5 Easy Moves For More Pleasure, Orgasms & Headboard-Rattling Sex!

satisfy her in bed

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When it comes to sex, it’s a team sport. 

Nobody wants to be that guy who’s in it for himself and doesn’t care for what his partner wants when it is time to be intimate in the bedroom. 

As a doctor and pleasure enthusiast, I speak from experience when I say that women want to be satisfied sexually. 

It’s been one of the keys to how my husband has kept me totally content in our marriage of over 20 years.

There are obviously some spillover effects from satisfying your woman that are selfish:

Studies show it’s likely you’ll have more sex the more satisfied she is. 

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Besides that, though, it really is worthwhile to satisfy your woman sexually the same way you try to satisfy her emotionally.

Sex is an important part of any relationship, period.

So, to keep you in your woman’s good graces and to have less nights where she sleeps with her back to you, try these tips on for size:

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1)  Ask Her What She Likes & Listen During Sex

This first tip is something I’ve mentioned time and time again on my website, which, in case you’re wondering, can be found over at DoctorClimax.com.

The simplest tip of all is to simply ask her what kind of sexual encounter she’d like to have. 

Depending on what she says, do your best to give that to her. 

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However, good sex is very dynamic and shouldn’t follow a script.

While you’re getting hot and heavy, do everything in your power to gauge her reactions to the things you do.

And give her more of the things that she responds positively to. 

Always be innovating and trying new things, discarding anything that isn’t getting a “positive review.”

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2) Work To Create An Environment She’s Comfortable In

The brain has a lot more to do with good sex than the genitals do… no matter how strange that might seem. 

If your woman is holding back or there’s something bothering her, she won’t be able to fully commit to the matter at hand. 

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This starts with you ensuring that your hygiene is up to date (so you aren’t just a big unwashed body of nasty trying to rub up against her). 

Besides that, ensuring that she trusts you and that the way you spend time together is one of comfort and ease is paramount to satisfying sexual encounters. 

The little things count here:

A well-made bed…

Ensuring she’s had enough food/drink to relax…

And in general thinking about her needs that aren’t directly connected to sex.

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3) Make Her Feel Desired

Any woman wants to be having sex with someone who they feel truly wants them–not just someone who’s happy to have a warm body of any kind nearby. 

Do everything in your power to make her feel like the sexiest girl in the world, and that there’s nobody else you’d rather be sharing your body with. 

If you know she’s insecure about certain parts of her body, try to be curious about it & appreciative of that aspect of her. 

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Make her anxieties about any part of her body wash away by giving them some tender love and care. 

Also, do your best to lose yourself in the scenario so it seems like you’re ravenous for her.

If you pay attention and show appreciation, she’s less likely to think you’re just “going through the motions.”

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4) Don’t Skip The Foreplay

Women need foreplay much more than men for a completely satisfying time in bed. 

Think of her journey to orgasm like the beginning of a rollercoaster.

It needs to start off small, but it is very clear where things are going to go by the end of it all. 

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Make sure to use your fingers and tongue to great effect.

The clitoris is highly sensitive and many women say that they can’t reach orgasm if there’s no clitoral stimulation whatsoever. 

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And here’s something most guys forget:

Foreplay can be a lot more than what happens directly before sex.. 

For instance, if you tease her sexually all day with the understanding that sex is on the horizon, she’ll be waiting in anticipation…

… and all of that bottled up tension will be ready to burst at a moment’s notice. 😉

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5) Understand Sexual Push-And-Pull

Men are much simpler to bring to orgasm to women.

You can blame evolution for that. 

Once a man achieves an erection, it’s pretty much a straight shot to orgasm so long as there’s some kind of stimulation at hand. 

With women, the whole experience has a lot more ups and downs. 

What I mean by this is that there are times where you should be giving it your all… but other times when it helps to slow things down and keep things on the sensual side. 

For women, sex is something to be enjoyed over a period of time–not something that should be done and over with before she can even get fully committed.

Focus on her level of pleasure, and do as much as you can to do what works for her specifically. 

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A lot of confusion on your end can be solved with some simple questions.

Don’t be afraid to ask candidly what she thinks of certain aspects of your lovemaking technique. 

From there, use what she says & what she does to actually refine your technique into the most ideal technique for her. 

All women are different… so just because many women you’ve been with before like it a certain way, it doesn’t mean the woman you’re with right now does. 

So long as you stay mindful and work as a team, you can easily give her the best orgasms she’s ever had–and ever will have–simply by trying out different techniques, and figuring out what she likes best.

Here’s what I mean:

satisfy her in bed
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