“It Makes Sex Feel Better, Gives You More Confidence & Eliminates Performance Anxiety” New Study Says About THIS Little-Known “Mind Trick”…

how to have the best sex


how to have the best sex

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Okay, maybe you’re not a big fan of yoga, meditation, and zen rock gardens.

That’s ok!

Yep, you better believe it, and the experts back me up. Your hippie neighbors with the weird flags hanging off their patio just might be able to revolutionize your sex life.

What am I talking about?

One word, gentlemen: mindfulness.

What is mindfulness?

It’s very simple, really. Mindfulness means paying attention.

You don’t need patchouli. You don’t need essential oils or bonsai trees or perfect form in downward dog. (Although a good downward dog never hurt anyone.)

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All you need to do to achieve mindfulness is focus. And this applies to sex in ways I’m guessing you never thought about before.

If you think you’ve learned anything about sex from porn, mindfulness might not seem like a factor.

I mean, who wants to slow down and pay attention, right? Isn’t everyone supposed to be screaming with passion, tearing clothes, and throwing the pillows out the window?

While it can be fun to upset the neighbors, there’s more than one way to skin the cat. (If you’ll pardon the expression.)

New scientific research reveals that slowing down and paying attention during sex can actually make for a better experience.

In a nutshell, mindfulness could lead to sex that blows your mind.

Here’s how:

The Surprising Science Behind Why Simply Paying Attention Makes Sex Feel Better…

Scientists got up close and personal with 200 folks.

All of these research subjects were married, part of opposite-sex couples, and between age 36 and 60.

The researchers wanted to figure out how closely these folks paid attention to what was going on while having sex.

In other words, researchers wanted to gauge their mindfulness.

So they asked them to rank themselves while thinking about these questions:

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“I pay attention to what my body is feeling during sex” and “I pay attention to how I’m feeling emotionally during sex.”

They asked these people:

How much do you engage with your experience during sex?

On the other hand, how much if it is “mechanic”… almost like you’re a machine of some kind?

The study revealed that the people who paid the most attention to sensations (both physical and emotional) during sex had—you guessed it—better sex.

3 Huge Benefits of Mindful Sex (And Why It Makes Women Feel Frisky More Often)…

These mindful folks felt more satisfied by the sex they were having, had better relationships, and had better self-esteem.

The scientists decided that being mindful can get rid of some of the anxiety, or pressure to perform, that can make you enjoy sex less.

But mindful sex might not seem all that simple to achieve.

Let’s face it. Sex itself isn’t very complicated. Physically, I mean. It’s hard to get it wrong in the most basic way.

But having mindful sex can seem intimidating!

If you aren’t used to doing mindful activities, how are you supposed to start?

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Start by paying attention and making your actions deliberate. Is there a part of your partner’s body that you don’t often touch? Give it some love.

Or maybe you’re not used to paying attention to your partner’s face during sex. Try watching carefully for signs that she’s really enjoying something, and do more of that!

It can seem scary to make eye contact or communicate during sex if you’re used to just banging it out and getting the job done.

But slowing down, being mindful, and paying attention to your partner’s reactions can lead you to amazing new places.

How To Practice True “Mindfulness” During Sex For MAX Pleasure…

One simple place to start is breathing.

Maybe try breathing in time with your partner. Breathing is an incredibly important thing we do all day every day, often without realizing it.

Once you begin paying attention to your breathing during sex, you can begin paying attention to other parts of the process.

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And once you’re aware of your breathing, you’ll likely be more aware of everything else you’re feeling. Maybe your partner rubs your neck, and it feels amazing, but if your mind was wandering you would have missed it altogether.

Being mindful can help you focus on little moments that will make your sex better and bring you closer together.

So what are you waiting for? Light some incense, put on some lute music… or don’t. You don’t need to become a flower child to get the benefits of mindful sex.

In fact, you don’t need mindfulness to have amazing sex… it’s just one of those things that can really enhance the experience for some people.

But you know what you DO need for good sex?

how to have the best sex

When Mindfulness Just Isn’t Enough…

Sometimes being more mindful isn’t going to solve all your problems.

For example…

Does it really matter how mindful you are, if your wife or girlfriend is begging to get railed… but you’re as soft as a soggy strand of spaghetti?

It happens to a lot of men, and it can happen for a variety of reasons.

It happened to one of our community members, Brian.

He tried EVERYTHING to get better in bed… including meditation and mindfulness… plus more extreme measures like pills, prescriptions and injections…

But he just couldn’t perform.

It was driving a wedge in his relationship, which caused a lot of arguing… and MANY sleepless angry nights.

That is, until he found this little-known “Blue Zone Secret,” that gave him wood like a majestic giant redwood, and made him come like a fireman’s hose. 😉

Soon enough he and his girlfriend went from doing it on holidays and birthdays…

To going at it twice a week.

And these days they’re going 4-5 times a week strong, like a pair of horny college teenagers who don’t have anything better to do than relentlessly hump like rabbits:

Here’s what the “Blue Zone Secret” is and how you can use it to get harder than you ever thought possible, no meditation necessary!