Being Positive | blog

Being Positive | blog


Being positive is definitely one of the most attractive qualities a person can have. It is something that cool people instinctively understand and un-cool people don’t. It is part of the secret language of communication that I was never aware of, until studying it.

Being a positive happy person shows the girl that you are able to take care of yourself. A man who is emotionally flimsy will leave the woman feeling unsure and unprotected. She will be forced to take on the role of being “the man” and so become less feminine.

A strong masculine character will be in control of his own emotions. His emotions won’t change much from external circumstances. He is resourceful enough to make sure he is happy and if he’s not then he will take action and do something about it. He doesn’t moan or complain about his lot.

The feminine is a lot more in touch with emotions and will thrive on them to feel alive. For a woman to enjoy her emotions she must feel sure that the man will stay strong and be able to protect her. Women understand that big decisions should not be made during times of emotional instability. This means that a positive masculine man won’t follow or react to her emotions, which would lead to more drama. Instead he will stay routed to his masculine presence, staying cool and calm. Soon enough her emotions will pass and she will respect you for being strong and together.

Being positive is not about ignoring bad behavior or difficult events. Instead, rather than dwelling on the negative, you decide on what is the best action to take and then follow through.

When you feel happy and positive inside this will project outwards, turning you into a people magnet. People love to be around things that make them feel good. This principle applies to making friends as well. Two of the main driving forces of human nature are to avoid pain and move towards pleasure. A positive happy person will automatically make other people around him feel good by his presence alone. Famous examples of this that spring to mind are Lewis Hamilton and David Beckham. They aren’t necessarily funny or interesting but their energy alone is appealing.

This is why a positive man is very attractive to high self-esteem, happy women. They subconsciously realize that the man is likely to be more ambitious and fun. Negative people tend to gravitate towards other people who are negative. You will attract who you are to you. If you go to the gym a lot then you will start to attract athletic women into your life. If you are negative and depressed you will attract a similar type of woman.

Being positive is a screen I use when meeting new people. If I meet a negative woman, I will not start being negative and down so I can connect better with that type of girl. Instead, I‘ll stay positive and continue to have fun. If the girl remains negative then I‘ll usually find someone else to talk to. I recommended you treat your mind like a gate and only let things that help you enter. Limiting beliefs and negative mindsets won’t help and should be avoided as much as possible.

Love your family and your friends but also surround yourself with positive people. Who you spend time with will have a direct influence on you as a person. Be selective about your friends and the environments you spend time in.

Changing your mindset to a positive one will change your physiology too. When you are feeling great, how do you usually carry yourself? When I’m feeling amazing, my back is straight, voice is loud and clear, I’ll be beaming a big smile, my breathing is deep, eye contact is strong, I’ll be moving with purpose. When I have negative thoughts and am feeling down, what happens to my body language? Yup, you guessed it. Shoulders are slumped, eye contact is weak, voice is quiet, breathing is shallow. Which guy do you think a girl is going to feel more attraction towards? When approaching women don’t beat yourself up for being in a bad mood. Just accept whatever negative state you might be in at the moment will pass and do what you were going to do anyway. Be positive about approaching you never know what can happen.

When you are positive, everything you dream of seems possible and it probably is. Will Smith spoke in an interview about never giving up: “The guy that keeps trying and stays positive, he’s the one who’s going to get that lucky ball, or the one that gets that great opportunity. He’s putting himself in a position to receive it.”

Being positive is a state of mind, if you have been sat in doors all day on your own, it might be harder for you to be positive. Make sure your life has balance and you aren‘t missing anything. Negativity usually comes from a place of frustration and feeling not in control. If you are generally a positive person but have been feeling negative recently then be pro-active, find out what‘s causing it and make a change. Whenever you enter a negative state, snap out of it, dance, go for a run, sing out loud, these are all good things to do. This will condition you to be in a positive state more often.

The state of mind you are most used to accessing will become your default state. For instance, if you are mainly negative then you can have a positive moment but soon after you will go back to finding something wrong with the world. To train yourself to become more positive you must snap out of any negative feelings. Become aware of them and understand when they happen, these are called triggers. When you know what things trigger your negative emotions you can gain control over your happiness. Continue to surround yourself with positive people, books and other influences.

A thing I’ve noticed about the best naturals is that they have continuous things they do to put themselves into state. They will always look for the best in things, how can I make something fun, dancing, singing, talking to a stranger, laughing like a retard. They are always looking to put themselves into a happy positive state.