New Survey Reveals a Surprising Benefits…

Which Form of Cannabis Enhances Sexual Pleasure The Most? New Survey Reveals a Surprising Answer…

You may have heard that marijuana can enhance sexual pleasure, but shocking new research reveals a certain form of it can give you more pleasure than the rest…

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According to a recent survey from Maris University, more than half of American adults have tried pot (cannabis, weed, marijuana, etc.) at least once.

A lot of people smoke pot to wind down, or just to have a good time and relax.

But have you considered making it part of your date night?

Today I’m going to explore the potential benefits cannabis can have on your sex life–and how consuming it in different ways can give you more (or less) pleasure in the bedroom.

Because the numbers show up to 15-20% of couples are in “sexless relationships”… cannabis is just one of the many all-natural tools you may use to keep things exciting, and pleasurable between the sheets.

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In much of the country, marijuana and its derivatives are legal for medical purposes—though not everywhere.

And according to a new study of almost five hundred people, cannabis can have a positive impact on your sex life. 

Here’s how:

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New Research Reveals Why Some Medical Professionals Are Now Recommending Marijuana For a Better Sex Life…

Then again, even if you and your sweetie have been smoking together for years, you may be shocked to learn the link between marijuana and sex. 

Believe it or not, medical professionals are now recommending marijuana to their patients to improve their sex lives!

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Researchers point out that cannabis is a known aphrodisiac, which means it makes you want to get it on. 

It can also make both of you experience pleasure more intensely. 

How does that happen? 

A number of ways. For some people, cannabis eliminates anxiety. 

Fear of not performing well can make some people shy away from the bedroom, or sabotage your erection or orgasm, or make sex seem stressful.

None of those things are great recipes for pleasure.

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5 Surprising Sexual Benefits of Consuming Cannabis (Including More Pleasurable Orgasms!)…

But for many people cannabis can cut anxiety, letting your wild, confident and sexy self shine through.

Cannabis can also help people focus, and everyone knows distracted sex is not the best sex. 

Anything that can keep you zeroed in on your partner is bound to keep things steamy. 

The recent survey revealed that using cannabis improved the sex lives of people of every gender, age, and relationship status. 

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Amazingly, eighty-one percent of married folks who responded to the survey said sex last longer–and felt better!–after using cannabis. 

(For another all-natural, plant-based way to boost your blood flow and last longer in bed… check this out.)

And it’s not just for couples: seventy-one percent of respondents said they got more pleasure out of their solo sessions after using cannabis.  

Overall, most people had better sexual experiences after smoking, vaping, or eating cannabis. 

But it’s not as simple as lighting up. 

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And THIS Form of Cannabis Will Give You the Most Powerful Orgasms Of All…

 Besides, the act of smoking itself can be bothersome to some people. 

In fact, there’s one way to consume THC—the active chemical in cannabis products—that is even better for your sex life, and doesn’t require any smelly smoke (or dirty bong water) at all. 

Eating edibles proved to have the best results on people’s sexual experiences, better than any of the other methods of using cannabis. 

This is great news for folks who are seasoned smokers but who might want to try a new way of enjoying cannabis, too. 

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You can ditch the drinks, too—survey respondents reported that cannabis was better than alcohol at helping them achieve easier and more frequent orgasms. 

That’s great for people who want to cut back on their drinking, but still want to responsibly enjoy an enhanced state of mind. 

Of course, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. 

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Though There Is One Drawback To Consider…

 Some people experienced too much relaxation while using cannabis.

As a result, their sexual arousal wasn’t really kicking in. They would rather go to sleep than get it on! 

Meanwhile, using cannabis too frequently can dull the senses.

If you’re constantly high, it’s probably not going to do too much for your sex life.

You’re not going to be having amazing orgasms every minute of the day.


As your tolerance increases, you probably won’t experience as much pleasure while using cannabis.  

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Of course, there are plenty of folks for whom this isn’t an option because you live in a state where recreational use of cannabis isn’t legal. (Though there’s always that vacation to Colorado!) 

But, if used sparingly—for that extra special date night, say, or to spice things up if they’ve gotten routine—edibles are a great way to spice things up again. 

Which Form of Cannabis Enhances Sexual Pleasure The Most? New Survey Reveals a Surprising Answer…
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Here Are Some Other Plants That Can Improve Your Orgasms…

It’s not that big of a secret that what you eat can affect your body… your sex life… and the quality of your orgasms.

Take these five plant-based foods for example ←

These plants are scientifically proven to boost your blood flow… and can really help you make the most of what you’ve got *down there.*

When you eat them, they work almost the same as edible cannabis… (by pulling blood down to your penis, which can make it fuller faster, and keep it harder longer)

… though when combined, they come with some extra added benefits… (and luckily WON’T leave you incapacitated, and “couch-locked” for hours… like some edibles can).

These plants can:

Guys who consume these plants often enough (most say 2-3x a week) have reported being able to get as hard as petrified wood…

Last for up to a full hour without stopping for a break…

… and blow massive, geyser-like loads that hot girls LOVE. 😉

Now imagine if you were to “stack” these 5 plants with an edible?

Even if you don’t wanna smoke weed… I think you’ll find these plants QUITE a powerful addition to your bedroom:

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