8 Tips Older Guys Can Use to Get Younger Women On Instagram

how to get girls on instagram


how to get girls on instagram

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The rules of dating online seem so different than dating in person 20 years ago.

There are different rules for online dating depending on which app you’re using–and now, even social media is playing a role in the dating game.

Instagram, for example, makes it easy for people to connect and really get to know each other before meeting up.

Recent statistics report there are 1 billion Instagram users, so that’s a lot of opportunitites!

This is especially true of younger women–today, lots of younger women use Instagram to find dates & even sex.

So as an older guy, how can you find these younger women on Instagram for yourself? And how can you eventually get them in bed with you?

We scoured the internet to find some answers… and along with the help of our in-house experts, we came up with these 8 solid strategies older guys can use to get younger women on Instagram.

And if you’re new to Instagram, don’t worry–these tips are simple, effective, & easy to use.

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So if you’d like to attract younger, hotter women online, then you’re in luck. 🙂

Let’s get started!

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1) The “Obvious” First Step

Instagram makes it pretty easy to figure out right off the bat if a girl is even slightly interested in you.

All you have to do is “follow” her (or send a request) to see if she accepts.

Once you’re in, pay attention to see if she follows you back.

If her profile is private and she doesn’t accept your request, don’t request again. This can come across as creepy, and it’s a sign you should move on.

(Which is perfectly fine–there are TONS of hot, younger women on Instagram.)

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Instead, you’ll want to move on to another girl who’s actually open to the idea of chatting with you.

And when she does accept your request or follow you back… then it’s time to do this:

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2) Do THIS to Her Photos

Once she accepts your request, go ahead and “like” one recent photo of hers. Don’t comment on it, just like it.

From there, you can like some more photos as she posts them–but don’t like everything she posts. It’s better to be strategic.

It also might seem “weird” if you like her photos within the first 5 minutes of her posting them.

So as a general rule, you can like every third or fourth photo she posts–and it’s best to wait a couple hours after she posts them to like them.

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Another great tip?

Don’t just like “sexy” shots or shots of her face. Go ahead and like the picture of her dog or her latte. This will show her that you actually like what’s going on in her life (and not just her body).

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Whatever you do, don’t scroll really far back into her Instagram history and like photos from years ago. That could also come across as creepy and may get you booted from her followers.

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3) What Kinds of Photos Should You Post to Attract Younger Women?

The next important thing to think about is the kinds of photos YOU post.

Showing off your best side or hiding your flaws is exactly what everyone else is doing on Instagram. No one really expects you to flex your arms throughout dinner or to not have a hair out of place in real life.

Still, many women only post the photos they love of themselves. So why shouldn’t you do the same?

That drunken photo of you out with the guys? It may be a bad call… if you’re trying to attract hot, younger women, anyway.

But, you can still be authentic. For instance, if you like to travel, posting pictures of your trips and food are definitely a good call.

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Post things you enjoy that are generally positive, and you’ll attract girls who will naturally get along with you.

4) The “Instagram Hack” That Gives You an Inside Look at Her TRUE Personality…

If a girl on Instagram is into you, she’ll likely start liking your photos. Be sure to pay attention to the ones she likes.

Maybe she’s liked a photo of a recent road trip or sporting event, which could be a good sign that she’s into some of the same things as you.

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Or, maybe she’s liking mostly photos of you, which definitely means she’s interested. Just be sure to pay attention to her likes before finally sending her a Direct Message, or DM.

And once you are ready to send that first message… what should you say?

I’ll show you:

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5) The “Golden Rule” Of Sending Your First Instagram DM

Sometimes, you just don’t know how to strike up a conversation with someone on Instagram. When in doubt, a basic “Hey, how’s it going?” works really well.

It’s non-threatening, open-ended, and casual.

Of course, if you know a little more about her or noticed she has similar likes to you, then you can be a little more thoughtful.

For instance, if she posted a photo of a new record that you also like, then something like, “Saw you bought the new MGMT record. It’s awesome, right?” would be appropriate to send to a fellow music lover.

What you don’t want to do is find something obscure on her profile to write about, since that could confuse her or potentially creep her out.

So, keep it simple, but feel free to go out on a limb if you think the two of you really connect or share a common interest.

6) What To Do if She Doesn’t Respond…

So you’ve sent her a DM, and now you’re wondering when or if she’ll respond.

Then, it happens. You notice that she’s read your message and still hasn’t responded.

Don’t freak out. Not everyone responds right after reading messages. Give her some time.

But, if she doesn’t write back after a day, don’t send her another DM. Take the hint and move on.

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Because at the end of the day, you’re going to get more dates by reaching out to more women–not by wasting time trying to get one to respond.

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7) Which Comments & Phrases Do Younger Women Respond To?

When a girl responds to your first message, it can be difficult to know what to say next.

This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, but anything that frames you in a confident light always works well.

So, go ahead and be bold, as long as you’re still being yourself.

What’s the worst she can say if you just go ahead and ask her out? No?

(Most likely, if she’s not interested, she simply won’t respond. Her loss.)

The key here is to embody the most confident version of yourself–not someone else. If a line feels wrong, don’t use it.

For instance, don’t say, “Damn girl, you’re looking good today” if you wouldn’t normally say this to her out loud.

Instead, saying something like, “You look amazing in that picture” still tells her that you’re attracted to her, without coming across as fake.

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Just make sure you leave personal comments like this for DMs. On her profile, only leave generic and safe comments, so as not to embarrass her.

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8) How To Take Things “Offline”

Once you’ve been chatting for a few days, you can find easy ways to take things offline and get her to meet up with you in person.

For example, a DM like, “Hey, do you want to meet up at that new coffee shop on Main Street tomorrow?” is causal and safe.

Make sure you suggest meeting somewhere public, and try to avoid spots she’s already posted on her own Instagram profile.

She might be reluctant to meet up with someone new in a place her friends and family visit, so keep that in mind.

Coffee shops, bars, restaurants, and bookstores are all great examples of public places to meet.

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In order to avoid her saying “sure” but never committing to a date or time, be specific and mention when you want to meet. This ensures she’ll make a decision without leading you on.

Ultimately, if she agrees to meet up with you, then that’s a huge win–it means she likes you, and she wants to get to know you better.

But I know it can still feel tricky… after all, some younger women on Instagram don’t reveal if they’re single, and may seem “aloof”…

So how do you know which younger women to follow in the first place? Is there a way to find the hot, younger women on Instagram who are most likely to meet up with you?

Luckily, the answer is “Yes”–and here’s what it is:

how to get girls on instagram
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How To Get Almost Any Girl Online to Meet Up With You In Person…

When a girl is talking to a guy online… like on Tinder, Bumble and even Facebook… very often she can be a little reluctant to meet up with him in real life.

(This is totally normal, it’s the natural response, and it’s got nothing to do with you…)

However, in my experience… there’s one easy way to get a girl you’re talking to online to meet up with you, WAY faster than she otherwise would:

Make her feel excited to see you face-to-face!

And in fact you can do this simply by using certain “trigger words” and phrases in your messages.

Like this simple, yet clever 3-letter phrase for example.

It has NOTHING to do with offering her dinner, or implying you’ll take her out on a fancy date…

… yet it’s proven to make girls message you back almost 30% faster…

… and in fact some guys say it gets girls to sleep with you faster too:

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10 Easy & Effective Ways to Win at Online Dating (By Doing Almost Nothing)

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1) The Most Effective Way to Get a Hot Girl To Respond…

It’s something you’ve probably heard over and over and over:

“Negging a woman doesn’t work, so don’t try it.”

If you aren’t already familiar with “negging,” it’s when a man says something slightly negative about a woman to make her feel more insecure and vulnerable.

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In turn, she allegedly seeks approval from that same man–which can get her to “chase” him a bit.

Most women don’t respond to this type of behavior in person. It’s really obvious when a guy does it, and it’s a huge turn-off.

But online, this isn’t the case.

According to research, men who send “less positive” first messages to women online get more responses and dates.

Perhaps messages that come off as too positive can read as desperate, or as though the sender lacks a sense of humor.

But whatever the case, it’s probably best to send a neutral first message.

You don’t want to offend her–but you also want to keep your cool.

So stay away from massive compliments and excessive exclamation points.

2) Does The Length of Your First Message Really Matter?

According to science, no.

One study found that shorter first messages and longer first messages get about the same number of responses.

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So even if you put a lot more thought into a longer first message… it’s not necessarily going to pay off.

Of course, it’s probably best to send something a little more thought-out than “Hey.”

But a short question is likely all you’ll need to start racking up the responses a lot faster.

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3) If You’re an Older Guy…

Then make sure to put your age on display–especially if you’re right around 50.

A recent study found that men’s desirability online peaks at age 50.

And that means that the closer you are to 50, the more hot girls online are going to want to date you.

So if you’re a little bit older, don’t try to hide it.

In reality, it’s a huge advantage for you. 😉

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4) The Risk/Reward Rule to Get WAY More Dates With Hot Girls

A lot of guys don’t bother messaging really hot girls–mostly because they assume the odds of getting a response are near 0%.

But here’s the thing:

If you really want to get one of these hot girls out on a date with you…

Then you’re going to have to message them.

And statistically speaking, the more of these hot girls you message…

The more messages you’re going to get back in response!

Even if only 1 in 100 hot girls you message responds–you’re still getting a lot more responses than the average man.

And that’s because the average man doesn’t attempt to message these super hot girls.

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Another reason you should message more mega-attractive women?

A recent study found that men who rate themselves as a “5/10” on an attractive scale got more messages online than men who rated themselves a “10/10.”

So all these “10/10” guys are likely sending cocky, rude messages to the “10/10” girls… when in reality these girls would much prefer messages from other guys!

You might be surprised by how many responses you get once you try this.

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5) How Sunglasses Affect the # of Matches You Get

Think shades are going to amp up your cool factor on your Tinder profile?

Think again.

Recent research from OkCupid found that men who wear sunglasses in their profile photos get 20% fewer likes online than men who sport a glasses-free face.

In short, save the sunglasses for the beach–not your online dating profile.

6) Include THIS in Your Bio…

Do you have a specific taste in music?

Then make sure to include that in your online dating profiles.

A recent survey found that music is the top shared interest that people discuss in their profiles online.

Basically, it’s a great conversation starter because most women are naturally interested in it.

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And by including your favorite artist (or artist) in your profile, you’re giving women who have similar taste a huge reason to message you. 🙂

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7) How Often Should You Update Your Profile Photos?

The short answer:


Online, people tend to be very suspicious about the photos of the people they go out with.

Some of these suspicions can be handled by linking social media accounts to dating profiles–but not always.

If you want a woman to feel safe and eager to meet up with you, then it’s best to update your online dating photos regularly–every few months at least.

Not only will you get more matches this way, but you’ll get more matches that turn into dates (and hookups).

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8) Say No To Selfies

Another big picture “no-no”?


Yes, selfies are easy–and you can alter the angle to look your most attractive–but they trigger a couple questions for most women:

1) “Is this guy hiding something?”

2) “Does he have any friends/ever do anything?”

It might not sound fair, but selfies are almost always a turn-off for girls online.

If you don’t have any other photos available, then you have a couple options.

You can go out and do what you normally like to do–and simply ask a stranger to snap a photo of you while you’re there.

This is relatively easy and inexpensive.

Or you could hire a professional photographer to take some photos for you.

This is becoming increasingly common and–with the right photos–can be an incredibly effective way to get more matches and dates online.

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9) How To Double Your Matches Almost Instantly

Most women probably wouldn’t describe themselves as a “grammar snob.”

However, as it turns out…

It pays off to have a grammatically correct online dating profile.

Recent research found that men who have spelling and grammatical errors get far fewer messages than men who have grammatically correct profiles.

So learn the difference between “you’re” and “your”… “their,” “they’re,” and “there”… “it’s” and “its”… and so on.

You don’t have to memorize anything–just have someone proofread your profile before publishing it.

(Note: There are many websites that do this for free as well.)

10) If You Live in a Small Town Or City…

If you’re in a small town, then maybe you haven’t had much luck with online dating.

You have fewer options…

And the options you DO have, may not be the type of girl you want to go out with.

Plus, you have to worry about running into the girls you see on your apps in person.

This is something that guys in huge cities and metropolises don’t have to worry about most of the time.

So what can you do about it?

First, it’s best to use as many options available to you as you can. Try different apps, and make sure not to limit yourself in terms of what you’re looking for.

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For example, you can increase the distance and age range just so you get exposed to more people in different towns near you.

Another thing you might want to consider?

Paying for the premium version of your favorite dating app.

The premium versions of most apps are relatively cheap, and come with a lot of added benefits that the free versions can’t provide.

(Like being able to see all the women who have liked your profile, or searching for women all over the country instead of just in your town.)

Ultimately, all of these things are going to help you double, triple, and possibly quadruple the number of matches & dates you’re getting right now…

But there’s still one question I haven’t addressed:

8 Tips Older Guys Can Use to Get Younger Women On Instagram
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How Can You Use These Tips to Get More Hookups & First Date Sex?

All these tips & research will help you get more matches and dates online…

But there’s ONE big question I haven’t answered:

“When you’re on a date with a girl you met online, what’s the fastest way to get her to sleep with you?”

Because as you probably already know…

Just because a hot girl goes out with you, doesn’t mean she’ll hookup with you on date #1.

And in reality, there are MUCH bigger sex studies out there…

With a LOT more data about how to get a girl to hookup with you.. than any of the studies I mentioned above.

For example:

It was recently discovered that there are 3 crucial things you must do, if you want to get some action on the first date.

And if you do all 3 of these things… then unless it’s her “time of the month,” there’s a good chance you guys are going to hookup:

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[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on November 23, 2019.]