3 Secret Advantages of Talking to Women Who Aren’t “Your Type”

talking to women


talking to women
Getting a girl who you think is “out of your league” is easier than most men realize–just follow the proven steps below…

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Today I’m going to show you how interacting with women–even if they aren’t your “ideal woman”–will eventually get the women YOU want in bed, using very little effort.

Because as a dating coach, I meet a lot of guys who will simply end an interaction because the woman isn’t “right” for him.

And while I understand this behavior… in reality, it’s self-sabotaging at its core.

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This is especially true if you want to get laid on a regular, or even somewhat regular basis.

After all, you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.

(And to add insult to injury, studies consistently show men miss many of the signals women give off to show they’re interested.)

Still think talking to women who aren’t “your type” is always a waste of time?

I’ll show you the truth below, including how interacting with more women will get hotter girls to approach you effortlessly:

How Watching a Man Catch a Shark at Coney Island Revealed the Truth About Attracting Super-Hot Girls…

Once, at Coney Island, right where we hang out on the beach, a fellow went out on the pier with a fishing rod.

Sunbathers watched as he put his line in the water in the hot sun and waited.

After a short while he moved his shoulders and you could see him pulling, until he pulled something up. A little thing–a guppy or whatever.

After fiddling with the line for a bit he had clearly sunk that hook–or another, larger one–into this little fish, because he threw it back in, blood and line and all.

Soon his quiet vigilance was broken again as he pulled another thing–something larger–up out of the water.

He fiddled with hook and line and put that back into the water, too.

This scene repeated a third time and a fourth time.

The fish was getting bigger now and I wondered if that skinny rod could take much more of this.

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His shoulders jerked into action again, but this time people on the beach stood up talking and gesturing to the water.

You could see the dorsal fin, this was a shark.

This time the struggle was clearly more difficult as he didn’t try pulling the fish up out of the water, but walked his rod back up the pier to the beach.

Keeping the fish in front of him now he slowly reeled and pulled and waited and fought and reeled and pulled.

Finally he landed it, dragging it up on the beach.

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3 Ways Interacting With Women Who Aren’t Your Type Gets Girls Who ARE Your Type to Approach you…

Probably his story about catching a shark will sound like luck, but from where I saw it, it was predictable. 

He had thrown several bloody, live fish into that water in roughly the same spot, and his line was hooked to a fresh, live, bloody fish right now.

When you go out–and when I take guys out for a night session–it can seem sensible to avoid the girls who are not your type.

I’m all for that, if your movement away from the undesirable coincides with a move toward the girl who is your ideal.

What is far more common is that you tell me you don’t want to talk to that girl because she’s not your type–and maybe that’s true–but you’re also avoiding the fear of opening your mouth and risking rejection.

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When I point out the girl who is exactly the type you like, you have a reason not to approach her, too–or you try to tell me she’s not, in fact, one of the small, friendly, flat-chested blondes with a nice a** that she certainly is, and that I’ve already confirmed you go nuts for.

Don’t pull your rod away from the little fish AND away from the big fish!

What do you want to catch? A shoe?

Instead of putting your rod in the water and trying to move your bait away from the smaller fish, let them creep up!

There are several advantages to holding on to the girls who you want to throw back.

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1) You Can Visualize Success Easier

As we all know, seeing yourself in the situation you want to be in helps you believe that it’s possible, and helps it become inevitable, because your internal system moves you toward that scene.

Even imagining the desired scene can help you recreate it…

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How much closer do you think you’d get to that scene by actually being in it?

Yeah some of the elements are not perfect–perhaps she doesn’t fit the concept of “your type” of woman you have in your head.

But you can help your guidance system a great deal by seeing the scenario and being part of it–with the lights, the other people, the logistics, your voice and her predictable responses.

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2) Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

You can tell, more importantly, whether you are controlling the conversation or not with your words. 

You know if you are getting information from her about who she is and what she wants.

(By the way, if you want an easy way to tell if a girl you’re talking to is interested in you… just look for these 7 signals that fly right over most men’s heads.)

Despite less-than-stellar looks, this girl you don’t want has two ears and a brain.

I’m not saying she’s smarter than the hotter ones, mind you. I’m saying that she listens like a girl and she thinks like a girl.

More to the point, the game is almost the same.

While it’s true that she might be interested in you right off the bat, and maybe you don’t have as much competition for her time, when it comes to finding out who she is and what lights her up, it’s exactly the same conversation.

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You can try out ways of asking questions and responding to her statements.

You can find out what happens when you say certain things, and how quickly a negative or even undirected comment can derail all the work you’ve been doing.

You can come up with the way you like to sit (probably back to the bar like me, but maybe you come up with your own way) and the little reactions you make to things she says.

There are tons more reasons to not throw back the little fish until something else is on your line, but the two that follow are probably the best.

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3) “It Takes One to Know One”

Believe it or not, the women you actually prefer KNOW how alike women are.

Not only that, while you might completely ignore the less attractive fish, the women you are interested do not

(And remember that less attractive is a subjective description. I have a friend who is completely unattracted to women I and our other buddies are drooling over. Of course, those women are drawn to him like flies to fly paper.)

They see that girl laughing at your jokes and touching your arm. 

They see, in other words, her interest in you and all the fun she’s having and they DON’T think what you would:

“I guess he’s desparate, ‘cause she is a DOG!”

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Instead they think:

“Why is SHE having so much fun [she’s laughing and smiling and throwing her head back] and I’m not??”

“Why is she so interested in that guy??” [She’s touching your arm, which to a woman looks like she’s into YOU and TRYING to get you interested.]

“I’m at LEAST as attractive as her? Why is NO ONE talking to me?? Even that guy who women like, why does he prefer HER to ME???”

You might ALSO find it a little easier to START your night talking to the less attractive girls, although the motivation is lower.

And as you warm up, and talk to the hotter tamales, you’ll find those appetizers could improve your reception… like knowing the secretary of the big shot you want to get a meeting with, for example.

That’s especially true if you add this proven escalation technique to your conversation:

talking to women
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