5 Everyday Foods That Will Make You Ejaculate More!

foods that will make you ejaculate more


foods that will make you ejaculate more

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Research shows that when a man ejaculates, his partner’s pleasure increases.

But what’s a guy to do if his load is kind of small?

If you have this problem, you’re not alone. Modern life leads to lower testosterone levels and smaller loads for lots of dudes.

Luckily, there’s lots you can do to fix this.

So what can you do to boost load size naturally?

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The answer seems simple:

Avoid unhealthy foods and eat healthy foods.

Well, duh.

But it’s a little more complicated than that. Not just any junk foods or health foods will impact your load.

So what’s a guy to eat, or not eat?

The Surprisingly Common Foods That Can Shrink Your Load Size…

The number one villain here is the food we all love to hate: sugar.

Too much sugar is really bad for your sex life for a lot of reasons—not only can it decrease your load, but it’s bad for fitness and overall energy levels, and can make you sluggish and less of a tiger in the sack.

Obviously, limiting desserts and sweets is a great way to cut back on sugar.

When you need to hit that sweet tooth, you can opt for healthy, sweet vegetables, like sweet potatoes and beets, which will satisfy your sugar craving without causing you to overindulge in sugar–the key is to avoid overly sweet, sugar snacks.

Sugar is hard to avoid though, because food manufacturers like to put it in everything. Even salty foods are likely to contain sugar!

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To cut down on your sugar intake and increase your load output, make sure to check ingredient labels for added sugar.

Watch out for ingredients like “high fructose corn syrup,” which is just a fancy way of saying “sugar.”

You’ll find this sneaky sex-killer in foods like barbecue sauce, cereal, pasta sauce, crackers, bread, ketchup, and much more.

To avoid sugar, it’s best to avoid processed foods as much as possible.

Cutting down on sugar can be tough, since this ingredient is addictive. But your sex life, and overall healthy and quality of life, will thank you.

It Doesn’t End There…

What’s next on the list of evil load-shrinkers?

Processed carbs.

Who doesn’t love donuts, croissants, bagels, bread, and pretzels? Only the Grinch, that’s who.

But processed carbs are similar to sugar:

When you eat too much of them, they harm your health and make your load smaller.

Processed carbs are a source of quick energy, but they aren’t good for long-term health or a spicy sex life.

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For example, eating smaller quantities of processed white flour can help increase your load size.

But you don’t have to starve yourself! If you eat a lot of processed carbs right now, you can make some delicious and healthy replacements in your diet.

You can replace these foods with whole grains. Opt for whole wheat pasta, whole grain bread, and brown rice when you have a choice.

Save processed carbs as a special treat and you’ll be reinvigorated in the bedroom.

5 Foods That Will Make You Ejaculate MORE…

Ok—sugar, check. Processed carbs, check. Those are the main foods to avoid, because they decrease your load size.

Now on to the positive! What should a guy eat to increase his load size?

You guessed it—vegetables! But not just any vegetables.

Carrots! Carrots contain lots of vitamin A, which produces sperm and helps those little guys swim.

Plus, carrots are great because you can snack on carrot sticks raw, or you can cook them up in a delicious stir fry. You can even try some creative winter recipes, like carrot soup!

Carrots are some of the most affordable vegetables you can buy. And, they increase your load size. It’s a win-win.

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Other foods that include vitamin A, like carrots? Apricots and oatmeal.

Of course eating one bowl of oatmeal with apricots isn’t going to double your load size overnight–but over time, you may notice a difference.

And you’ll notice a difference even faster if you add a few more “exotic” foods to your diet.

Looking to spice up your diet while improving your love life? A couple of strange herbs will do just that: ginseng and maca root.

Maca root is commonly known as a miracle herb. This powdered root, which you can find at health food stores, is said to be great for sperm health and production. It might even boost your libido, too!

Ginseng, another miracle ingredient, can not only increase your load–it may also improve your stamina and libido.

Studies have shown that ginseng can have a powerful effect on your performance in the bedroom… although you do have to prepare it properly.

Here’s what I mean:

foods that will make you ejaculate more

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Ginseng is AMAZING, because not only does it help boost your load size…

But did you know that when it’s combined with certain other foods, it can also boost your bloodflow… give you more energy… and yeah, even make your hard-ons harder?

There are 4 powerful plant-based foods in particular, that you can combine with Ginseng for FANTASTIC results in the bedroom… and as luck would have it, they all start with the letter “G.” 🙂

Many men say these foods allow them to get it up quicker (almost “on-command”)…

… stay harder for longer…

… blow much bigger and more pleasurable loads *mmmm*...

… and as an added bonus, some guys even say these foods have boosted their confidence and sex drives(!).

The only thing is, some of these foods are a little exotic… and you may not be able to find them all in your local grocery store…

… so here’s a short free video that will show you all 5 foods and where to find them:

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