This “Innocent” Question Unleashes Her Naughty Side…

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Pornstar Derrick Pierce Reveals His Best Talking Dirty Tips to Take Her Over the Edge Tonight

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Dirty talk is one of the easiest ways to make sex hotter and foreplay amazing.

Though it’s easy to f–k up…especially when you’re in bed with a new woman.

As a professional male adult performer, I’m used to sleeping with new women — sometimes I only have a few minutes to figure out:

          a) Whether or not she’s into dirty talk, and…
          b) Just how dirty she wants her dirty talk to be.

So today, I’m going to show you how to figure out exactly what kind of dirty talk she wants, a way to get her to start talking dirty with you, and how to use dirty talk to amp up both your pleasure and hers in bed.

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Inside The Secret World of Male Adult Performers…

I’m Derrick Pierce, and I’m an adult male performer. Some people call me a “pornstar,” but I think “adult male performer” is more accurate.

I got into the business about 10 years ago — at the time, I was dating this girl in the industry, and I met some people through her who wanted to work with me.

I wasn’t even sure I could do it at first…it’s one thing to stare at a screen while you’re jerking off and be like “I could totally do this!”...

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But it’s another thing entirely when somebody says, “Hey, this is Jenna. Jenna, this is Derrick. Alright guys, get naked. Let’s have some sex, and we’re just going to stand over here and film it, and shine bright lights, and say cut, and then you pose for pictures.”

That sort of changes the dynamic of things. Anyway, over the years I’ve picked up my fair share of “sex secrets”…one of them being dirty talk.

Dirty talk is maybe the best way for me to get in the moment with a new girl…

Not to mention it’s hot as hell.

Though if you’ve never done it, it can feel like a pretty intimidating subject.

Here’s my 2 cents:

My “Golden Rule” of Dirty Talk

My “Golden Rule” of dirty talk goes like this: Always, and I mean always, get an idea of what kind of dirty talk she’ll like before you jump in bed together.


Girls — especially girls under 30 — might get offended by certain “trigger words,” and so in your attempts to turn her on, you might actually turn her off. Not good.

So how do you do figure it out? I have this “innocent” question that works like magic.

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Let’s say you’re having drinks with a new girl and you have a feeling you’re gonna get lucky later. Bring up a story of how your friend’s girlfriend is being a “total f–king b-tch.”

Then ask her, “What do you think?”

If she looks shocked and appalled…she probably doesn’t wanna be called a “f–king b-tch” in bed. However, if she smiles and asks “Oh really?” Chances are she’s cool with it.

It’s that simple.

You might be wondering why a girl would want to be called a “f–king b-tch” in bed. Well, when you use the right kind of sexual tone…something like:

“You might not be a b-tch, but right now you’re my b-tch,” will turn her on like crazy.

Are you ready to learn exactly how to dirty talk like a pro?

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Here’s my 3-step method:

This “Innocent” Question Unleashes Her Naughty Side...

1) Ease Into It (This Is Not a Race)

I love dirty talk, but dirty talk is something you’ve got to ease your way into.

If you start off with, “Do you like this you dirty f–king b—h?” it’s going to feel invasive, and in fact, it might even turn her off.

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So the first step is to start slow — begin with little things that have a dirty or naughty “feel” to them but won’t shock her or pull her out of the moment.

Like, for example, “I love the way your p—y feels.” Then listen for her response, and take it from there — if she looks excited, you can take it to the next level.

A lot of guys think that “Do you like this?” is a good place to start — avoid this AT ALL COSTS.

Cliche questions like that will not turn her on…if she’s having sex with you, it’s clear she’s enjoying what you’re doing…so asking her obvious questions like that might actually piss her off.

Instead, ask questions she can’t help but answer, like “Oh, you’re a dirty little girl aren’t you?”

She might reply with “Maybe,” then you can explore just how dirty she’s willing to get.

The important thing to remember is that every girl has a different definition of “dirty.” So start slow, and make sure she’s comfortable.

That brings me to the next step:

This “Innocent” Question Unleashes Her Naughty Side...

2) Let Her Initiate

Did you know you can actually get a girl to start the dirty talk? It’s true — and it’s really easy.

The key is to spot the signs that she wants to get dirty with you.

For example, if you lightly pull her hair and she starts breathing heavily, that’s a sign she’s a little kinky.

And that’s an opportunity for you to ask her, “How much of a dirty girl are you?” She won’t be able to help but answer.

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Or if she gets a little rough with you — like she scratches her nails down your back or lightly chokes you — “How rough do you want it?” is a good question to ask.

If she’s a little shy, she might say something like, “Wouldn’t you like to find out?” This shows you that she wants to go there with you…she might just need you to ease her into it.

And how do you do that?

Just ask her, “Why don’t you show me?” And watch her guard come down.

The most important thing is that you respond to what she says, and from there you can let her take the lead.

At the end of the day, dirty talk should enhance sex, not make it awkward for either of you.

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“Innocent” Question Reveals the Dirty Talk She Craves…?

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