Easy Ways To Get Laid Without The Chase

3 Easy Ways to Get Laid Without The “Chase”


3 Easy Ways to Get Laid Without The “Chase”
If you want hot girls to show up to your bedroom like this… check out the expert-developed techniques below.

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Today I’m going to show you 3 proven strategies that will get beautiful women in bed with you, using a whole lot less effort.

As a dating coach, I’m tired of seeing a guy in conversation with a girl and when I say, “It seems like you could have been touching her”… he responds:

“I wasn’t really into her.”

Then what are you doing?

What do you want with her?

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If you open a woman that you find interesting or you’re curious about, but she doesn’t want something with you–and is willing to say so–she’ll say something like, “I have a boyfriend,” or “I’m married.” or “I’m flattered but…”

She won’t say, ” I’m busy,” “I’m a loner,” “I don’t like to talk,” or “I don’t eat.”

She knows that you’re looking for a**.

Do you?

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What a lot of guys don’t respect is that although there is a pretense on BOTH sides of relationship that a guy is interested in a woman for her personality, she knows it’s really sex.

So when you pour attention on a woman who’s clearly not showing reciprocal interest, what you are saying is that you are ok with not having sex

Is that true?

Probably not.

But that’s what you are telling her–and yourself–when you are willing to give her “boyfriend behavior” without getting any “girlfriend behavior” (i.e. sex).

She’ll do what YOU consider relationship activities all day long–conversations, dinner, “socializing” . . . because what she’s really doing is talking, having dinner purchased for her, and showing up to places not alone.

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She’s getting the benefits and you are only getting ONE benefit:

The HOPE of sex.

Please stop hanging on to a woman for the hope of sex.

Now I’m not gonna tell you–as though I’d have any chance of it–to not hope or hold out. I’m just telling you to stop HANGING ON.

Keep in contact with this last-woman-on-earth possibility of sex, sure.

Keep going out when she makes herself available; keep the text dialog alive, or email or facebook messenger, OK.


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1) Say hi to 10 women every day.

2) Find a bar or a coffee shop to get ONE drink in, daily.

3) Practice socializing.

Realize the truth that almost every woman knows:

If you had another woman with the same looks who was interested in you, you would drop this woman and replace her without a second thought.

Recognize that there is a MASSIVE difference between women and men and it is this:

Personality is paramount in a man.

So when you pour attention on a woman who’s clearly not showing reciprocal interest, what you are saying is that you are ok with not having sex

The reason I–and almost every coach of men–talk against getting hung up on one girl is that girls are, to an embarrassing degree, interchangeable.

“WHAT?? How can you say something like that, David?!!”

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“Are you saying they’re a dime a dozen!?”

I’m not. (But they are.)

What I’m saying is that given the same looks–which is a findable thing because you are not blind–this girl can be replaced to your satisfaction.

If you could find another girl that looked the same and was more sexual and/or more interested in you, you would be pleased with the change.

I’m not saying that the fact that she plays chess, speaks three languages or has an amazing singing voice is not a factor. It’s a bonus and of tremendous value!

I’m just saying that you, me and most guys can sacrifice that tremendous value for a woman who looks the way we want and gives it–or takes it–the way we like.

This is NOT true about men.

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The same exact looks is not enough reason to replace a guy.

The personality of a guy–an ephemeral thing at best–is not only his most important asset, it is his most attractive quality.

Have you heard of the “Stepford Wives”?

This story by Ira Levin became a film about a fictitious town where the women are too nice, too beautiful, too pleasing.

Then we discover the dark hidden secret: They are artificial; built to satisfy the men of the neighborhood.

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This story works–and is interesting AND thought-provoking–because it makes sense.

It’s not hard to imagine a town made of fake women, who are pleasing to men, and it’s ALSO not difficult to imagine–for a woman–that a woman that cares too much about pleasing a man is not real.

There is no comparable cross-gender version.

There is NO version of men that women want duplicated for their satisfaction–outside of a little sexual fantasy here and there.

Women specifically want a unique specimen.

They WANT a particular man, not a perfect one.

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“But What About Boring Rich Guys Who Get Major Hotties?”

“Yes, David, but I’ve seen wealthy guys with crap personalities with some major hotties!”

This may be true.

You don’t KNOW their personalities or what might be attractive about them. Remember that a lot of behavior we wouldn’t like is attractive to women.

You don’t know whether she wants to be there.

Often a woman is with a man because she feels she doesn’t have any choice–afraid, for example of pain or poverty or loss or loneliness–but not for any pleasure or desire.

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While that may be a sufficient attachment for you, I certainly don’t write these articles so I can help you bully some girl into your bed or get a woman chained to you in desperation.

On the contrary, I coach not so that a guy can get one girl for one night, but so that you can get any girl for many nights.

(OK, I like the way that sounds and yes, with the proper skillset and mindset, you can get any girl. Click here to see how, from a former FBI body language expert who recently retired after 30 years in the service.)

Let’s confess right now, however, that the work involved is often not worth the girl in question.

I don’t mean that it’s not worth a lot of work to get a girl, I mean that the girl’s natural interest in you is part of the equation.

Here’s what I mean–and how it’s going to get you laid by the women you truly desire:

3 Easy Ways to Get Laid Without The “Chase”
When you find a hot girl who’s already into you… having this kind of relationship becomes easy.

The Bottom Line? Your Target Is More Important Than The Tactics.

Like I said… a woman’s interest in you is part of the equation that gets you laid without the “chase.”

And while there’s no way to just look at a woman and instantly know, “Oh yeah… she wants to bang me RIGHT NOW”…

… there is an easy way to tell if a hot girl is interested in at least talking to you… and may be down to hookup that night.


Simple really… all people are constantly communicating their feelings on a subconscious level…

… and women (especially younger women) tend to do this using some very specific non-verbal signs and signals.

For example, if a woman smiles at you she might just be friendly, or in a good mood.

However… if a woman lightly touches your arm… subtly bites her lip… and looks you right in the eye when she slowly says ” hello handsome” in a seductive tone…

… then that’s a whole other story.

Now, that’s obviously an extreme example… most of the time these signals are far, far more subtle.

But no need to worry…

Once you know what these signals are they’re really easy to spot.

And that’s why a lot of experts like to say “your target is more important than the tactics.”

Because when you know how to spot these interested women, with pinpoint accuracy… your odds of rejection go WAY down, and your odds of getting laid go WAY up… regardless of what “opener” you use… or what you say to her at all really.

In my experience, knowing this is the key to sleeping with the women you want… when you want to…

… and without jumping through any of the hoops most men have to to get laid:

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P.S. 99% of men don’t realize that if a woman REALLY wants to bang your brains out… she’ll do THIS.