decide to celebrate Valentine’s this year (sexy, sweet, or kid-friendly), we hope you enjoy a wonderful day of love!