He’s Moving Too Fast? Do THIS Now


Are you dating a man you really like? Everything seems to be heading in the right direction, he matches your love vision, and your connection deepens every time you see him.

There’s just ONE teensy tiny problem.

He’s moving waaaaaaay too fast.

He texts you morning, noon, and night.

He wants to see you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… heck, he has cleared his entire schedule for the next six months for you.

He’s talking about the future already.

And maybe, on the surface, this seems like a good thing, right?

He’s showing you he’s interested in you.

He doesn’t seem afraid of commitment.

He’s telling you he wants to give you all the things you want.

The problem is, you’ve only known the guy for 10 DAYS!

Yes, there is such a thing as a man moving too fast. And if you’ve found yourself in this situation, here’s how to handle it without pushing him away.

The thing about us guys is we tend to fall head over heels a lot quicker than you ladies do.

So if he’s getting attached too quickly and it’s making you want to run for the hills, don’t panic. It’s all about establishing clear boundaries with him—a vital foundation for a healthy relationship.

And when you’re the one who takes control of this and sets the pace in the relationship, it puts you firmly in control, which is right where you want to be.

Your Coach,

what to do if a man is moving too fast

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