How To Sleep With Supermodels And Get Laid Like A Rockstar

sleep with supermodels


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Hey, this is another episode of Ask Ruwando.

And today I’m going to share about how the guys who are bald, short, ugly seem to get the girls.

Obviously, they’re not all rich, although maybe that’s sometimes the case and I want to address this.

Because, you know, I’m a short guy. I’m 5’6″ in running shoes–this has been a thing for me.

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And I mean, obviously, women are into height.

There are certain other superficial things, you know, if you’re bald, if you’re ugly, you might think that it’s impossible to meet hot women.

I’m telling you right now that’s not true.

I’m going to say this myself, as a shorter guy.

So I want to clarify some misconceptions around these superficial things and give you some tools.

These are both for inner game, and they will also help you connect with women that maybe will reject you for the surface superficial things.

So check ’em out below:

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I’m going to be honest up front, I’m not going to say to you that these superficial things don’t matter.

Height matters, looks matter. 

Money matters. Your hair matters. All these things do matter.

But for men, they don’t matter as much as you probably think.

What matters and the reason why these superficial things matter is that women care about how they feel in your presses.

Now I’m going to break down some of these things, and why they seem to matter–like height.

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Why Does Height Matter So Much To Women? 

A lot of women I’ve met, dated or hooked up with have said: “Oh, I would never date a guy shorter than me.”

I mean, it’s something I’ve heard from a lot of tall women.

Some women might have this rule in their head, because in the past, they didn’t feel the way they wanted to feel around shorter guys.

With taller guys, women get to feel small.

Why do women want to feel small?

It’s not that they want to be you know, little as that if they’re in the presence of someone bigger than them.

Instead, it’s a lot more about protection.

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It’s a very instinctual thing.

It’s not like a logical thing necessarily.

It’s like, if she feels bigger than you, if she feels stronger than you… then you’re not really adding anything to her.

She would have to defend herself.

If you’re in the wilderness and some predator came along or, you know, some other men came along, like, she wants to feel that you’re stronger and bigger and can protect her–which means you have to be stronger than her.

That’s why these things matter.

Now, you can create this feeling with women without having to actually be physically bigger.

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I mean, a lot of the women I’ve met who said, “I would never be with a short guy” kind of changed their mind later,

They would tell me “Oh, I didn’t notice you’re short.” Just kind of bulls*it.

It’s just like, their feelings have changed. And suddenly, it seemed like the rule didn’t matter so much.

Now, it’s the same thing with looks.

Looks do matter and looks do give guys an edge in the beginning, but really only in the beginning. And I really understood this one.

I have some friends who are fashion photographers, and one of them was telling me he’ll be on shoots and he sees male models.

Obviously, they’re good looking, they’re tall, they’re gorgeous, whatever.

And initially, women will look at them.

But he would tell me, a lot of times there would be these male models who were very insecure.

They didn’t think highly of themselves, or they totally lack social skills.

And as soon as they would speak, all the “lady boners” would go down basically.

The looks only gave them attention in the beginning.

But, you know, I know a lot of good-looking guys who don’t get laid, because in the beginning, they might have a slight edge, but who they actually are and how they make women feel is what actually matters.

So if you care, I mean, we can nerd out another time.

Let me say briefly, the reason why looks matter at all is that they display potentially healthy genes for your potential children.

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If you care about the biological stuff, you can look it up.

But the instinctual side of why looks matter or why certain things are considered good -looking, is because they suggest healthy offspring and your potential offspring.

Most women aren’t thinking about it logically, but that’s what the instinctual thing is.

This also can be molded, just like height.

A lot of women I know will say like, “Oh, yeah, when I met my boyfriend, I thought he was kind of ugly.”

I’ve heard this from so many of my my female friends.

And then they’ll say, “you know, like he made me laugh, and he’s really confident, and now I think he’s actually really handsome.”

I have a friend who’s a dating coach, and his girlfriend told me that every month he looks more handsome to her.

And he’s a regular-looking guy. He’s actually bald, he doesn’t look like particularly like anything.

But the way he makes her feel, actually has her see him as more handsome.

That’s how malleable these things are.

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So now let me get into the principles of how you can mold these things and how you can make a woman feel the way she wants to feel. 

The most important thing is security.

A lot of why some women will say like, “Oh, I didn’t notice that you’re short.”

They tell me this because I personally don’t think of myself as “short.” I’ve gotten over that insecurity.

If you feel insecurity about your looks, about your height, she’s going to feel it on you.

And she’s not going to want to be around someone who feels insecure.

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It’s going to be like this elephant in the room.

And as I mentioned, a lot of her perceptions and her feelings are very malleable. Like you can make yourself feel big in her presence if you don’t focus on the fact that you’re short.

You have to not think of these things and not indulge in insecurities.

Now that might seem easier said than done.

So I’m going to break down some tips of how to actually do that.

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The most important thing is to control what you actually can control. 

So you can’t control what your face looks like. You can’t control your height.

(Even though some of us wish we could.)

But you can control your fitness level, or you can control how you dress if you’re lacking in a certain area.

You should at least do what you can to at least maximize your appearance, because if you don’t it kind of looks bad on you. 

So for instance, for all the short guys out there–remember the reason why it matters is that she wants to feel like the the smaller, safer person.

She wants to feel protected.

So one thing you can absolutely control is go to the gym. 

Something that helped the taller girls I’ve been with kind of change their mind is when they realized I’m a lot stronger than they are.

That’s the ultimate thing–she wants to feel that you can protect her.

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Obviously, in the 21st century, it’s probably very rare that you’ll be in a situation when you actually have to protect her physically.

But she wants to feel that way.

Because she’s not gonna be able to relax emotionally and ultimately sink into a pleasurable state, if she feels like you’re not strong enough to hold her.

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So I think a really low-hanging fruit technique for a lot of guys, is just to go to the gym.

You’ll start to feel physically stronger, and your posture gets better.

You won’t feel like you’re going to be pushed over and those are the little things that count. It’s not about having big muscles.

I mean, there are other things you can do. You can take jiu jitsu classes, you can do whatever, it’s not that you’re gonna have to fight for her for on her behalf.

But being physically strong counts for a lot–especially if you aren’t tall.

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That’s Not All…

So in the looks department, if you’re balding or you aren’t the most good-looking guy, it behooves you to actually take care of your appearance.

Like a supermodel-looking guy can probably get away with dressing like a slob or not showering.

Or a tall guy could probably be a little out of shape, and he’ll still be attractive. 

But if you’re short, you should be working on your body so you’re physically healthy and strong.

The thing that looks really bad for guys who are bald is when they don’t care, and they end up with clown hair.

That just looks bad on your character if you’re not taking care of yourself.

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So these little things will, in most cases, overcome the fact that you might not be the best looking guy.

The most important thing I want you to take from this is that behind all of this, the thing that matters is how you make her feel.

That’s what gets you laid, and I’ll show you exactly how below:

sleep with supermodels
When you make a woman feel secure around you, she’ll care a lot less about your looks and a lot more about getting sexual with you.

What If She Says You’re “Too Short” Or “Not Her Type”?

You can’t control the way you look. You can’t control your height… but you CAN control how you make a woman feel.

And that’s why when a woman says you’re “too short”“not her type”… or she “has a boyfriend” or whatever… it’s absolutely crucial that you DON’T just walk away… (if you want to sleep with her).

Because when this happens, 99% of the time it’s not a stone-cold rejection… it’s a simple and straightforward “sh*t test”

… which is actually a GOOD sign, and means you’re probably this close to sleeping with her!

(If you need a quick refresher, a sh*t test is when a woman says or does something for the pure purpose of getting a reaction out of you… and how you handle it pretty much makes or breaks your chances of banging her.)

Personally, I’ve been told I’m “too short” by countless women… and I ended up sleeping with a lot of them.

So when a woman says these things to you… here’s the 3-step system any guy can use to flip the script… get past her silly “sh*t tests”… and sleep with her fast…

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