The Sex Smoothie For Stronger Erections And Increased Pleasure

sex smoothie for stronger erections


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A lot of guys assume that there’s only one way to give yourself that “bedroom” boost women crave:

A trip to the doctor for some weird “prescription.”

And honestly, I used to believe this myself… but what if this isn’t the case at all?

It might sound too good to be true at first–especially because of all the misinformation out there about achieving solid and reliable hard-ons.

Guys are being told first to take prescription medications that have wild side effects… and some are even talked into getting surgery.

What a load of B.S.!!!

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So I went out, did a ton of testing on the most natural ways to help guys stay rock-hard in the bedroom.

And what I discovered is that by combining certain foods, you can get the stronger, longer-lasting erections you crave… without any of the nasty side effect.

I’ll explain how in a second–but first, let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Ruwando. As a sex expert and as part of a new series, I’m sharing my best pieces of advice to help you boost your boners the natural way (so you can be the guy she craves in the bedroom).

And today, I’m giving you my exclusive smoothie recipe that will boost your boners and allow you to last longer in bed naturally.

Catch The Full Video Transcript Below…

I’m here today to give you a brand new, all natural smoothie recipe. It’s gonna help you get stronger erections.

It’s really easy to make and it’s a great way to start off your day ’cause it’s delicious, and nutritious, and great for the bedroom.

And you know, it might seem kind of weird at first… but it’s gonna make you feel like you’re back in high school getting comical erections at random moments.

Every time you see a hot girl or when the wind brushes against your pants, you’ll find yourself full mast.

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So For This Smoothie, You’re Gonna Need The Following:

One container of coconut water, one pint of watermelon, one cup of pomegranate, one peach cut up into slices minus the pit, and a cup of strawberries.

Here’s a little background on all the ingredients.

Most of these compounds in them have things in them that are proven to help with bloodflow.

1) Coconut Water

The first, coconut water. Coconut water has high amounts of potassium and magnesium.

A study in The Journal of Endocrinology and Medicine indicated that potassium helps regulate the salt in your body.

Too much salt can lead to hypertension, and all sorts of bad circulatory system things–which can lead to a wimpier, weaker erection.

Magnesium also helps with muscle and nerve function. There’s a study done in 2006 by BJU International … Is that a real university?

Come on … and low magnesium, can cause a state of premature ejaculation. So, if you want to last longer, it seems like coconut water is a good thing to have.

Magnesium, if you’ve ever taken an Epsom salt bath, you know that it helps with muscle recovery and muscle function ’cause Epsom salt is full of magnesium.

That’s what it is.

2) Watermelon

In 2008, researchers at Texas A&M found that watermelon has a lot of amino acid in it called citrulline.

Through the body’s natural processes, this is converted into nitric oxide, which you know if you’ve seen muscle builder pills. Nitric oxide increases your strength *down there.*

So, you can be a little buff in the bedroom and have a hard d!ck.

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3) Strawberries

Strawberries, same idea as peaches. They’re also delicious. Strawberries are full of that Vitamin C.

It’s gonna help with that nitric oxide production.

4) Peaches

Peaches. Peaches are delicious.

They’re also high in Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Vitamin C is especially great, because it not only will prevent you from getting a cold–but it’s also involved in the process that helps with nitric oxide production.

That means, you guessed, it’s gonna help the bloodflow. Which is, of course, gonna help you in the bedroom.

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5) Pomegranate

A UNC study in 2014 showed that not only does pomegranate extract help boost a person’s bloodflow… again, bloodflow is important.

Blood goes into your d!ck, makes it hard … but it also increases athletic performance and stamina.

So, not only will it help you get it up, it’ll help your stamina for those marathon sessions or for an actual marathon.

Hell, even if you don’t have a penis, this smoothie is probably good for you, especially if you’re trying to get your swole on.

sex smoothie for stronger erections
After trying our sex smoothie for stronger erections, check out the bonus benefits of these boner boosting foods…

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Have you heard of the “Anti-Viagra Movement”?

I first heard about it when I was interviewing this male pornstar… and he confessed that he & many of his co-stars now flat-out refuse to take Viagra… (because of the side effects and whatnot)…

…so I asked him what he does to boost his stamina when he needs to stay at “full-mast”… and he told me:

He eats this combination of 5 blood flow-boosting foods before his shoots (almost like a “snack” haha).

Now, these foods are pretty common, which surprised me… (I was expecting him to mention some weird supplement like “horny goat weed,” but nope… these are all foods you can find at your local supermarket)…

…though when combined, they can apparently boost your blood flow extremely quickly… which can lead to longer-lasting boners, and a stamina boost as well. 😉

I hate to admit this, but it might even be more powerful than my “sex smoothie”…

Here’s the recipe if you want to find out for yourself:

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The “Miracle Ingredient” for More Testosterone: How Does It Work?

sex smoothie for stronger erections
Boost your testosterone with these proven foods…

It might sound crazy:

Can one simple vitamin really have such a significant impact on your testosterone levels?

According to this recent study in The Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology… the answer is “yes.”

While the science behind it isn’t completely understood, there are a few possible explanations for this.

Apparently, male testicles have Vitamin D receptors on them, which suggests a link between your sexual health and how much Vitamin D you have.

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In addition to that, many studies have linked lower Vitamin D levels to a host of issues, including:


Weight gain…

Several cancers…

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Basically, Vitamin D helps keep you healthy. And that includes sexually healthy as well.

So if you’d like to get more Vitamin D for that quick testosterone boost, what’s the best way to do it?

We found 3 fast & easy ways to increase your Vitamin D intake naturally… here’s what they are:

1) Eat More of These Foods

Many foods out there are good sources of Vitamin D… though some foods contain a lot more Vitamin D than others.

So if you’d like to naturally increase your Vitamin D intake, consider eating more of the following:

  • Eggs (particularly the yolks)…
  • Cheese…
  • Milk…
  • Yogurt…
  • Beef…
  • And fish.

Of course, a lot of these foods may be high in things you don’t want, such as fat and cholesterol. So it’s always best to eat them in moderation.

But changing what you eat isn’t the only way to increase your Vitamin D.

So if you’d like even more of a natural boost… then just try this:

2) Spend More Time in The Sun

You may have heard this before, but getting a certain amount of sunlight every day can help to naturally increase your Vitamin D levels.


Well, when UV-B rays from the sun hit your bare skin, a chemical reaction occurs. And as a result of this reaction, your skin cells produce more Vitamin D.

But just how much time in the sun is necessary to get your daily dose (or more) of D?

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According to some experts, you only need to spend about 10 minutes outside to get it!

However, there is one caveat:

While this is true in the summertime months, depending on where you live, the sun may not be able to give you what you need in the wintertime.

So if you live north of Atlanta, Georgia… or you don’t spend that much time in the sun… then you may want to consider this next natural Vitamin D-boosting strategy:

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3) Take A Natural Supplement

The final, and most obvious, way you can quickly increase your intake of Vitamin D…. is to take a natural supplement.

Of course, there are dozens of supplements out there to choose from… and many of them have super confusing labels… so how do you pick the best one?

In my experience, it’s best to look for a supplement that contains at least 100% of your daily value (or DV) of Vitamin D… and generally speaking, the more “natural” the ingredients, the better.

And in addition to Vitamin D, there are some other natural supplements you can take to complement your newfound supply of testosterone.

Take this one for example. It’s perfect for a more powerful bedroom “boost,” since it seems to help with:

  • Getting fully hard whenever & wherever you want…
  • Lasting longer in bed…
  • And generally having the sexual “stamina” that most women desire.

(Of course, there are also prescriptions for that… though unless you’d like to risk some nasty side effects, it’s best to stay away from them).

This supplement is also great because the ingredients come from “everyday” foods… though they are highly specific, and work to boost your blood flow *down there*…

…so after you take it, you can get harder faster… and stay harder for longer too. 🙂

This short video will show you what it is & how to get it:

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