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When you choose our highly-tailored and exclusive matchmaking agency, we will work to introduce you to exceptional singles in San Jose, San Francisco – or even slightly further afield. It all depends on the search criteria for your perfect match, and each profile you decide to peruse will be expertly selected to fit you by our fabulous team of matchmakers.

To find your perfect match, we focus on the combination of psychological principles and personalized consultation. This means that we can effectively identify highly-tailored potential matches that align with your core values, your hobbies, and the specific requirements of your match.

Through our bespoke matchmaking process, you won’t be waiting around when it comes to finding your perfect match. Learn more about our process, and how you can become one of our exclusive members of the world’s most elite dating network.

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How Our Matchmaking Process Works

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The process of finding your match begins by getting in touch with our team. We’re only an email or a direct call away and, from there, we can discuss what is involved with our matchmaking service and whether you’d like to join our network of elite singles.

When you decide to opt into our matchmaking service, we will invite you to a personal and private consultation. This meeting will be held by the matchmaker assigned to you, and it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour. This session is designed to be thorough and to help us understand the kind of person you are, who you’re looking for, and anything else you wish to discuss.

During your consultation, we’ll put forward a series of questions for you to answer. These will include details about your sexual orientation, gender identity, past relationships, religion, and career. Of course, if you have any other burning questions or parts of your personality you want us to consider when building your profile – we’d love to hear them.

We completely understand that it may be your very first time speaking with a matchmaker so, to make you feel as comfortable as possible, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have during your exclusive profiling session.

Securing your Match in San Jose or Further Afield

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Our database has over 10,000 elite singles and, once we’ve cross-referenced your profile with the best potential matches for you, we’ll return to you with a select number of singles who are the best fit for you. When this happens, you’ll be informed of your matches via phone or email, and you will be invited to leisurely browse your matches profiles.

From there, if you’re happy with your matches, we can forward your profile to whomever you find yourself interested in and, if they like your profile too, your matchmaker can help to arrange a time and place to meet your match and explore the vibrant dating scene in San Jose.

When it comes to dating in San Jose, if you’ve matched with someone local to the area or a bit further afield like San Francisco, arranging a meet up will be fairly straightforward. Alternatively, things can get interesting if your best match is someone outside California itself, or even the U.S. In this instance, you’ll work alongside your matchmaker to mutually agree on a location to meet, and this can be anywhere. From locations in the U.S., or places further afield like Europe, Asia, Australia, or South America, we can arrange meeting your match just about anywhere on Earth.

Of course, if you both agree, you can even exchange phone numbers with your chosen match (or matches) to light the spark in your hearts!

*Our matchmaking service is dedicated to ensuring you have access to advice and support throughout your membership.

From Speaking to Your Matchmaker to Dating in San Jose

After the completion of your profiling session, your assigned matchmaker will begin cross-referencing your profile with our database of 10,000 elite singles. Although we take the time to be as thorough as possible to find a match we deem most suited to you, this process will take no longer than a couple of weeks.

Trust in your matchmaker and they will discover admirable, quality, and high-achieving matches from over 10,000 extraordinary men and women.


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Finding love in the modern world is completely different to how it used to be, and it can be difficult to navigate the plethora of dating apps to meet the perfect single men or women – even for things as simple as a coffee date, or other date nights.

If you’re looking to meet people in the bay area but are being held back by your busy career, or you simply can’t find the right San Jose singles while online dating, our exclusive and highly professional matchmakers are here to help.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with the fantastic and friendly team at Maclynn International. Whether it’s just to enquire about our services for dating in San Jose, or you’d like to commit to a private membership with Maclynn International, we will be delighted in helping you find your life partner.

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