3 Scientific Reasons Why You Keep Attracting “Jerks”


“WHY do I keep attracting a**holes?!”

This is a common complaint that I hear from women out there meeting new guys and actively pursuing a romantic connection.

They want the man who ticks all their boxes, they want the relationship, and they want the commitment. And although they don’t have trouble meeting men they’re attracted to and want to build a relationship with, they do have trouble meeting the right men.


Is your intuition off?

Did something happen in your past that has made you feel like you’re not worthy of a man who treats you well?

Do you have an invisible sign taped to your forehead that says, “if you’re a jerk, I wanna talk to you“?

Well, here are 3 scientific reasons why you might keep on attracting jerks (P.S. it’s not your fault).

If you don’t know why you find yourself stuck in this vicious cycle, it makes it almost impossible to hear that jerk-ometer blaring when you’re near this kind of guy.

But once you understand what keeps drawing you back to guys like this, you start to see through the BS. What used to be charming will feel inauthentic. What used to be sexy as hell will feel one-dimensional. The non-stop peacocking will leave you eye-rolling.

And all those amazing guys who you never used to notice? They’ll start to catch your attention, and that’s a great thing.

So, are you ready to PUT THE JERKS DOWN for good and open your mind and heart to a kind, caring man who would never dream of mistreating you?

Your Coach,

why you keep attracting jerks

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