A Short Note on Measuring Up…

A Short Note on Measuring Up...


Measuring Up

Zhana, The Art of Dressing

My friend, Zhana, a personal stylist in Vancouver, BC and author of the blog, The Art of Dressing – Authenticity with Style, wrote a piece titled, Measuring Up.

I’m a Recovering Perfectionist myself, so this one really resonates with me. 

My favourite sayings used to be, “If better is possible… is good good enough?” (Rhetorical; meaning “No, it isn’t.”)

And, “Perfect! But good enough.” (Meaning even “perfect” is at best acceptable.)

Now, one of my favourite sayings is, “Sometimes, good enough is good enough.” 

On-going health issues helped with this change of heart! #silverlining

That doesn’t mean I believe in low standards or stagnancy, but I’ve ditched my need to “awaken the giant within” (no offence to Tony Robbins, a great man and great “giant”).

Imposter Syndrome

Almost everyone who’s strived to become something new has suffered with Imposter Syndrome at some point. 

Feeling like a fraud, a fake, a charlatan. 

When I started Wingmam and having been self-taught without formal education (bio), I felt that way.

I still do sometimes, even though I’ve had a lot of validating feedback from highly educated people in the psychology field (and a few in the PUA field 😉); plus, “new” scientific studies support what I’ve been teaching for years about “changing the brain.”

The point isn’t that I’m so wonderful, but that we are often too hard on ourselves and our own worst critics.

We listen too closely to that negative voice in our heads.

The one that’s meant to keep us from harm’s way but often stifles our potential. 

Yes, you know the one. We all do.

Only true narcissists think they’re perfect, and even then, only because at their core they feel completely worthless and consciously admitting that would be devastating.

Chew on that for a moment.

Then swallow hard and know that while you’re not perfect—none of us are—you were fearfully and wonderfully made.

So, get out of your comfort zone and do something that’s not perfect but good enough… just for the sake of doing it, nothing else.

You’ll thank yourself.

You got this!



p.s. If you live in the Vancouver, BC area and want a boost to help you get out there in the dating world or to reignite the spark with the one you’ve got, hire Zhana to help you reboot your style… you’ll feel better (but still be you and always good enough)!