How To Attract & Bang a Free-Spirited Hot Hippie Chicks in 3 Simple Steps

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Hey, it’s Glenn Pearce. And we’re back again for Ask Glenn Anything questions.

And I’m really happy about all the guys who wrote in. There are so many wonderful questions.

So let’s get right into it.

So Frank is writing in, and Frank says:

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“Do you have any advice to f**k younger hippie chicks as an older guy? I hate this EDM s*it music, but that’s my kind of girl if it helps. Thanks.”

Alright, Frank, I think I can help you.

Here’s what to do:

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

Yeah, Frank, I f**king hate EDM too.

And I hate the people that listen to EDM, but EDM has a lot of hot f**king party girls.

That’s what they are. They’re hot, they’re party girls, they’re probably on drugs, and they’re probably drinking.

I would say, if you want to bang these chicks, dude, you’ve got to go to the events that they’re at.

You have to have a good time, be Mr. Social, hopefully you can build up a social circle, or display some sort of status–and just try to f**k a bunch of these chicks.

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Remember, they’re there to have fun, they’re there to get high, they’re there to dance, they’re there to enjoy music.

Just go there and be the person or the type of guy that they’re expecting to meet at these events.

What You MUST Do If You Want to Bang Hot Hippie Party Chicks…

I know it might be intimidating, because there might be a big, huge age difference…

Or the music is really loud…

Or it might not be your scene…

But listen dude, if that’s your type of girl, then that’s where you’ve got to go to meet them.

I mean, you’re not going to meet that type of girl a million times a day just walking down the sidewalk with your dog, or in your car, or wherever you live.

You’ve got to go to where they’re at.

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So you’ve got to go to these events, and you’ve got to start talking, you’ve got to start dancing, and you’ve just got to start trying.

If me and you ever spoke privately, I might be able to go more in depth… but I would just say you’ve just got to get to these events and really just try to hit on the girls, and pick up the girls that you’re attracted to at these events.

And once you’re at these events, I have a trick that’s going to supercharge your results and help you sleep with these hot hippie girls faster than you ever thought possible:

3) The “Secret” to Making Hot Hippie Chicks H*rny & Eager to Bang You Anytime, Anywhere…

Like I mentioned above, if you want to sleep with hot hippie festival chicks… you have to go to where the festivals girls hang out at.

Once you’re at these festivals everyone is all about good vibes and having a good time.

So be that social guy, be the guy who talks to everyone, and yes who even dances… (I hate dancing to that kind of music, but I will definitely dance at an EDM festival to meet women haha).

But these girls aren’t there JUST to have a good time.

They’re there to get laid, and I’m telling you right now… while it might be intimidating for a guy (especially an older guy) to get laid at one of these things… it’s pretty damn easy once you get into the swing of things.

So what do you have to do?

You’ve got to touch these girls.

But not in a creepy old man way…

If you’re too touchy, and invade people’s personal space you can freak out the girls… and I have seen a few buddies of mine get kicked out of these things.

There’s a really specific way to do it that works really well, most girls don’t even notice it, and it turns hot girls on fast:

Here’s what it is and how to do it. (short free video)