8 Sexy Foods That Will Increase Her Hunger for You

aphrodisiac foods for women


aphrodisiac foods for women
These are the only foods that are scientifically proven to turn her on fast…

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There’s a long and sordid history surrounding aphrodisiacs and their libido-boosting power.

Article after article boasts the “magic food” that will make her want you so bad she won’t make it through dessert.

But here’s the truth: All of that is bull—-.

In fact, even scientists’ stance on edible aphrodisiacs and the effect they have on women changes on a year-to-year basis.

This is incredibly problematic if you want to know the foods that really turn a woman on but don’t have time to pore over hundreds of studies to figure it out for yourself.

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Well, I’ve got some good news: I did the work for you!

The truth is that there ARE foods that have been scientifically proven to turn women on…

The 6 foods I’m about to show you are the most effective at turning a woman on as intensely as you possibly can without touching her at all.

Let’s face it — you probably aren’t going to initiate foreplay with your date over a plate of nachos, so by choosing the appropriate foods, you can make her feel like you’re touching her in all the right places without actually doing anything.

And that’s a feeling of power you’ll never forget — trust me.

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The Science of Food and Sex (And Why it Matters for You)

Before I jump into the 8 foods that will turn her on without fail, let’s talk about what’s really going on here.

There are two things that work together to turn women on when they eat:

Science and Suggestion.

I’ll go into the science of these 8 “sexy foods” in just a second, but first let’s talk about suggestion.

The power of suggestion is incredibly strong.

If you believe you’ll feel powerful when you drink a Guinness, you probably will, for example.

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In fact, one study showed that people suffering from headaches who were given a placebo pill (AKA a sugar pill with no medically beneficial properties whatsoever) experienced a similar amount of relief as people who were given actual medication for their condition.

They believed they were taking the real medication, and so their condition improved.

(If you’re looking for a food combo to help you last all night long try out this all natural “sex snack”…)

Your mind is an extremely powerful organ — if you believe eating something will improve your chances of having sex, then it probably will.

That belief in the power of your own suggestion, when coupled with the actual science behind these sexy foods, works to create a strong, very powerful and lasting effect on both you and your date’s libidos.

Now for the main course:

8 Sexy Foods Proven By Science to Get Her Juices Flowing…

These 8 foods are the most potent things you can feed any woman to turn her on, and they’re proven by science:

1) Watermelon

Watermelon contains a compound called citrulline that acts as nature’s own libido-booster.

Citrulline might sound like a complicated drug, but really it’s just an amino acid that’s converted to arginine when ingested.

Now, what’s so special about arginine?

It increases blood flow.

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One of the first signs of physical arousal in both men and women is an increase in blood flow, so if you notice her cheeks starting to get a little rosier, then you’ll know it’s working.

Some easy ways to sneak watermelon into your date:

  • Visit a farmer’s market and get some fresh watermelon to snack on in a park…
  • Find a restaurant that has a watermelon salad or watermelon-based appetizer…
  • Make some watermelon margaritas after dinner…

The opportunities are endless–it’s the perfect summertime date food.

And here’s an added bonus: It’ll increase your blood flow too, meaning that you’ll be even “better prepared” should she come back to your place.

2) Shellfish

Fish and shellfish — especially oysters — have long been touted as a natural aphrodisiac.

“But is there really any science behind it?”

It turns out the answer is a resounding “Hell yes!”

Oysters contain two rare amino acids — D-aspartic acid and N-methyl-D-aspartate — that have been scientifically proven to increase libido.

Higher amounts of these amino acids in the blood indicate higher amounts of sexual activity, so by introducing these amino acids into your date’s bloodstream, you’ll be naturally sparking her sexual appetite.

Oysters also contain zinc, which is a compound that’s involved in testosterone production.

The higher a woman’s testosterone levels, the higher her sexual appetite. So with oysters, you’re getting double the benefit.

For your next date, try taking her to a nice bar that serves oysters on the half shell. Top it off with a glass of bubbly or two to set the proper atmosphere and mood.

avocado 800 px
Have avocado toast for brunch and you might be more likely to get some action later…

3) Avocados

Avocados get a lot of hype for their “superfood” properties, but they do have one proven benefit that most people don’t realize:

They’ll turn her on!

Avocados are so powerful, in fact, that people have been using them as aphrodisiacs for hundreds of years — all the way back to the Aztecs.

That’s because they contain Vitamin E, which has been proven to boost fertility and protect a woman’s sex hormones from oxidation, which can deplete them.

Avocados also contain glutathione, which has been shown to protect and boost your testosterone levels.

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They’re also insanely easy to include on a date without being obvious that you’re trying to turn her on.

Just go to a Mexican restaurant and order some guacamole…

Take her to brunch and get the avocado toast…

Or go for a double whammy and make some guacamole with watermelon in it. When you can combine two or more of these foods, that’s potentially twice the benefit!

4) Ginger

Ginger has long been known as a health food and incredible dietary supplement, but it can also work wonders on a woman’s libido.

Many people eat ginger to aid in digestion because it increases circulation…

But that increase in circulation can also arouse a woman!

Just like I mentioned with watermelon, an increase in circulation will increase her blood flow and get her juices flowing in all the right places.

Ginger also increases sensitivity in erogenous zones, so she’s almost guaranteed to feel that spark with you.

Ginger is prevalent in a lot of Asian cuisine, so try going out for sushi. Or check out this Vietnamese recipe that’s used by a celebrity within our community.

5) Rosemary

While I don’t advise eating rosemary all by itself to turn her on, as part of a dish it can make her libido soar off the charts.

Rosemary is incredibly fragrant, so the scent alone will increase her arousal and awareness of her surroundings (that means her awareness of YOU).

It’s also another aphrodisiac that’s been used since ancient times, proving its staying power. Ancient Romans used to ingest rosemary to increase their feelings of empowerment, and it’s also been sipped as tea for hundreds of years to calm and relax the nerves.

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So not only will this magical herb relax the woman you’re with, making her feel more comfortable and open to new experiences with you…

But it will aid in her digestion! There’s nothing that kills the mood quite like a case of bad gas, so it’s important to make sure she’s in top form after your meal.

To incorporate rosemary into your date, try going to a classic restaurant that offers a rosemary chicken dish, and tell her it’s the “best you’ve ever had.”

You could also leave a few sprigs out at your place — she’ll pick up on the scent and it’ll give your place a more welcoming atmosphere.

chili peppers 800 px
Check out how these foods can help get her in the mood fast…

6) Chilies

Of all the foods proven to turn women on, chilies have the most robust support. So if you’re going to feed her ONE thing on your date, make it a chili-based dish.

Here’s how it works:

When a woman eats food with chilies in it, the chilies stimulate her brain to release endorphins.

Endorphins are also released after sex. So feed her some hot chilies, and her mind will naturally drift toward a sexual state.

Chilies also work to increase heart rate and stimulate a woman’s sweat glands.

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An endorphin release, increase in heart rate and stimulation of sweat glands are 3 major signs a woman is turned on, so by simulating these conditions you can actually turn her on for real without laying a single finger on her.

But there is one caveat: If you cook a dish with chilies in it, the essential oils will completely coat your hands. These oils are extremely painful when they come into contact with genitals or other sensitive areas…

So just make sure to wash your hands before taking her to bed!

7) Garlic

Garlic contains an amino acid called “allicin.”

Allicin has been proven by scientific studies to promote blood flow.

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And yeah, that means to both of your genitals!

In fact, it’s so potent that it’s used by some male pornstars to boost the bloodflow to their penises during shoots.

Just make sure to have gum or a mint handy. You don’t want her to be scared off by your garlic-smelling breath.

8) Ginseng

You may already know of ginseng as an herbal supplement for all sorts of positive mental benefits.

But did you know that a group of active substances in ginseng, called ginsenosides, have been shown in some studies to help with increasing blood flow to the penis and decreasing flaccidity?

Not only that, but for her benefit, ginseng is considered an adaptogen. That means it lowers stress and the potential for injury.

My Personal Favorite Food for a Quick Bedroom Boost… 

Now that you have this list of 8 foods that increase a woman’s sexual pleasure… there’s one final thing I want to share with you:

It’s this recipe that, when properly prepared, can boost your libido & help you last longer in bed.

I first heard about it from the World’s Oldest Pornstar, Dave Cummings… who apparently discovered it while he was fighting in Vietnam.

Dave’s nearly 70, but he’s still actively working as a pornstar… and on top of that, he has enough energy & sexual vigor to go to sex parties and swingers events on the side…

And he says it’s all because of this dish.

Apparently, the ingredients all help maximize blood flow… which should help both you and the woman you’re with experience MAXIMUM pleasure in bed.

To see what the ingredients are & how it’s made, check this out:

Use This Simple Recipe For MAXIMUM Pleasure In Bed 

7 Libido-Boosting Foods for MAXIMUM Sexual Performance

7 Libido-Boosting Foods
If you want to boost your drive and have the energy of a LION in the sack, check out the powerful proven foods below…

Losing your mojo is a bummer. However, it’s way more common than you think.

One out of five men will experience some degree of a fading sexual appetite, so the good news is you’re not alone in the struggle.

Men experience a decline in sex drive for all kinds of reasons:



Sleeping problems…

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Or it could be the natural result of the aging process, and the drop in testosterone levels that comes along for the ride.

It’s true that some men go the supplement route, or try meditation–but there’s actually an even easier (and more delicious) way to get your bell ringing again.

Yup, I’m talking about libido-boosting foods.

You Are What You Eat: Fact Or Fiction?

It’s no secret that particular foods can be used to set the mood.

Even if you’re not totally convinced that aphrodisiacs work, there are plenty of people who swear by them.

And now that there are links between food and sexual motivation… nutritionists are lining up to support the research.

In fact, a new study done by men’s health experts explains just how much your diet affects your sex life. On top of that, it proves that a few certain foods can dramatically improve a lessened libido.

So with that in mind, here are 7 foods you can eat to literally feed your sexual passion:

1) As If You Needed Another Reason to Eat Chocolate…

As it turns out, dark chocolate is a pretty well-rounded libido booster.

Why? Because science.

First and foremost, dark chocolate is a one-two punch of a mood enhancer. It works like this:

It’s rich in phenylalanine, the chemical that is naturally released when you’re in love (the one that gives you that giddy sense of euphoria… the butterflies, if you will). 

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Then, phenylalanine compounds its feel-good capabilities and prompts your brain to produce dopamine, the neurotransmitter that heightens feelings of joy and pleasure. 

One-two punch!

Most importantly, dark chocolate contains an amino acid that increases blood flow to sexual organs, making desire and sensations way more intense.

However, if you do decide to indulge, make sure the cocoa percentage is 70% or higher–the darker the chocolate, the better the effect.

2) It May Not Seem Sexy, But…

Garlic can work wonders on a man’s libido.

I’ve even read that when a man regularly ingests garlic, the composition of his body odor becomes more attractive to women. (Maybe don’t quote me on that one.)

But–there are oodles of tested and proven benefits of introducing a healthy helping of garlic into your meal plan.

Garlic contains a concentrated amount of acillin, which prevents blood clots and enhances blood flow.

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This is especially true for the areas of the body most important for doin’ the dirty. Some men even find garlic’s benefits to be powerful enough to counteract erectile dysfunction.  

Make sure you eat it raw, though–cooked garlic won’t give you quite the same kick as the raw, pungent stuff.

3) The Chicken of The Sea-Men

Fish is another food that can help with blood flow to all the right spots.

It contains that same amino acid as dark chocolate, arginine, which is used to expand blood vessels. And when blood vessels expand, so do other things. 😉

Fish is also high in Zinc, which is linked to the amount of testosterone in your blood. Zinc is also necessary for a man’s sexual glands to work properly.

Even a slight deficiency in Zinc can cause problems for a man’s sexual drive and performance.

So what kind of fish should you eat?

Well, sardines are really high in Zinc content, but if that sounds too gross, salmon is high in Zinc as well.

4) Nuts!

Well, this one is easy to remember, am I right?

Nuts are a great snack to keep handy when your sex drive is dwindling. Their high magnesium content helps raise testosterone levels and keeps your sperm healthy and rearin’ to go.

You also get a helping of selenium from nuts, which is essential to the body’s ability to naturally produce sexual hormones. Brazil nuts are particularly high in this little miracle mineral.

Since they’re arguably the best source of healthy fat out there, nuts also happen to be great regulators of cholesterol. 

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Low cholesterol levels allow your blood to flow more easily through your body and down to your penis, making sure you stay at full-mast way longer.

5) Sow Some Wild Oats

(I gotta say, I’m having a great time with these puns.)

Speaking of cholesterol, oats are another great food to help keep arteries free and clear for blood to flow.

That’s because they’re high in (you guessed it!) arginine, which decreases the stiffness of blood vessels so they can expand.   

All that whole-grain goodness boosts energy levels as well and helps you become aroused and maintain stamina.

They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so you might as well use the meal to get those neurotransmitters firing.

Maybe even sprinkle some nuts on top.

And some dark chocolate.

And top it all off with a juicy filet of salmon!

(Lol, totally kidding–just making sure you’re still with me there.)

6) Stiffening That Stalk

Broccoli can supercharge your sex drive by spiking up your Vitamin C levels.

Fact: Vitamin C is the mother of all sexual supplements.

It improves vascular function…

Decreases your stress levels…

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And it even helps your brain produce dopamine, adrenaline, and oxytocin–all of which can significantly increase sexual desire and libido.

It also prompts your system to churn out prolactin, a hormone that, when deficient, has been linked to men’s sexual problems and low sex drive.

7) And Last, But Certainly Not Least…


Lots of protein equals lots of testosterone.

Keeping those levels up is crucial for feeling regular sexual urges.

But if you’re vegetarian, just know that you don’t have to eat meat to get your daily recommended protein dose.

Yogurt is high in protein, as are nuts–another item on this list!

Switching up your diet and incorporating these foods regularly can definitely help you see a change in that lackadaisical libido, especially if you keep at it for a few months.  

However, there is one final “food” I forgot to mention… and it’s the most powerful one on this list:

how to increase sex drive
Boost your sexual performance with this one secret “superfood”…

The Ultimate Sexual “Superfood” for Better Bedroom Performance…

When I was putting this list together, I reached out to our community experts… to see if they had any personal stories about foods that helped them get their “mojo” back.

And one expert’s story stood out above the rest: Dave Cummings.

Dave’s the World’s Oldest Pornstar(!)… and he’s worked with some of the sexy pornstars we’ve interviewed too (like Briana Banks and Edyn Blair)…

Anyway, Dave told me that as a guy in his 70’s… the only way he can get as hard as he wants, and last as long as he wants… without taking any weird “prescriptions”… is to eat this combination of 5 everyday foods.

I guess he discovered these foods during the Vietnam War… apparently, the locals didn’t have any Viagra, so they ate these 5 foods to get harder faster, and last longer during sex…

…so he brought the recipe back to the states with him… and it’s been a huge hit in our community ever since.

Of course, that all sounded nice… but something was still nagging at me… if these 5 foods were so great, then why hadn’t I heard of them before???

Dave went on to tell me that the recipe is a bit of a “community secret”… and he only wanted to share it with those who could be “trusted.”

(He’s not getting any younger, after all, and he doesn’t want it to spread like wildfire after he’s gone.)

Anyway, I was able to convince him to let me share it with you… I might have to take this down soon, so get the recipe for yourself while you can:

Discover The 5 Foods for Maximum Bedroom Performance (Community Secret)…

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on December 25, 2019.]