How To ACTUALLY Text A Girl

How To ACTUALLY Text A Girl


How To Actually Text A Girl (/Woman)

How often to text a girl depends on where you are in the relationship and who likes whom more.


Are you courting, dating, or in a relationship?

You don’t want to text so much that you smother the other person but you also don’t want to ghost them or leave them thinking you’re not interested if you are.

So what’s a guy to do?


Here’s a quick tip on texting girls: Ask yourself which of you seems more interested.

It’s not a perfect world, especially when it comes to the dating world and building attraction.

What I’ve found is that the person who is keener has to play more by the rules.

When we’re anxious and really interested in someone, we can come off as desperate or needy. This is the time to implement “how often to text a girl” guidelines.

And, no matter how much she might be into you now or later, how often to text a girl (even if she’s your girlfriend) becomes a fine line between letting her know you care and, at the same time, letting her know you’re still not desperate!

Wingmam motto: Always leave them wanting more!

Always means: ALWAYS.

Watch the video here or below.

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how to actually text a girl