How to Turn an Innocent “Hello” Into a Hot-as-Hell One Night Stand

How I Turned an Innocent

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This story is an oldie, but a goodie — and I want to use it to teach you something very important. Namely, about the art of starting conversations with women.

This happened a while back. I had been living on my block in New York City for a while, and I hadn’t come across a single hot woman who lived near me.

My daily ritual looked a little something like this:

Wake up (usually earlier than I’d like)…

Make coffee…

Get dressed…

And go outside for a breath of fresh air.

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Day after day, I’d be out by 8:30 A.M.  on the lookout for a real beauty walking down my street. But day after day… nothing.

That was until I saw her:

There I was, standing outside, thinking my day would be just like any other… and then she appeared.

She had long black hair, blue eyes, pale skin, and killer high heels. She was smoking hot — I literally had to rub  my eyes to make sure I wasn’t dreaming (I wasn’t.)

There was only one little problem:

She was walking toward me… and I had NO idea what to say. S**t.

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I kept racking my brain for a good opener… nothing.

At this point, she was walking closer and closer, and my mind was still blank.

I couldn’t believe it! I’ve been voted one of the best dating coaches in the damn world — how did I have nothing to say? The irony was not lost on me.

I knew that if I didn’t open my mouth, it would be years before I got that opportunity again on my street.

What did I do?

My mind blanked, and I said the first thing I could think of. As she walked by, I said:

“Oh my God! You are like the worst neighbor ever!!!”

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It Doesn’t End There…

Honestly, I wasn’t even sure if she was my neighbor, but I knew that saying something was better than nothing. Plus, I didn’t want to have to stand out on my street every morning after that waiting for her to give me another opportunity.

So here’s what happened after that:

Her: (in a whiny voice) “Whyyyy am I the worst neighbor ever?”

Me: “Well, aren’t new neighbors supposed to bake cookies or a cake for the hottest boy on the block? Now that I think about it, I’m kinda mad at you for being so shy!”

Her: “I’ve seen you out here for years and you’ve never said ‘Hi’ to me!”

(At this point, I was pretty sure I had her — I had never seen her before, so there was no way she had seen me outside for years.)

Me: “Don’t avoid the question. Where are my cookies? And I never say ‘Hi’ to girls. They just always say ‘Hi’ to me. Why are you trying to be so different? Are you shy?”

We flirted like this for a little while… but then I knew I had to step up my game.

From “Innocent Flirting” to First Date in No Time…

If you know the basics, then flirting is, for the most part, pretty easy.

However, making a solid plan for a date with a woman you’ve only just met? Not so simple.

So I started to do some qualifying with her — she surrendered to all of my qualifications. However, she was pretty sassy, so I knew she’d be giving me her “s**t tests.”

We got into a sort of flirtatious “mental battle”; it was fun, challenging, and super f’in hot.

I could tell by her body language that she was going to be late for work or needed to rush, but it was fun keeping her invested in me so she wouldn’t leave.

We talked like this for about 20 minutes — and that’s when I asked her if she was ever going to build up the courage to ask me out.

Of course, she replied, “But you’re the one who’s supposed to ask ME out!”

Here’s what happened next:

Me: “How about this? I’ll ask you out… but only if you bake me the cookies you owe!”

Her: “Deal!”

Me: “Cool… give me your number and I’ll shoot you a text when I finally wake up later. How’s Saturday night?”

How I Got Her Back to My Place (Even Though I Wasn’t Feeling 100%)…

So Saturday comes around — and I wake up feeling kinda sick. Not too feverish, but definitely a little stuffy.

I was seriously considering canceling on this girl, so I decided I’d let her know I wasn’t feeling too great but I was almost 100% sure I could go out.

As the day went on, though, I felt progressively lazier and more tired. She sent me a few texts to ask how I was feeling… so I said:

“Still feeling groggy, so we might have to take it easy. Maybe a bite to eat?” (I hadn’t eaten anything all day.)

As an aside, I feel like I should mention that I hate taking women out to dinner and almost never do it… but there is always an exception.

She replied, “That’s fine. Get some rest — you’re going to need it.”

When she showed up at my door, she looked insanely hot:

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Black mini skirt…

Fake eyelashes…

Five-inch heels…


The works. I was impressed.

The date went well — we had some awesome conversation and laughed with each other a lot.

So how did I get her back to my place, even though I was still kinda feeling like s**t?

I said this:

“Listen, hanging out with you is really fun and I want to spend more time with you… but I can’t go to a bar or club tonight. I’m just too out of it. Let’s get some beers and just go to my place.”

It was that simple. This smoking hot girl was about to come back to my place… and it never would have happened if I didn’t say “Hi.”

Once we got back to my place, we were having a good time just talking on my couch… when all of a sudden, she gets up out of nowhere, straddles my lap, and starts making out with me.

How I Turned an Innocent

The #1 Reason a Woman Will Make the First Move

Normally, I’m the one to make the first move when I take a woman back to my place. But we were only at my place for about 10-15 minutes when she jumped on top of me!

Of course, I wasn’t about to object to her sexual advances — so why did she go for it in the first place?

Well, she was confident as hell… and I let her know that I found her confidence sexy.

The truth is, if you let a woman know you want her on a date, it will often be exactly what she needs to get that confidence boost. And it’s that confidence boost that causes her to make the first move.

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But anyway, back to the story…

So there we were, making out, and things were getting pretty hot.

I grabbed the back of her hair and started kissing her neck… when all of a sudden, she pulled back, stared into my eyes, and said, “I like it when you’re rough.”

In response, I said, “Oh yeah? You just got yourself into a lot of trouble.”

And then I started to get really rough with her… you’re gonna love what happens next:

How I Turned an Innocent

I Pinned Her Up Against The Wall…

“Take me from behind Glenn!” She begged me… so I did.

Man, I gave it to her hard… all the way up until she had an explosive “Deep Spot” Orgasm and squirted aaaall over me.

When she turned around, her cheeks were bright red and her eyes were wide… she pushed me down on the couch and whispered, “You gave me exactly what I wanted… now it’s your turn.” 😉

Well… I’ll spare you the details, but she kissed down my stomach… further… further… and gave me the best oral of my entire LIFE.

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(And she did whatever I asked in bed after that. 😉 Hell yeah!)

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