A Dating Guide for Gays to Find “The One”

A Dating Guide for Gays to Find “The One”

As a gay man, you’ve probably had your fair share of struggles when it comes to finding your “forever partner.” We don’t blame you: it’s hard out there! Sadly, many guys often run into “slim pickings” and ultimately settle for a guy they don’t quite mesh with. We wrote this short article to let you know two things: a.) you don’t have to settle for a less-than-perfect partner, and b.) the guy you’ve been looking for is probably online!

Offline Issues

It might be ineffective, but that doesn’t mean that most men don’t use offline methods first when trying to find a sexy guy nearby. After all, simply searching for someone to hook up with doesn’t seem very romantic, does it? Still, while their hearts may be in the right place, it’s likely to stay there for a very long time since most guys don’t actually meet “the one” from normal, everyday interactions. The offline approach severely limits your potential partners since you can only pick from men you already know (chances are, you’ve dated quite a few of them!).

The Online Approach

Fortunately, there are many online dating websites for seeking gay hookups nearby that can help you find the guy you’re yearning after. Different services cater to different clientele, which is why it’s so important to choose a site that matches your relationship goals. If you join a site specifically for helping men find hookups, then it’s likely you’ll meet someone to spend some fun time with. On the other hand, if your choice of site is purely for romance, you’ll likely find someone who seeks serious relationships.

One-night Stands

Finding a one-night stand online is easier than ever! This type of service continues to increase in popularity, which means there are more men looking to hook up online every day. You’ll have plenty of services to choose from, but remember: just because a site is popular doesn’t mean it’s right for you! You want to choose a site with lots of local users, or you’ll struggle to find a match (regardless of how popular the site is!). If you plan on mainly using the service through your phone, a mobile-optimized browser version is a must-have!

Finding Serious Relationships Online

Like hookup services, the options are nearly limitless! However, your considerations for these types of sites should be a bit different. There are three main points to think about: Features, User Base, and Accessibility. Most sites offer basic features like chat or member search, but you might also want advanced features like video chatting. Available options vary by site/service so be sure to check beforehand! Like above, having a local user base is essential. Without one, you won’t be able to find any matches nearby. Lastly, you’ll want to find out if the site/service has a mobile version. It’s always helpful to have instant access!

Our Top Tips for Online Success

  • Complete your profile – You’ll need to provide some details about yourself if you want to have lots of matches. At a bare minimum, you’ll want a profile photo. For the best results, we’d recommend uploading multiple photos & completing every profile detail available!
  • Stay open-minded – Often, the men we choose to “swipe” past could have been something more (if we had just given them a chance!). You’ll run into many different types of guys online, and while not everyone will be your first choice, we’d encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone. Don’t miss out just because of old habits!
  • Have realistic expectations – If you’re hooking up with someone, it’s important to remember that they don’t know your body at all. It would be great if every time could have great time, but life happens. Just enjoy the encounter and see where it goes!