College Girls Want Older Men (New Study Reveals Why)

college girls want older men

This is why college girls want older men…

College Girls Want Older Men (Find Out Why… And How to Ensure the Man She Craves Is YOU)

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For a lot of men, the idea of fooling around with a youthful, energetic, hot, supple college girl is steamy…

But did you know that she’s JUST as into sleeping with an older guy?

Older men are actually exactly what younger women are looking for.

As a woman, I can definitely attest to this.

When girls are in college, their latest relationship was a high school boy who had NO idea what he was doing…

And the college boys they meet in classes and at parties tend to last longer doing a keg stand  or playing beer pong than they do having sex…

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So, college girls look for the older men…

But exactly what are they looking for?

According to Professor Madeleine Fugere, author of, The Social Psychology of Attraction and Romantic Relationships, women are logical creatures who seek security. 

Security might take the form of a job, home, or just the confidence to navigate in the world…

And the bedroom.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today: exactly what hot young college girls want in older men… 

And how you can be the man she wants.

The research shows that biologically, younger women are predisposed to be attracted to older men because they are driven to find the best provider for procreation.

But there are loads of social, emotional and physical reasons younger women (especially college girls) are drawn to older men.

Read on to find out how you can ensure that not only do you know what they want, but that YOU are the man who gives it to them…

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Having Your Sh*t Together Is Sexy as Hell

All women, no matter how young or how old, are attracted to the man who has his sh*t together. 

Dating a hot mess who can never find his car keys, never has anything in his fridge besides beer and a bottle of ketchup, and doesn’t make his bed is exhausting. 

Women don’t want to feel like a man’s mother, or maid, or alarm clock. Seriously, when a woman has to do things for a man because he’s incapable, it seriously kills any biologically, younger women are predisposed to be attracted to older men that may have been floating around. 

And this is doubly true for college girls, who haven’t necessarily figured out how to take care of themselves…

So, what does having your sh*t together mean, exactly? 

  • You have a job. 
  • You pay your bills. 
  • You have a place of your own. 
  • You have a car. 
  • You wear clean clothes. 
  • You can cook and clean.* (*OK, you at least straighten up, and can feed yourself… But actually cooking is a big plus — and VERY hot…)
  • But, most importantly, you know how to get things done independently. 

It’s not about material items. 

As long as you can show a woman that you are a functioning human who practices good hygiene, you’re on your way to getting the girl…

(New Study) Why College Girls Drop Their Panties for Older Men
Keep scrolling to find out why college girls want older men…

Confidence is Hot

There is nothing like a confident man to get the juices dripping. 

But, how do you go about radiating confidence? Especially if you’re a naturally shy man?

The biggest piece of advice, though it may sound cheesy, is to be yourself. 

Accepting who you are and not trying to be someone else will allow you to feel comfortable which will, in turn, come off as confident to attractive women. 

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The trick with confidence is to simply not try. 

However, if you’re really having a hard time ‘not trying,’ here are some simple ways you can look confident, even if you aren’t feeling it:

  1. Stand Tall and Make Eye Contact
  2. Don’t Move Around Too Much — Practice Stillness
  3. Watch How Fast You’re Talking, Then Slow It Down

(New Study) Why College Girls Drop Their Panties for Older Men

A Straight-Forward Nature Is a Turn On

College women like older men because they are straight-forward and have no-nonsense attitudes. 

Older guys have had their share of drama in relationships when they were younger, but now, they’re so over it and most college girls are too, which is what helps to make them a perfect match.

Young women love this straight-forward quality because not only does it further promote the man’s confidence, but it also creates a bond that has minimum complications, which is great for a casual hook-up or even a new relationship. 

To support this straight-forward nature, all a man has to do is be upfront throughout his interactions with his partner. 

Tell her what you want. Tell her what you feel. And, of course, show her too… 

Because, remember, actions speak louder than words. 

So, grab her and kiss her if the mood strikes and tell her your true intentions. 

Younger men don’t think to do this… they haven’t learned to pay attention to women and their feelings yet.

Let her know you find her hot, and her panties will be wet before you touch her.

Speaking of which…

(New Study) Why College Girls Drop Their Panties for Older Men

Younger Women Want Experienced Lovers

We’ve all heard of the sexy dad-bod trend. It seemed to have exploded overnight, but really, it’s been in our society for decades and that’s because the image of a dad or an older man correlates with being experienced in the sheets.

This is a total turn-on for a young woman who may have less experience or is looking for someone to challenge her… 

A young college girl may want to learn a thing or two from their older partner. 

Maybe she hasn’t tried anal yet and thinks that someone who is more experienced will be able to make it more pleasurable. 

Or, maybe, she wants to introduce toys into the bedroom, but her younger lovers are intimidated. 

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Either way, she’s seeking experience from a man who has tried it all before…

Another reason a young college girl looks for experienced men is so that she can open up in ways she can’t with her same-age peers. 

Many girls may not feel they can be vulnerable with their fantasies in bed because of immature gossip or the stigma of taboos. So, naturally, they flock to older men to fulfill their wildest desires. 

(New Study) Why College Girls Drop Their Panties for Older Men

Fun In the Sack

College girls love finding a man who can keep up with them when it comes to bedroom play. Because they are young, they are eager, full-of-life, and up for experimenting for pleasure… 

A college girl may feel more comfortable with an older man because they have most-likely explored their sexual fantasies more and are not timid to try anything she’s game for. 

Another reason younger women love older men is because of their endurance, patience, and understanding. 

Older men are able to hold-off their pleasure much easier than an eager boy because they have learned the tricks to lasting longer — like edging. When you are older, you are much more patient to wait for the climax rather than a guy just trying to get it in quick at a frat party. 

And, of course, when the man is more patient and takes his time, he gets the job done right by making sure his partner is fully satisfied… 

college girls want older men

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