Vaccinated is the new tall, dark and handsome | by OkCupid

Vaccinated is the new tall, dark and handsome | by OkCupid


It’s officially the summer of love. After over a year of social distancing and virtual meetups, daters are ready to meet in person, and there’s a newfound emphasis on wanting to do so in a way that is safe for themselves and others. That’s why on Monday, May 24 OkCupid is proud to release the “I’m Vaccinated” profile badge for all daters who report that they’ve had at least one dose of the Covid-19 vaccination. Everyone who adds the badge to their profile in the first 48 hours will receive a free Boost, and all who add the badge will also be featured in the Vaccinated Stack, which will be released later in June. Those who do not yet have the vaccine will be given resources and information on where to find one when available.

Daters today are more transparent about their health and wellness than ever, particularly when it comes to their vaccination status. The phrase “I’m vaccinated” on OkCupid profiles increased over 1,400% this month compared to January. And the vaccine is really helping people find love. More than 7 in 10 daters say they will get the Covid-19 vaccine, and those who are planning to get it or already have are getting 15% more likes and 14% more matches, and having 4.5% more conversations.

As the vaccine continues to roll out around the world, we anticipate in-person dates increasing significantly. In fact, only 7% of singles on OkCupid today say they’re not comfortable with in-person dating. And while virtual dating certainly has its perks, we expect IRL dates will also lead to more lasting connections; over half of OkCupid daters agreed that an in-person date was more meaningful than a virtual one.