How To Talk Dirty to a Woman So She SCREAMS Your Name In Bed…

how to talk dirty to a woman


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If you’ve never talked dirty to a girl in bed, man, now is the time to try.

In my experience, dirty talk is one of the easiest ways to have more fun with sex, and to get a girl to really open up to you.

I’m talking about making girls spill their deepest sexual desires…

Getting her to experiment with kinky or rough sex…

And ultimately, giving her the kind of pleasure that keeps her coming back to you for sex again & again.

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But when it comes to dirty talk, where do you start?

That’s what I’m going to show you today.

Hi, I’m Glenn Pearce, and as part of my new series, Ask Glenn, I’m answering your most difficult, burning questions related to sex and dating.

And today, I want to show you the easiest way to use dirty talk to turn hot girls on, and give them more orgasms in bed—it’s a method that works really well for both myself and my older clients, and I’m confident it can work for you as well.

Because after all, the science backs me up!

A study published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships in 2012 found that people who are more comfortable talking about sex literally have better and more satisfying sex.

Dirty talk is part of this.

So today, I’m answering this common seduction question guys ask me all the time:

“What’s the best way to start talking dirty to a woman, and how can you use dirty talk to have hotter sex?”

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Hey, it’s Glenn and I’m here to help ease your concerns and fears about talking dirty with women, or possibly feeling some embarrassment while talking dirty to her.

I think it’s absolutely imperative that every man starts incorporating dirty talk with women. Now, there are levels of dirty talk.

There’s like, “Hey, you dirty f**king whore. You’re my sl*t c*m pig and you’re gonna f**king love it.”

Then there’s like, “Oh, do you like it when I slap your a**?” or like, “Oh, tell me how good my d**k tastes.”

There are different levels, OK?

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The 3 Levels of Dirty Talk & When to Use Them…

For most guys who don’t know what to say, or have a little bit of fear about dirty talk, just think of it as like a ladder.

That first step might look a little something like:

“Oh my god, you smell really good and your nipples taste really good.” Or, “Oh, does it feel good when I finger you like this?”

You could start asking very basic, generic, simple questions.

Like, “How good does my d**k feel in your hands?” Or, “Do you like it when I nibble on your ear? Tell me you like it when I nibble you on your ear.”

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If you’re having sex and she’s about to orgasm, and she starts saying your name like, “Glenn”…

You can say, “You know, say my name a little louder. This time look at me in the eyes when you say my name.”

Then you could take it a little further and be like:

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“Yeah, do you like it when I do that? Do you like saying my name? Tell me you f**king love saying my name. Tell me you love my f**king fingers in your wet little pussy,” and you could just start taking it a little bit further.

I don’t think it’s a good idea necessarily to go from A to Z in one shot.

So if you’re scared of flying, I wouldn’t recommend taking a 20-hour plane flight. I would say go take a half-hour plane flight or go up in a little propeller plane and slowly work your way over the fear of flying.

Same thing with dirty talk. Start slow, start easy.

You don’t need a list of lines or whatever. Just start saying little things and watch her response, because you’re going to be surprised at how well girls respond to it.

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Biting and spanking are two of my favorite things–and they can also enhance dirty talk, and make it hotter for both of you.

They’re absolute turn-ons. They’re turn-ons for me personally, because I like getting bitten.

And I’ve been spanked before, and I like being spanked–and they’re turn-ons for women.

Women love being bitten. Women love being spanked. There are levels with that too.

There’s nibbling, which is light biting. And then there’s light spanking…

And then there’s biting, and then there’s spanking really hard.

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Some women like it really soft and they don’t like it really hard. Some women like it really hard and they don’t like it really soft.

What you should start doing is, you know, next time you’re with your chosen partner, start nibbling on her neck–maybe nibbling on her ear, maybe nibbling on her nipple, maybe lightly nibbling on her clit.

And then gauge her response.

If she’s getting into it you could ask her, “Do you like that?”

She’ll probably say, “yes.”

Then you could say, “Do you want me to do it harder?” She’ll say, “Yes.”

In my experience, most girls will tell you to do it harder. They’ll let you know if you’re not doing it hard enough.

Same thing when it comes to spanking.

The Bizarre Reason Why Hot Girls Are Hardwired to Crave Dirty Talk & Rough Sex…

Almost every girl loves to be submissive.

They’re pretty much biologically hardwired to be submissive to the man.

Spanking a woman is a form of her being submissive to the man. And that’s why most girls love biting and spanking–along with rougher sex (but more on that in a sec).

Spanking can start when you’re just laying in bed, and you’re kind of making out with her, and you’re on your side.

You could just start lightly spanking her a**. What I like to do is I like to, when I’m on top of a woman, I’ll spread her legs and I’ll say, “spread your legs.”

She’ll spread her legs and I’ll look at her eyes, and I’ll start spanking her p***y. Lightly at first, and then I’ll gauge her responses.

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Women love to be spanked and they’ll tell you once again, “harder, harder, harder.”

If they don’t tell you harder, have some fun with it, start smacking her harder, and gauge her response.

After sex, you could always say:

“Hey, was that too hard? I know I kinda gave you a couple of good ones there.” And she’ll be like, “No, I actually f**king loved it, it was hot.”

So biting and spanking are things you could add to your preexisting sex life that maybe you haven’t, that will just make it more fulfilling and enjoyable for you and for her.

Here’s how:

how to talk dirty to a woman
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Here’s a fact…

Most women DON’T like vanilla sex.

A recent poll of 1,580 women found that nearly 95% enjoy spanking during sex…

… and a full 70% of women said they wished their partner did it more.

That’s why so many hot girls (especially college-aged girls) get WILDLY turned on by this kind of X-rated dirty talk.

Most women like it a little rough… they’re curious about kinky s*it…

But there’s only one problem:

Even when a woman is down to try stuff like spanking… choking… and getting tied up… you can bet your left testicle she won’t ask you for it.

Most women will never ask a man to take things up a notch in the bedroom, because they’re terrified of seeming slutty.

So if you want to unleash a hot girl’s naughtier side, without making it a whole “conversation”…

In my experience, the best way is to “ease” her into it, using a few rough sex moves that practically ALL women love…

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My 3-Step Sexual Communication System to Ease ANY Woman Into Rougher & Kinkier Sex…

Let’s break communication down into 3 different parts–I call this my 3-step Sexual Communication System:

1) Speaking ideas and then making sure that you are understood…

2) Making sure that the woman you’re talking to is also understood…

3) Sharing a complex idea and being able to walk away from your conversation mutually satisfied.

So how do you make sure all 3 of those steps are covered?

Basically, you communicate an idea and then you stop and you listen.

Listen to yourself and to the woman you’re with–these two actions are super powerful.

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In fact, I had one of these discussions last night, and it was just like I said:

“Hey, I really need to say this to you.”

I took a deep breath and then I said it.

Then, I stopped and I said,

“How do you feel about that?

Then, she spoke, and I listened to that.

Then, I shared some more.

It left us both feeling like we were understood and smart and connected, and that really is the point of communication.

It’s not so much content and words, but the way in which you communicate–and that is the ability to listen empathetically.

And like anything in life, this kind of communication takes practice.

But when done consistently, it can deepen your sexual connection… and lead to better sex in the long run as well.

Don’t believe me?

Just check this out:

Can A Little Empathy Lead to Mind-Blowing Sex?

I think most men can agree, it’s almost like a badge of honor when you make a woman come.

Personally, I get an even bigger sense of accomplishment if I give her multiple orgasms, or a powerful squirting orgasm.

And over the years, I’ve discovered (and many community members agree) that when it comes down to it…

There are really only two factors you need to keep in mind if you want to give a woman a life-changing orgasm:

1) Empathy

I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but for a woman, an orgasm is much more mental than it is physical.

When you listen to her needs and desires… and try to understand her… she will feel more comfortable around you.

And the more comfortable she feels around you, the more she’s willing to “let go” when she’s in bed with you.

To sum it up, get to know & understand a woman before sleeping with her for better results.

2) Stimulating The Right Spots

Just being empathetic and getting her to feel comfortable around you WILL make sex a lot more enjoyable for her…

… but it’s not going to give her the kinds of orgasms that’ll make her forget her name.

That’s why you have to stimulate the “right” spots… and there are 3 spots in particular that are proven to give women the MAXIMUM level of pleasure:

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