Most Popular Dating Advice For Men

Most Popular Dating Advice For Men


Most Popular Dating Advice For Men Videos

Here’s a round-up of my most popular dating advice for men videos you watched in May!

Well, given we’re heading into summer for a lot of my viewers, this one is no surprise…

Dating Advice for Men: What Kind of Grooming Do Women Really Like?

Remember, if you’re happy with how you’re grooming, then keep doing it! (Though basic hygiene really applies to everyone.)

But if you don’t care one way or the other, ask your lady what she prefers. (Hint: she should be asking you the same!)

Relationship Advice for Men: How to Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back (or Not Lose Her)!

She’s not likely going to leave you because of grooming unless you’ve become a smelly slob.

And yes, even that would suck, but it’s a simple fix: bathe!

But seriously, sometimes the best dating advice for men is about how to not lose her once you get her.

Being broken up with sucks and that kind of heartbreak can be crushing.

You can only do what you can do.

But if she did leave because of what you did (most common reasons noted in the video), well, that is something you can change. For you, never mind her.

Knowing the common reasons why a woman leaves a man can also prevent her from leaving you!

Dating Advice For Men: 3 Common Lies Women Tell Men When Not Interested

Don’t you wish women would just be honest?

Me too! (Seriously.)

It might surprise you that women say the same thing about men, “Why can’t they just be honest?”

The truth is both men and women often lie to avoid dealing with an uncomfortable situation.

But sometimes the lies women tell have nothing to do with that.

Sometimes, women are fibbing to themselves as much as to you!

IIII know! (Seriously!)

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