Do THIS When She Backs Away (Coach Corey Review)

Do THIS When She Backs Away (Coach Corey Review)


Do THIS When She Backs Away… Coach Corey Wayne Video Review

Coach Corey talks about how to attract women and re-attract women when they’ve gone cold in his video, Do This When She Backs Away…

If you’re not familiar with Coach Corey Wayne, his videos usually include him reviewing a viewers’ situation.

I watched several of Corey’s videos a few years ago and I’ve read his book, How To Be a 3% Man—twice.

If you haven’t read it, I recommend it.

And if you need some extra help to become a 3% Man, stay tuned because I have something especially for guys who’ve been in this situation one too many times!

Let’s get into Corey’s video: Do This When She Backs Away!

So the story is about a guy who was dating a co-worker for three months and then she broke up with him.

He took Coach Corey’s advice on walking away and telling her he’s not interested in friendship but to give him a call if she changes her mind.

So then she started calling and texting him and they even spent the night together.

But then her messages started getting shorter and fewer between.

Coach Corey says when this happens a man’s instinct is to try to do something to get her to chase again but then it goes back to the way it was [with her pulling back].

He says if you had a lot of weak behaviours that turned her off in the past and then you start displaying them again after she comes back, she’ll get turned off again.


I agree.

I’ve talked about this a lot in my playlist on How to Get Her Back.

However, it’s often the opposite in longer term relationships.

In many of those cases, the guy has stopped pursuing his woman.

Coach Corey

He goes on to say that being alpha isn’t about being a jerk. It’s about not caring if you have her or not. You’re ok either way.

“No matter what she does it doesn’t affect you or diminish you.” ~ Coach Corey Wayne

He also reiterates a quote I’ve borrowed many times, “Women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear.”

If you give her space and don’t chase, this creates that uncertainty in her.

If her interest level is 50% or higher, she’ll worry she might lose you and then do something to get you back.

If her interest is lower, you’re not going to be right anyway.



Coach Corey

Coach Corey says when you do this and she shows up again and then retreats, your instinct will be to chase.


He says often the guy gets her back but then goes right back into the same old behaviours that turned her off to begin with.

He says only use text etc to set up a time to get together, not for endless chitchat.


I agree!

I always say tech is for info not convo.

When, when, what; and changes to plans.


Wingmam motto: Always leave them wanting more!

Otherwise, it’s smothering and leaves little reason to get together.

Coach Corey

“A woman needs to feel the space and experience [your] silence.” ~ Coach Corey

This puts the ball in her court to chase you.

Okay, so what happened in the story?

She pulled away, he walked away, she came back he acted needy again, she started to pull away again.

“Maintain your strength.” ~ Coach Corey

Coach Corey says he doesn’t know the material in his book, The 3% Man.

And while I do recommend his book, I also know you can read all about how to build a bicycle but until you actually try you’re not going to know how to build a bicycle.

Coach Corey

Coach Corey says the amount of time it takes her to contact him back will go down, so to speak, as her interest goes up.



Coach Corey

He also says, “Women are like cats. Sometimes they get bored and need to walk away…

…your inaction is what causes them to come back.”



Coach Corey

Coach Corey says the guy is confused because a few days ago her interest was really high and now it’s waning.

Corey says to wait for her to reach out then then set up a time to get together.

Don’t get back into texting again.

Send a couple texts and then close for the get-together.

You can say, “So I suppose you want to get together soon.”

If she says yes, then make definite plans…“Drinks? My place, Tuesday 8pm.”

Then close the convo.



Wingmam motto: Always leave them wanting more!

Coach Corey

Coach Corey say to use this strategy every time she contacts you.

Brief text exchange, close for plans to get together.

He says getting together always allows an opportunity for sex to happen.


Surprise—I agree!

Whether or not you’ve actually done the deed with her, if you want to get there, you need to be in a space where it can happen.

Key Point!

If she’s attracted to you, she wants you to seduce her.


Key Point!

Women who are open to a relationship bond quicker after great sex.

Coach Corey

Coach Corey says this guy should get busy dating other women so he doesn’t get fixated on her.


I agree!

Never invest more (emotionally) in a woman than she’s already invested in you. ~ Wingmam

One way of doing this is by keeping your options open, unless of course, you’re in a committed, monogamous relationship.

But even then, she must feel that you have other options.

Bonus Tip!

Don’t be the first one to say, “I love you!”

Lead the relationship but let her pace it. ~ Wingmam

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Overall rating for Coach Corey Wayne’s video, Do This When She Backs Away: thumbs up!

And whether you’re dating a girl or in a relationship, if you’ve found yourself in a situation where she’s pulled away and you’re unsure what you did wrong, I provide several examples in my Get Her Back When She Pulls Away playlist.

And if you’re interested in a girl but she’s acting hot and cold, then you may be chasing instead of pursuing and you’ll definitely want to watch my video on Chasing vs Pursuing.

Thanks for watching and God bless!