Roleplay Guide: 10 Super Steamy Stories for Couples

Roleplay Guide: 10 Super Steamy Stories for Couples


What Is Roleplay?

Roleplay is a fun, exciting way to add a little spice to your sex life, and we love how roleplay games have become really popular in recent years!

In a nutshell, sex roleplay is when a couple acts out roles to bring a fantasy or scenario to life. Props, costumes, and location can also enhance the roleplay experience.

We love the idea of trying new things, especially when it comes to sex. Because of this, we’ve created ten spicy roleplay ideas just for you! The best part? You can print the pages off, cut them out, punch a hole in the corners, and bind them together with a book ring. Super easy, right?!

Keep scrolling to read all about the roleplay prompts we’ve created AND how to ensure success when you use them! 😉

Sexy roleplay guide for couples | The Dating Divas
Sexy roleplay guide for couples

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Table of Contents
  1. What Is Roleplay?
  2. Steamy Roleplay Stories
  3. Props for Sex Roleplay
  4. Five Senses & Roleplay
  5. How to Roleplay: HAVE FUN!

Steamy Roleplay Stories

Like we mentioned above, we have written ten spicy roleplay stories for you to print and use (linked below!) Here is an example of one of our favorites:

Old Hollywood
You’ve never seen your boss this upset. You stand in her doorway and notice that the bouquet of roses she was just awarded is destroyed. Petals are scattered across the bed, the floor, and the chaise. She stands on her balcony in her favorite robe, and she’s clutching a glass of sparkling cider. You slowly take a step towards her. “What can I do for you?” you ask. She shakes her head. “Nothing. You can’t make Hollywood love me,” she whispers. Now it’s your turn to shake your head. You straighten up and walk over to her with deliberate steps. She turns to face you, and you stare into her eyes, hoping she can see the fire in yours. “Doll, Hollywood will never love you the way I do.” She’s surprised, but she smiles. You put your arms around her, dip her low, and kiss her…

If you love this one, we know you’ll love the other nine! (You can read them all by clicking the pink download button below!)

Free printable roleplay guide for couples | The Dating Divas
Printable roleplay guide for couples

Props for Sex Roleplay

Of course, you don’t NEED props to have fun with roleplaying. We just thought it would be fun to include prop suggestions for those couples who want to add another element to the roleplay ideas we provided!

All of our stories include prop suggestions. We’ve listed the prop recommendations below to make things a little easier for you. That way, when it’s time to use your handy dandy roleplay guide, you’ll have everything you need!

Sexy Roleplay Tip: Browse through the printable roleplay book beforehand and reference this post for direct links to prop suggestions. Order any that suit your fancy so when it comes time to get into character, you’re all ready to go!

Prop ideas you can use for roleplay guide | The Dating Divas
Props to use for roleplay

1. Cowboy Meets Big City Girl:

Optional props for him: cowboy hat, flannel shirt, boots

Optional props for her: big sunglasses, dangly earrings, skinny jeans

2. House Painter

Optional props for both: body paint, paintbrushes, white sheet

3. Professor’s Pet:

Optional props for him: glasses, sweater, button-up polo shirt

Optional props for her: heels, button-up shirt, chalkboard pointer 

Or, if you wanted to go ALL OUT with this one, consider this sexy schoolgirl costume!

4. Mile High Club

Optional props for him: blazer, sunglasses, pilot’s hat 

Optional props for her: ascot, white button-up shirt, skirt

Or, if you want to go ALL OUT with this one, consider this sexy flight attendant costume for her and this pilot costume for him!

5. Old Hollywood

Optional props for both: sparkling water, rose petals, old Hollywood music

Optional props for her: fancy robe, red lipstick

6. Eiffel for You

Optional props for both: chocolate, sound machine set to rain, beret or scarf

7. Princess & the Huntsman

Optional props for him: leather vest, boots, belt 

Optional props for her: red lipstick, flowy dress, crown

8. Galactic Battle

Optional props for him: long robe, belt, lightsaber 

Optional props for her: long white skirt, long white shirt, pink lipstick

9. Take a Bite

Optional props for him: vampire fangs, black clothing 

Optional props for her: sweet perfume, sexy clothing

10. Cops and Lovers

Optional props for both: aviator sunglasses, handcuffs, police caps

Or, if you want to go ALL OUT with this one, consider this sexy cop bodysuit for her!

Professor's pet prop ideas for roleplay | The Dating Divas
Professor’s pet prop ideas for roleplay

Five Senses & Roleplay

Have you ever smelled a particular smell or tasted a specific taste and immediately were transported back to where you first experienced that smell or taste? We have! That’s why we feel one of the essential aspects of roleplay games for couples is the environment.

You want to feel completely enveloped in the scenario, and the things around you play a huge role! Using your five senses can completely transport you from your bedroom to Paris.

We understand you can’t completely redecorate your bedroom (or anywhere else you might choose) every time you decide to roleplay. However, there are certain things you can do to your space to make the story truly come to life using your five senses.

Sound is a great example! In our Eiffel for You story, you’ll notice that we recommend a sound machine as one of the props. This is because the rain is a big part of this story! We also recommend old Hollywood music for the Old Hollywood story.

To make your environment match the story you’ve selected, you can: dim or turn off the lights, turn on some music or sounds, light a few candles, use flavored lubricant, make the bed with silky sheets, use food for props, or spray air freshener on the sheets and around the room.

These are just a few examples of bringing the story to life. It might be fun to do some experimenting… 😉

Steamy roleplay guide printable for couples | The Dating Divas
Steamy roleplay guide for couples

How to Roleplay: HAVE FUN!

Let’s be real: we can’t tell you how to roleplay. This part is up to YOU!

However, we think we can all agree that the MOST important part of roleplaying is having fun! It doesn’t matter if you choose to go all out or keep it simple. As long as you and your partner had fun, connected with each other, and enjoyed your experience together, it was a win!

We truly hope you love these stories as much as we loved creating them for you! This simple guide would make the perfect gift for an anniversary, birthday, or just because! Heck, you could even whip it out for a casual date night. It’s THAT versatile!

Enjoy, lovers! 😉

Printable roleplay guide for couples is filled with steamy stories | The Dating Divas
Printable roleplay book for couples is super sexy

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