How to Date Online After a Pandemic Breakup

How to Date Online After a Pandemic Breakup

Going through a pandemic and a breakup simultaneously is, unfortunately, a reality that many couples have had to face. But what do you do when you find yourself ending a relationship in 2022? And how do you date online after a breakup? These are important questions that many people are now asking themselves.

Technology and the pandemic changed the dating landscape – moving much of the single scene into the online space. For some of those who are dating online for the first time or even returning, the idea of downloading dating apps like bumble, hinge,, or *gasp* Tinder – may make you cringe inside.

However, these spaces are also filled with possibilities and meaningful connections if you know how to navigate them. So if you are ready to start dating again, here are some helpful tips on how to date online and reenter the virtual singles scene.

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