9 Unexpected Advantages Of A Virtual Date

virtual date


Thinking of a virtual date with someone you met online or a dating app? This is an incredible opportunity! Discover nine advantages vs. a regular date and why this is a great new way to meet.

virtual dateCan Love Wait Till the Pandemic Ends?

If you’ve been waiting around to start dating again, hoping this pandemic will be over soon, that might take a while. There’s no way to know when things will get back to normal.

The uncertainty is stressful for some people, but if you’re like me, you might see the surprising opportunity that social distancing has presented for dating.

Dating Is Big News Now

Articles abound about dating during quarantine for three reasons.

  1. It’s been some of the only good news during this difficult sheltering at home time.
  2. Dating stories get eyeballs. Something the media is always seeking more of.
  3. And let’s face it, reporting on dating during the pandemic adds another angle to these non-stop, repetitive Covid-19 stories.

Even business magazines like Fast Company are promoting stories about dating like this one touting the end of “Hookup Culture” and how Covid-19 saved romance. Turns out some see the virtual date as the savior of love!

There’s a LOT of truth to this way of looking at what’s happening with dating. In fact, many advantages have surfaced for the start of getting to know a new guy.

9 Unexpected Advantages of the Virtual Date

If the idea of dating right now seems ridiculous, I’m asking you to open your mind just for a few minutes. These advantages are REAL and offer you a chance to get to know men without meeting face-to-face.

While many of the dating sites and apps have been encouraging video chats for several years, it hasn’t been of much interest UNTIL NOW. Sites report a jump in usage of 200% and more.

That means singles are doing what they can to continue the search for love and as a love coach that fills my heart.

Here are nine massive advantages that I see:

1) Stay Safe

You can’t get safer than not leaving your house! That’s what a virtual date does – keeps you safe while meeting single men. This is a beautiful thing. No coughing, sneezing, masks, hand sanitizer or germs!

2) So Convenient!

Snug at home, you won’t need to find parking, a halfway point to meet or spend a dime on anything from paying for your own coffee, to food, parking, cabs or anything really. You can’t be late because you don’t need to go anywhere.

3) No Rushing Ahead

Since you can’t meet quite yet, you can’t rush into anything based on pure attraction and chemistry. Now you have to take your time to get to know a man because you can’t get caught up and sleep together right away.

Even if you aren’t normally tempted, this can bring a sense of relief for many single women, as there is no longer any pressure or expectation of sex.

virtual date4) Talk to More Men

Some single women want to meet one guy at a time and see where it goes. This is not your best strategy to find a good match since you tend to get attached when you focus on one man.

Then even if you red flags pop up, you feel invested and aren’t so willing to end things and get back out there. Understandable but this is how you end up with the wrong man over and over.

Since you can’t go on real dates, there’s no exclusivity. You can talk to as many men as you like to get to know them (as they will also be doing). How perfect!

This is my ideal recommendation for not getting prematurely attached before you properly vet a man.

5) Weed Out Undesirables

With a slower pace, you now have time to watch for men who show consistent interest by staying in touch, having a virtual date or two every week and asking questions to get to know you.

Anyone who talks only about himself, doesn’t have much in common, cancels or blows you off will be obvious. Then you can drop them from your list of possible partners and move on quickly. This is a HUGE advantage for not getting attached to Mr. Wrong.

6) Courtship Is Back!

Taking your time to get to know a man is what old-fashioned courtship is all about. To find lasting, healthy love, you want to discover if you have similar values, life goals and even your pace for living.

Compatibility is not always obvious, even if you seem to have a lot in common.

You want to discover if you’re a match about what you want in a relationship too. Some people prefer to be casual while others want to go the distance. Some want to see a partner frequently while others are good with once a week.

7) Get Comfortable Talking to Men

Dating is a verb – its an action you learn through practice and repetition. The more men you exchange messages with, text and talk to, the better you get at the process. If you’ve been out of the loop for a while, this is the perfect, non-risk time to date!

And if you’ve been dating for a while, now is your chance to hone your skills. You can become a better judge of character, learn how to weed men out and date without becoming prematurely attached. These are great skills necessary to find “The One”.

dating during quarantine8) Break Up the Monotony

Even if you meet men who disappoint you or aren’t a good match – this can be a fun distraction! If you’ve felt bored with the available entertainment, a virtual date offers a chance to talk to new people and break up the monotony.

9) There’s No Downside!

Seriously, I just can’t find a single reason NOT to meet men and try a virtual date. What can happen? You are safe from the virus and you are safe from sexual predators who just want to sleep with you.

So what are you waiting for?

Yes, you might fall for a man who decides later not to meet you. But is that the end of the world?

Try a Virtual Date Soon!

Life never stands still. Things change constantly and nothing stays the same. Everyone needs to learn how to adjust and adapt to what happens in the world, including DATING!

This IS what is happening – and most experts agree that the addition of a virtual date is here to stay. Video chats are not going away once Covid-19 is over (some day).

Once you try a virtual date and get into this, you might be surprised at how it adds fun and makes dating easier. If you want to learn more about how to have a great virtual date, check out this  post.


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