5 Steps to Kiss Any Woman Into a Mind-Blowing Orgasm

orgasmic kissing

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Hey, this is another episode of Ask Ruwando.

And today I’m going to show you my 5 tips for “orgasmic kissing.”

So these tips actually apply to a lot of things you do with your mouth–any sort of kissing.

I’m talking about kissing mouths, or kissing body parts.

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And I think it’s so critical, because kissing is obviously an intimate part of sex and communication. 

But it’s also one of the most sensitive ways to touch someone. It’s one of the most potentially romantic and one of the most arousing. 

So here are five tips that should help any guy become a much better kisser:

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The first tip is to pay attention to what feels good to your lips. 

A lot of guys forget about this. 

They become very focused on making her have a good time or having the woman think that they’re a good kisser… and like, that’s great. 

I mean, it’s great that you care about what a woman thinks about a woman’s experience. 

But if you are completely in your head and trying to figure out what’s good for her and not feeling what feels good to you… there’s no way you’re going to connect, right? 

A lot of guys forget that when you kiss someone, she’s kissing you as much as you’re kissing her.

It’s important that you enjoy it. 

For example, if you’ve ever been a woman who’s going down on you or giving something to you, and she’s clearly not enjoying it–she’s just doing it for your pleasure–it doesn’t feel as good. 

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But if you’re with a woman who’s (let’s just use oral sex as an example) loves going down on you, it’s going to be a good time. 

It’s way more pleasurable for you, if you ever had any of those kinds of experiences, you know what I’m talking about. 

So same thing applies to anything sexual, even kissing. It’s important that you notice what feels good to you. 

Because if you’re doing it for her, she’s not going to feel like she’s kissing a person.

She’s going to feel like she’s with some robot that’s trying to pleasure her, and that’s not very sexy. 

So when you start kissing someone, pay attention to the speed, the pressure, the location–and the very first thing you need to think about is what actually feels good to your lips. 

It might not necessarily be what feels good to her lips also… though hopefully they kind of are the same thing. 

But if you’re not aware of what feels good to you, there’s no way you guys are going to sync up. 

This brings us to step two…

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2) “Listen” With Your Lips

You want to use your lips to feel for feedback. 

So you also have to remember your lips have tons of nerve endings. 

This is why they feel good.

They are sensory receptors, they can give you a lot of feedback on what feels good to her. 

You don’t need to be a mind reader to recognize what she’s enjoying something or not.

Very simply, if you’re doing something and she’s leaning into you, she’s getting softer, she’s being more into it… she probably is into you doing that. 

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If she’s tightening up, she’s pulling back, she seems not into it… then maybe that’s not a thing she’s into. 

It can be that simple as sexual intuition–doesn’t have to be more complicated than that. 

Every moment you want to pay attention to the feedback from her of what feels good. 

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3) Kiss With Your Whole Body

The next tip is to kiss with your whole body. 

A lot of guys, when they’re kissing, they only focus on what’s going on with their mouth and they don’t realize that their body is doing something awkward or they’re leaning over. 

I’ve seen this on first dates when I watch people, and guys are doing these weird things with their body

You should be touching, you should be in a comfortable position, you should be holding her–that’s a lot of what’s going to make it feel good for her. 

It’s not just what’s going on in her mouth. It’s your hand on her neck, around her body or touching her hair–whatever. 

Again, you don’t need to plan things. 

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In fact, you shouldn’t plan things–you should be aware of your body and her body, and your body will find the right thing. 

You basically want to find what’s most comfortable to your bodies while you’re kissing. 

That’s what’s going to lead to the most pleasure because you’re not kissing with just your lips. 

Kissing is a whole body experience where you have to be making lip-to-lip contacts. 

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4) Switch Up Your Speed, Pressure & Location Like THIS…

The next step is maybe the most obvious, but I wanted to lay down those three principles beforehand–which is to vary what’s what’s going on with speed, pressure and location. 

Now, if you’re doing it from your head it’s not going to feel good.

That’s why you have to pay attention to what feels good to you. 

If you follow the first three principles, the variants will probably lead to what actually is going to be most resonant between the two of you. 

You want to test things, right?

You might want to try playing with different speeds. Maybe try a different tempo…

Kissing the upper lip, the bottom lip, and outside of the mouth…

You know, some of the most sensitive areas on someone you’re not going to be able to predetermine.

(Although some areas are common–ears tend to be extra sensitive. Studies show touching these 3 “innocent-seeming” spots on a woman can also turn her on REALLY fast… click here to see what they are.)

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It’s different for every woman.

You’re going to find this by exploring and being curious and again, paying attention to sensory feedback. 

So don’t just try to kiss in one way.

In fact, with every woman that the way that you lock lips is going to be different. 

I mean, you have to pay attention and notice and explore and see what is the way that’s going to feel best between the two of you. 

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5) Escalate With Tempo

The fifth tip for orgasmic kissing is to escalate with tempo.

Tempo, just like music, is the rhythm of what’s going on. 

One of the biggest complaints I hear from women is that guys rush into it–they go too fast, use too much tongue, and use too much saliva. 

A lot of guys I think probably stick their tongue out right away, because they remember the highest sensation kisses they had.

But you have to listen to the tempo. 

Almost always with anything sexual, it’s better to err on the side of gentle or slow.

Because if you’re a little too gentle, a little too slow, she’s probably going to jump your bones because she’s going to want to close that distance.

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But if you go too hard, too fast–like if you stick your tongue in her mouth too soon, or if you use too much saliva early before she’s aroused to that level–she might close off or pull back.

And you don’t ever want a woman pulling back from you, it’s just a bad thing to have in her mind.

Because it’s gonna be harder for her to open up to you later. 

So you want to escalate with tempo.

And if you’re not sure what the rhythm is in a given moment, go on the side of being slow, being gentle, because sometimes you actually need to give her the space to feel her desire. 

So she’s going to come to you to even if you’re leading the interaction.

And once she does come to you… and things are escalating beyond kissing, to the next level…

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