“Our Love ShamROCKS” Easy St. Patrick’s Day Gift


A Fun shamrock Gift Idea

With St. Patrick’s Day fast approaching, it’s easy to find lots of cute ideas to make the day fun for your kiddos (Skittles as Rainbow seeds? Yes, please!). But what about when you want to do something special for your spouse?

We’ve got you covered this St. Patrick’s Day with some adorable printable gift tags that will let your sweetheart know just how much your love shamROCKS! Just attach them to some easy gifts (we’ve got ideas below!) and throw them in a bucket or basket to make your spouse feel a little extra lucky.

Cute St. Patrick's Day shamrock gift with Lucky Charms cereal. | The Dating Divas
Gift Tag: “I’m not just after your Lucky Charms” with cereal.

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Free printables Shamrock Gift

These festive and free printables include:

  1. “We ShamROCK Together” Gift Tag: This larger gift tag is perfect for attaching to your gift basket, box, bag, or whatever!
  2. Seven more Gift Tags to attach to the gifts in the basket. The actual words on these tags are listed below!
We ShamROCK together gift basket with tags and suggested items for St. Patrick's Day gift for spouse | The Dating Divas
St. Patrick’s Day “We ShamROCK together” gift basket with tags.

Gift ideas

Of course, your gift tags can go great with nearly any gift, but we wouldn’t leave you hanging like that! So here are some fun options you can use in a St. Patrick’s Day-themed gift basket or all on their own!

Shamrock gift "I'm so lucky to be paired with you" tag with socks | The Dating Divas
A woman looks through St. Patrick’s Day shamrock gift basket.

If you want to add a few extra things to your gift basket, here are a few more fun ideas we love:

Shamrock gift tag for St. Patrick's Day gift basket. | The Dating Divas
Shamrock “Kiss me (who cares if we’re Irish?)” tag with mints and gum for the gift.

Shamrock Crafts

Kick your gift up a notch with one of these adorable shamrock crafts! Bonus: Your kids can help make something special for their dad! These would make a perfect addition to the shamrock gift basket you create.

more St. Patrick’s Day ideas

If you’re looking for even more ideas, check out our St. Patrick’s Day Date in a Bag or mix this adorable I’m Lucky To Have You free printable into your gift basket.

Make this a St. Patrick’s Day to remember and start a fun new tradition with your spouse!

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Our Love ShamROCKS

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