How To Attract a Sex Freak Who Wants to Bang You 10x A Day

sex freak


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Hey. It’s Glenn Pearce and we’re back again for Ask Glenn Anything questions.

I’m really happy about all the guys who wrote in. There are so many wonderful questions, so let’s get right into it.

Today we’ve got a question from Leon.

Leon writes:

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Hey man, I just made an amazing discovery. This girl I like in my grad school class seems normal enough, but I have it from some reliable sources that she’s a freak in bed.

We’re talking she wants to f*ck five times a day, makes it her life’s work to ensure that the guy she’s with has drained balls constantly, et cetera. Great, right?

Only problem is since finding this out, I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and tried to talk more openly sexually with her, and she either doesn’t react or kind of turns away. She might be blushing, or she might be disgusted. I don’t know which.

How do I hookup with this girl and make it her life’s work to drain my balls?”

Man, Leon, interesting.

Let me jump right into it:

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How do you hookup with her?

I mean you haven’t yet, so I would say go on a date with her.

Maybe have some drinks, get out there.

I mean there are women out there who have this insatiable desire.

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Some people like to call them sex addicts. Some people like to call them whatever they want, but there are men and women that have this desire, that just need to have sex multiple times a day.

Being in the dating industry, I’ve met a lot of other people… and I’ve met a lot of coaches who have this problem where they just have to f*ck all the time.

I like to get it on, but I’m like a once or twice a day type of guy.

I’ve been with a few girls that want to f*ck six, seven times a day, and I’m like… “I’m not that guy. Go f*cking find a guy. It ain’t me. I like to have it once, twice on a really good a day, and that’s all you’re going to ever get and that’s it.”

Put Yourself In The “Right” Kind Of Situation (Where Sex Can Happen Naturally)…

My advice to you would be like, first of all, put yourself in a position or a situation where sex can happen with this woman.

If her sex drive is that high, chances are she’s not super selective.

I’m going to rewind the question a little bit, because I want to go back a little bit and see.

You said, “I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and tried to talk more openly sexual with her.”

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Like yeah, all right, good for you. You went out of your comfort zone and tried to talk openly sexual.

I mean, dude, talk is cheap. Actions. You have to get out of your comfort zone by making a move.

Like, what are you just going to be like, “Oh, so I like to have sex 10 times a day,” and you’re going to hope she’s like…

“Me too! Here are my t*ts and let’s f*ck.” That’s not the way women respond.

How To Spark Real Sexual Desire In Her…

You’re going to get to her, to the root of her sexual desires, by sparking sexual desire, and interest, and attraction in her.

She’s not going to be like, “Oh, we have the same commonality of this and sex,” and be like, “I should f*ck this guy.” That’s not the way they work.

Go out on a date with her. Have fun. Play some beer pong, strip poker. I don’t know what it’s going to take or what you do, how old you are or whatever.

But I would say you’ve got to go out on a date with this girl and try to escalate.

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Don’t do dinner. That’s a horrible way to build sexual attraction and escalate on a date.

Go to a lounge, or go to a quiet little bar, and just have some fun with her, man.

If neither of you drink, I don’t care. Go out and play some miniature golf or go bowling. Find something to do, something that’s going to really raise her state a little bit.

Do less talking and a lot more moves. Take more action.

Here’s how:

sex freak

The BIGGEST Myth About Women And Sex…

… is that women DON’T want sex as much as men.

First off it’s total bullsh*t, and it really messed with me for a long time.

The reality is that women want sex just as much, if not more, than men do… and science backs me up.

A major study found that more than HALF of American women would happily put out on a first date… “under the right circumstances.”

(And that’s out of all American women, not just the nymphos and secret sex freaks)

But what are the “right” circumstances?

Well she has to feel wanted, sexy and aroused… and in my experience by far the best way to do that… is to use your touch.

Because if she’s a woman with a high sex drive, then she’s going to be VERY responsive to even small, subtle touches like this…

She’ll do things like bite her lip… and give you this look like she wants rip your clothes off…

… and if you keep touching her in the right way, at the right time (your timing is crucial here)

… she’ll get SO turned on, that she may not even be able to wait until the end of the night to have sex with you…

… so don’t be surprised if she pulls you into the nearest bathroom, or invites you to “take a ride” in her car:

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