Train Your Brain to Make More Money

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When we think about making money, we think about the extraneous: Is the Economy good? Or, How saturated is my industry? Or, What credentials do I need to augment my salary? While these considerations seem sophisticated at face value, they’re actually feeding you a big, fat lie: that elevating your livelihood is a pursuit that happens outside of you, rather than within you.

Not making ends meet—or simply not earning what you deserve—is largely tied to self-value. Many of us feel trapped, precariously dancing the line between charging what we know our service is worth and charging what we think will reel in an easy buck. So we fold, slashing our prices because we haven’t honed the confidence to own our value.

And when you undervalue your expertise, clients do too—perpetuating the vicious feedback loop of underpricing and Imposter Syndrome.

In this blog, we will peel back the layers of financial self-doubt, introducing three pivotal mental adjustments in recalibrating your beliefs and revolutionizing your approach to making money.

    Like the author of a fairytale, you stitch the fabric of your reality—forging the “rules of the world” that either nurture or sap your life’s vision. For many of us, those big dreams to amass a comfortable salary are eclipsed by the stipulations we create: I don’t deserve money, What I offer isn’t valuable, I’m not worth it, I don’t have the credentials or time to make money, etc. Instead of betting on ourselves, we take cover behind our bullshit, deploying excuses that shield us from the vulnerability of wanting and asking for more

    But what if the rules that govern our reality nourished our potential—not crushed it? What if we could live in a world where our financial vision, mighty dreams, and raw identity were unequivocally supported

    Remember: you are the architect. If you can imagine a world where you wield the freedom to charge what you know you’re worth—where clients invest in your value—then you can live in it.

    Perhaps you’ve got your future all mapped out. You daydream about becoming the CEO of a fertile business, girl-bossing your way to the top of the financial ladder. But that vision feels mythical when you look in the mirror, thwarted by self-doubt surrounding your capacity for success right now.

    Our identity shapes our reality. Aspirations come to fruition when we lean into an identity that aligns with our unfettered potential. In other words, to become the master of our craft, we have to believe that we are.

    And when we embody our inner badass, we become magnetic to committed clientele who invest in us at the highest level. Because these individuals have more skin in the game, they put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get tangible results—making your work feel satisfying and respected.

    When we value ourselves, others do too.

    This one’s simple. To make money, you have to love what you’re offering. When you sell services that you think you “should” sell, mimic one-size-fits-all business blueprints, or simply don’t believe in what you’re doing, you compromise your golden ticket: aligned, mission-driven work. Not only is this pursuit less lucrative, but it also doesn’t feel as good; when our work isn’t tapped into our Essence—or the projects that “blow our hair back”—we self-sabotage at the unconscious level. If you want to reel in the big bucks, devote yourself to work you are passionate about, believe in, and enjoy doing.

    Bottom Line:
    The reason you’re not making money isn’t because of an industry or economy in flux; this lie masks your brain’s capacity to generate financial success. By building a world in which you write the rules and win, embodying your highest potential, and seeking work in alignment with your soul, money will flow effortlessly.