Our Top 5 Amazing Date Ideas in Bergen County

Ridgewood, Bergen County


Whether you are looking for an exciting first date, a quiet date, or simply a fun night out, we’ve hand-picked five of the best Bergen County date ideas, showcasing its world-renowned food, beautiful natural spaces, and amazing cultural experiences.

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Five Great Ideas for Dates in Bergen County

While dinner and a movie will never go out of style, sometimes it’s good to try something a little different. We’ve picked out five fun date ideas in Bergen County NJ and the surrounding areas, offering romantic days or evenings out that don’t involve going to New York City.

1. A Romantic Walk in Palisades Interstate Park

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Founded in 1900 by future president Theodore Roosevelt, Palisades Interstate Park covers over twenty miles of the Hudson River shoreline, giving beautiful views of midtown Manhattan. Whether you are looking for a serene riverside stroll, or a brisk hike through over 30 miles of trails, the Palisades Interstate Park offers stunning views and quiet spaces. 

A quiet walk could be the perfect day out, a way to decompress and spend time together within nature. Even better, you can enjoy a picnic lunch anywhere in the park for a spot of outdoor dining, whether looking out at the Manhattan skyline, or resting under the shade of the Women’s Federation Monument on the Alpine cliff top. For a quiet date, away from the bustle of modern life, look no further than Palisades Interstate Park.

2. World Renowned Korean Cuisine

Korean Food Roasted Meat

Palisades Park in Bergen County is home to Koreatown, described as a “Korean Food Walk of Fame”. Thanks to its thriving Korean population, Palisades Park has established a reputation for stellar Korean food, making it a great choice for a romantic date night in Bergen County. 

For those with a taste for Korean BBQ, Chung Dam Dong is a hidden treasure, located on the second floor of a building. Another great choice is So Moon Nan Jip, who has been cooking with a traditional charcoal BBQ for nearly thirty years. If you are looking for a delicious, authentic dining experience in Bergen County then the Korean restaurants of Palisades Park are a great spot for a date night meal.

3. See the Biggest Names in Music at the MetLife Stadium


Live music is a great idea for a fun date night in Bergen County, NJ. First opened in 2010, East Rutherfords’ MetLife Stadium is home to both the New York Giants and the New York Jets, and also hosts some of the biggest names in music live in concert. Everyone from Taylor Swift, to Bruce Springsteen, to Jay-Z has played sellout concerts in the MetLife stadium. Seeing one of America’s top musicians in concert can be a fantastic date night idea, and thanks to the location of the MetLife stadium you can do it all within Bergen County.

4. A First Date to Remember at Bergen County Zoo

The Capybara Hydrochoerus Hyd

If you’re looking for a first date idea that’s a little different, maybe try a visit to the Zoo. Located in the Van Saun County Park, the Bergen County Zoo has a unique assortment of animals from North and South America. What better way to get to know someone than by seeing Alligators, mountain lions, and everyone’s favorite, the Capybara, housed in spacious habitats. Bergen County Zoo offers a wide range of animals, with a commitment to conservation and excellent animal care. A trip to the Bergen County Zoo can be a great way to get introduced to someone in a fun, engaging setting.

5. A Date With a Difference at Melovino Mead Bar

Sweet Yellow Honey Wine Meade

For something a little different from a regular bar, why not sample the range of meads available at the Melovino Mead Bar, located in Vauxhall, New Jersey. Melovino is a family-run meadery, hidden away behind a mall, evoking the atmosphere of a prohibition-era speakeasy. They brew a selection of award-winning meads with their trained staff offering a premier mead tasting experience. For an exciting romantic date idea in Bergen County, a mead tasting experience can be a night to remember.


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