This “Devil-May-Care” Attitude Drives Women Completely Wild…

The “Bad Boy” Secret Women Can’t Resist

This Breakdown of the Attractive Personality Traits Every Woman Craves Will Turn You Into the Man of Her Dreams

Face it: There’s no such thing as the “ideal” man.

The tall, dark, and handsome guy with super chiseled features?

He’s dead broke and lives with his mom.

That intimidating businessman in a well-tailored suit and tie?

He’s got a crippling need to be sexually dominated by women.

My point is that every man has his foil — some are just more visible than others.

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Over the years, I’ve discovered that there are two major, undeniable qualities of every attractive man…

These qualities can be developed over time, but here’s the thing:

They have nothing to do with your appearance.

Or your bank account.

I’ll show you how you can learn how to exhibit these two qualities RIGHT NOW:

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How Society Is Misleading You…

Society is always trying to tell you how you can be more attractive.

And that’s because it wants you to buy into the idea that you are not enough.

Society wants you to think that you need something more, and without this “something more,” you’re not a complete person and you’ll never be able to get what you want.

This is a hard concept to fight, and it’s easy to give in — think about the average men’s magazine: It’s probably got a ripped, shirtless guy with chiseled features and a “macho” attitude on the cover.

And because he’s on the cover of a magazine, that means women find him attractive…



The “Bad Boy” Secret Women Can’t Resist

What society tells you is attractive — money, experience, and good looks — is only part of the story. All of these material qualities are a smaller part of the big picture.

Think about it like this:

A Lamborghini is a cool, impressive car. And yes, having a Lamborghini is a sign that you have money.

But showing off your Lamborghini is not cool — it’s boastful and arrogant, not impressive.

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When you “show off,” it’s like saying “I know I’m cool, but I won’t actually believe I’m cool until you acknowledge me.” And that’s a sign of your underlying insecurity.

You can have all the money, all the good looks, and all the experience in the world…

But if you act a certain way (like showing off), you’ll still send women running for the hills.

So what separates the attractive men from the unattractive men?

There are 2 defining qualities:

The 2 Defining Qualities of Every Attractive Man


1) Self-Confidence

You’ve probably read about the value of confidence in attracting women before…

And the truth is that it really is that important.

Confidence is a trait that women universally find attractive — no matter where you are or who you’re talking to, confidence is always sexy.

But what IS confidence, really? And what does it look like?

A lot of guys incorrectly assume that arrogance and boastfulness are signs of confidence…

In reality, boasting is just a masculine sign of insecurity. When you boast, you’re verbalizing how cool you are — like you have to tell people how cool you are or else they won’t believe it (like the Lamborghini example I mentioned above).

And it’s that belief that reveals your true insecurity.

But what about acting “tough” — threatening, loud, aggressive, defensive — is that a true sign of confidence?

While confident men are sometimes the “tough guys,” these qualities aren’t a sure sign of confidence, and not all confident men are traditionally “tough.”

So here’s the best way you can think about confidence:

When a confident man approaches a woman, he thinks, “You like me.”

He doesn’t need to boast about his accomplishments or try and convince her that she should like him — there is no convincing involved.

He can walk up to a woman and know that, because of who he is, she should like him — and he doesn’t need her approval to realize that.

I’ll show you what this looks like in practice in a second, but first, let’s cover the second defining quality of every attractive man:

The “Bad Boy” Secret Women Can’t Resist

2) Self-Acceptance

If confidence can be described as thinking, “You like me,” then self-acceptance is like thinking, “I like me.”

It’s the feeling that, “I don’t need any outside approval to like and appreciate myself.”

What self-acceptance is not is the idea that “I am amazing and good at everything!”

This isn’t true for anybody, and in fact is more delusional than self-accepting. (Nobody is good at everything — in fact, acknowledging your flaws is a huge sign of self-acceptance!)

Rather, self-acceptance is when you are able to embrace yourself as you are and take any criticism without missing a beat. Self-acceptance is the willingness to make mistakes and laugh at yourself.

Self-acceptance is also related to self-love — you can’t hate yourself and accept yourself at the same time.

And for that reason, developing self-acceptance can take a lot of work and time for some guys.

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And that’s fine! Every journey has to start somewhere.

What I’m telling you is that these two qualities — confidence and self-acceptance — are so important to becoming an attractive man that the work you put in to develop them is going to be worth it.

When combined, these qualities are often described as having a “devil-may-care” attitude — and it’s one that women find absolutely intoxicating.

I can’t show you how to develop true confidence and self-acceptance overnight…

But what I can do is show you a quick and dirty shortcut to make every woman you meet believe that you are, in fact, a “Devil-May-Care” Man.

The “Bad Boy” Secret Women Can’t Resist

How to Adopt the “Devil-May-Care” Attitude That Women Can’t Resist…

Have you ever heard the saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it?”

If you look like a guy who is confident and self-accepting, then women will automatically believe you’re that kind of guy.

And the kind of guy who’s confident and self-accepting…

Well, he doesn’t tell women that — he shows them.


There are 3 main signs that show women you’re a confident, self-accepting, “Devil-May-Care” Man.… and these signs…will have her wetter than a whale show at Seaworld!

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