Sexy Jenga + 50 Jenga Questions for Adults

Sexy Jenga + 50 Jenga Questions for Adults

Sexy Jenga Game

This Sexy Jenga Love Game is no ordinary game of Jenga! This date night requires a gentle touch and will result in a night of fun, romance, laughter, and maybe even a little sexy time!

If you are looking for a fun way to spice things up in the bedroom, this sexy game might be exactly what you need! A little flirting, some Jenga questions (for adults only), and a hilariously silly game will make for an evening of sexy fun! PLUS we’ve provided you with FREE printables to attach to an actual Jenga set (linked below!) that will really set this date night apart.

Ready to see how your love stacks up?

Have fun playing a game of sexy Jenga for date night. | The Dating Divas
A couple plays sexy Jenga for date night

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We collaborated with the cute Kensie Kate to create these adorable printables. You need to check out her beautiful designs!

50 Sexy Jenga game Prompts

This sexy game of Jenga is filled with TONS of questions and prompts to ask your spouse as you play a real game of Jenga. Some are fun, some are flirty, and some are more thought-provoking and meaningful.

Sexy Jenga ideas and prompts for couples. | The Dating Divas
Prompts to use in the sexy Jenga game

Here are 29 amazingly sexy Jenga prompts that are included in the printables.

  1. My favorite place to be touched is …
  2. What makes you feel loved?
  3. Where do you think the most romantic place on Earth to visit would be?
  4. I love it when you initiate intimacy by …
  5. I get goosebumps when you …
  6. Describe your dream vacation.
  7. What makes you feel safe?
  8. Share your favorite memory from when we were dating.
  9. I love you because …
  10. I get butterflies when …
  11. What is your idea of a romantic gift?
  12. What is the best date we’ve ever had?
  13. When do you feel vulnerable?
  14. What is something that we do together that makes you happy?
  15. Write your spouse a love note.
  16. Remove 1 piece of clothing.
  17. Kiss for 2 minutes, no hands.
  18. Light some candles and turn out the lights.
  19. Staring contest.
  20. Mini-makeout session.
  21. Massage Pictionary.
  22. Pick a new outfit.
  23. Hand massage.
  24. Turn on a romantic song and slow dance.
  25. Kiss me how YOU like to be kissed.
  26. Foot massage.
  27. Snap a sexy selfie.
  28. Serenade me.
  29. Blindfold and then give your spouse a treat.
DIY sexy Jenga game using simple blocks. | The Dating Divas
Create your own set of sexy Jenga blocks using free printables

The printables also feature some blank tag options, which you can use to fill in your own prompts. However, here are a few more ideas and round you up to a nice even 50!

  1. Kiss my neck.
  2. Give your partner a head massage.
  3. Use only your hands for 1 minute.
  4. Grab something new to use in bed.
  5. Take your next turn sitting on your partner’s lap.
  6. Trace kisses down your partner’s spine.
  7. Give a 1-minute lap dance.
  8. Share 1 sexy “never have I ever.”
  9. Touch throughout the next two rounds—don’t lose contact!
  10. Lick your partner in an erogenous zone.
  11. Feed your babe a snack using your mouth.
  12. Get naked.
  13. 30-second hug.
  14. Share 3 things that turn you on.
  15. Share a roleplay fantasy.
  16. Stand behind your partner and get handsy for 30 seconds.
  17. Hold hands throughout the next round.
  18. Use only your mouth on your next turn.
  19. Guide your partner’s hands on your body.
  20. Give a hidden hickey.
  21. Whisper a “sweet nothing” into your partner’s ear.
This new sexy Jenga game comes with 50 different challenges. | The Dating Divas
Sexy Jenga prompts takes this traditional game up a few notches

Answering these questions will help you and your spouse feel more connected and hopefully spark some great conversations and memories! This feeling of connection will certainly make the night that much more exciting and fun!

How to Make Sexy Jenga

In order to prep for this date, you will want to make sure you have a set of Jenga blocks that you can beautify with these printables! It is super easy to cut the printables out with a simple paper cutter. Then just glue the sexy Jenga printables directly onto the blocks, and you have a fun game that you can play with your spouse in the bedroom!

Invite your spouse to play sexy Jenga with you. | The Dating Divas
An invitation for a game of sexy Jenga

Our printables also include a cute invite to give to your spouse once you finish putting together the Jenga Love Game! I love the idea of attaching it to his shirt the morning of so that he finds it when he’s getting ready for the day!

How to Play Sexy Jenga

It’s always fun to play for a prize! Before you start the game, make sure you determine what the winner gets … no dishes for a week? A nice, well-deserved back massage? Chocolate-covered strawberries?? Once that is settled, it’s time to see who has the steadiest hand and the sweetest kiss! 😉 These may not be part of the original Jenga game rules, but a prize is always a nice addition!

Challenge your lover to a game of sexy Jenga. |The Dating Divas
Play a game of sexy Jenga with your spouse where everyone wins

Build your tower according to standard Jenga game rules. Stack the blocks in sets of 3, alternating the block direction. The player who built the tower will go first.

After you pull out a block, you will get to answer one of the fun Jenga questions or perform a task.

Make your own sexy Jenga game using these easy printables. | The Dating Divas
50 different printable prompts for a unique sexy Jenga game

The whole point of sexy games like this is to bring fun and flirtation back into your marriage. Have fun dating again and maybe get a little something extra with today’s sexy Jenga idea. Get to stackin’!

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