New Research Reveals American Women Are WAY Kinkier Than You Think…

benefits of kinky sex


benefits of kinky sex
Did you know more than half of women have at least one somewhat naughty fantasy? Discover the controversial yet delightful details below…

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This article will attempt to untangle some of the mystery surrounding kinky sex and, perhaps, give you the confidence to try something new.

Kinky sex, once a hidden fetish, little talked about, has been “outed” and is now both accepted and acceptable.

Fifty Shades of Grey brought it to the mainstream consciousness, and suddenly everyone was talking about it. 

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But many people still have no clear idea of what kinky sex actually is (and many others still think it’s not for them). 

Misunderstandings about the nature of “kink” (it’s not all whips and chains!) and embarrassment about discussing it with a partner holds people back. 

But there is evidence to suggest that a little fantasy fulfillment in the bedroom is actually good for you!

Recent research suggests that kinky sex can improve your mental health, and potentially even make you smarter.

So here’s the surprising truth about kinky sex, and why more women are into these seemingly “uncommon” bedroom fantasies than you may think:

5 Types of Kinky Sex That Are Becoming More & More Popular With Women…

Leather clad ladies wielding whips and chains?

Tight bodysuits and intimate piercings? Roleplay and dress-up?


Ropes and restraint? 

Well, kinky sex can be all of the above. And more.

There really is no one definition of “kink,” though you’ll find words like “unusual” and “unconventional” crop up frequently if you try to find one. 

Just as each couple’s version of conventional sex will differ, so will their definition of kinky. 

(For example, most women secretly love rough sex from time to time… especially these 3 moves in particular.)    

In the larger sense, kinky sex covers a vast range of activities and preferences, loosely divided into the categories below:

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The massive popularity of Fifty Shades means that this is the most well-known of sexual fetishes.

The acronym BDSM stands for Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism (and sometimes Discipline and Submission) and refers to a whole range of sexual activity:

From light spanking, to electrostimulation, to sexual torture and more.

Participants willingly assume a “role” for the duration of the sexplay and safety precautions are taken for riskier acts.

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2) Roleplay and Dressing Up

Like BDSM, roleplay covers a huge range of activity:

Trying out something you’ve seen in a movie…

Re-enacting the first date or getting into character as a sexy cowboy…

Dressing up could include anything from a sexy corset to a furry costume.

Roleplay can also cover edgier fantasy fulfillment such as animal roleplay and “adult babies.” 

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3) Fetishism

A fetish is defined as the sexualization of a nonsexual item, object or body part.

Toes, boots, mouths, and leather or rubber clothing are common examples of fetishized objects or body parts.

Less common are the desires of “objectum sexuals”:

People who fall in love with inanimate objects (these have included the sexual Real Dolls, a fence and, famously, the Eiffel Tower (source)).  

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4) Exhibitionism/Voyeurism

A sexual interest in “seeing or being seen” is more common than many people realize, with reported figures of up to 65% of people who have engaged in voyeurism to some degree (source).

This is perhaps less surprising when we consider the popularity of pornography online and the number of amateur couples who are happy to share their bedroom activities with strangers. 

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5) Orgies

Sex with two or more people is also unusual enough to be considered kinky; between 10-18% of people have admitted to taking part in group sex (10.1371/journal.pone.0181198″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>source).

Group sex ranges from unplanned threesomes to organized orgies and special interest sex parties. 

Of course, these categories do not cover everything and some people will have very different ideas of what is unusual or normal.

Not everyone will feel the need for elaborate scenarios or sex toys and equipment.

Light spanking might feel kinky to some, while oral sex might be unusual for others. 

(More on that later on!)

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What Makes Us Kinky?

This question also has no clear answer. 

There is some evidence to suggest that fetishes and other sexual quirks can be actively created with classic Pavlovian conditioning:

A person shown a certain object or image every time they are in a state of arousal may begin to get aroused by the object or image (10.1023/A:1018686817316″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>source).

Other theories include the idea that some sexual preferences might be the result of imprinting during childhood, at a time when the idea of what a suitable sexual mate looks like is developing in our brains. 

There is also a link between some of the more extreme “kinks,” such as object sexuality, and abusive backgrounds.

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However, many people who enjoy kinky sex contest that certain preferences are inborn. 

Kinky sex is also a lot more common than many people realize.

Popular dating site OkCupid found that over 50% of users are interested in bondage, for example (source). 

The increasing openness around the subject means those who have only fantasized in the past might gain the confidence to try out some of their fantasies.  

Perhaps kink is no longer “alternative” at all, but is slowly becoming the new mainstream?

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Is Kinky Sex Good for Us? 

While some of the more extreme sexual acts can be dangerous or illegal, most are perfectly acceptable when acted out between willing participants with a good understanding of consent and safe practices. 

Most kinky behavior is fun, harmless and gives participants an outlet to express and explore their sexuality freely. 

It can even be good for your mental health.

Yes, really! 

BDSM has been shown to decrease stress and increase closeness in relationships (source). 

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Many people who enjoy kinky sex are more open-minded and confident in other areas of their lives.

And the trust and intimacy required to participate in some kinky activities almost inevitably leads to more secure and honest relationships. 

So, there you have it.

Kinky sex is fun, healthy and not as scary as you thought. 

However, there is one big question I haven’t answered yet… and that is:

Is there a way to tell if a specific woman is “kinky” or not?

benefits of kinky sex
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How Do You Know FOR SURE That She Wants It Kinkier?

It’s simple really… you test the waters, and get a feel for how rough she’s going to like it.

One easy way to test the waters is by trying these 3 Rough Sex Moves ←

Most women LOVE these moves to a varying degree… and these moves are perfect for seeing how rough she really likes it.

Take spanking her, for example.

A recent poll of 1,580 women found that nearly 95% enjoy spanking during sex…

… and a full 70% of women said they wished their partner did it harder.

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If she’s not into it… then that’s okay, you have an easy out because these moves are still relatively “light.”

And if she IS into it, then you just go harder and harder… until you figure out the right level of roughness… and then you just get to enjoy the experience. 😉

Enjoy how loud she moans…

Enjoy how much wetter she gets for you…

And enjoy how much she comes for you…

Because after all, when a girl does really enjoy rough sex… she’s going to CRAVE the way you make her come… and she might even grow a bit of an addiction to sleeping with you.

It’s actually pretty common.

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