She’s Not Serious About You! (5 Subtle Signs)

She's Not Serious About You! (5 Subtle Signs)


When You Should Be Worried She’s NOT Serious About You

Whether you just started dating or you’ve been together for awhile, these are the 5 big warning signs she’s not serious about you.

Although they won’t all admit it, most guys want to find that someone special.

A good woman you can have a proper relationship with.

The problem is some women are time wasters, and they’re good at hiding it.

So a lot of guys meet a gal they think is relationship material.

They think she’s wonderful and imagine having something serious with her.

Yet they end up getting their hearts torn to shreds.


They then see they’ve been fooled and they look back wishing they had known she was a time waster from the start.

I don’t want this to happen to you. You’re watching my channel. This means you’re a good guy who deserves a good woman.

So I’m going to reveal 5 subtle signs she’s not serious about you.

Then you’re going to know pretty quickly whether she’s relationship worthy or not.

The best part is this is easy to do. All you’ll have to do is pay close attention to the way she talks and behaves.

By the way, no. 5 is a sneaky one which can cause you the most damage so make sure you stay until the end to find out what it is.

If you’re the kind of guy who’s ready for a relationship you don’t want to waste another minute with a woman who’s not really into you.

Or worse, who’s for sure going to ditch you one day.

So let’s look at the 5 big warning signs you should be worried she’s not serious about you!

Some of these signs she’s not serious about you may seem obvious and some you may not have thought of.

1. She talks about the future in first person singular.

If her automatic language starts with “I” and not “we” she doesn’t see you in her future.


“I’ve always wanted to visit Spain. One day I’ll go there.”

Instead of assuming you’ll be there with her and/or asking how you feel about Spain.

2. She avoids talking about the status of the relationship.

If you’re the one who hints at or brings up where the relationship is going and she shuts you down, she may just be biding time with you.

Now, it could be you’re going a little too fast or acting needy or co-dependent but if that’s not the case, she simply may not see you together forever.


You say, “We’ve been together for X time, how to do you feel about where we’re at?”

She says, “I’m good.” And then she changes the topic STAT.

Instead of asking something like, “Why, what are you thinking? Are you happy with where we’re at?”

3. She’s only in it for her.

On the other hand, she may be all about moving forward—

—as long as she’s getting what she wants from you!

If she’s using you for money or because she can’t be alone and hasn’t found the next branch to swing to, she’ll be sweet as pie—for now.

But the minute the tap shuts off or she finds a better option, she’ll be outta there.


When you spend your hard earned money on her, she’s happy, generous and giving.

But when you have an unexpected expense and need to tighten the budget for a bit, she becomes cranky and less available.

The next one is sometimes tough to spot because of what she does provide.

4. She avoids including you with her friends and family.

This is a tricky one because she may be just fine hanging out with your friends and family but if she doesn’t share hers that’s a red flag.

If you break up, she doesn’t risk anyone in her tribe siding with you and losing their friendship.


She’s totally amenable to spend time with your friends and family but when it comes to sharing her friends she doesn’t share well.

She might use an excuse like, “It’s all girl talk. You’d be bored to tears” if she wants to hang out with her friends.

Sometimes, that’s true!

But if you never get to even meet her friends, she might not be all that proud to be with you.

Or, if it’s about her family…

She might tell you she’s saving you from “family drama” when deep down she simply doesn’t see you becoming part of her family.

And perhaps the sneakiest signs she’s not serious about you is when…

5. She acts hot and cold.

There are a few reasons a woman will act hot and cold and one of them is that she’s not sure about you.

No matter how great your relationship or potential relationship may seem on paper, if she’s not feeling it, it’ll feel like an emotional roller coaster to be with her.

You won’t be sure from one day to the next if she wants to be with you.

And if the sex is great, you’ll be more likely to hang on with hope she’ll one day stay warm to you.

But sometimes when a woman acts hot and cold it has nothing to do with you.

You might go overboard trying to please her only to find out no matter what you do she’s not serious about you at all.

This can be hard for guys to spot.

A lot of women are masters at playing guys with the hot and cold tactics.

They’ll pull you in. Then, when you think things are finally going well, they’ll act cold again.

This can really mess with your head and cause you a lot of emotional harm.

You may be confused about her behavior. However, she knows exactly what she’s doing.

In fact, women who do this get a kick out of it and are often doing it to several guys at once.

For some guys it can go on for months, if not years. And it never ends well.


You look back feeling bitter and angry at how you could have used that time to be with someone who was genuinely interested in you.

It can be subtle so you need to understand how it works.

Once you do, you’ll spot it from a mile away and you can focus your time on having a relationship with a good woman.

So, to save yourself from confusing lonely nights at home wondering if tomorrow will be hot or cold with her, watch my video Why Women Act Hot & Cold.

The hot and cold examples in that video will help you see the red flags in your relationship.

Watch it now!

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