WakeUP2Luv Get a Girlfriend Program Review

WakeUP2Luv Get a Girlfriend Program Review

WakeUP2Luv Review by Andrew, United Kingdom

I guess I skipped class the day they taught dating skills at school, female psychology too for that matter.

In my twenties, I stumbled into a handful of relationships, more by luck than judgement, and was even married for a while.

When that ended in an acrimonious divorce I thought it was time to have some fun.

But pretty quickly I discovered something was wrong. It seemed no matter who I dated the result was the same.

When, after multiple dates, I finally plucked up the courage to tell the girl how I felt, she would recoil in surprise.

I was a “nice guy” but she “just didn’t see me that way.”

It felt like the ladies were reading from the same script.

In frustration, I resorted to the internet for advice. Pulled into the rabbit hole of alpha-male types in their twenties hitting on girls in the street.

I felt lost.

I’d crossed the threshold into the second half century of my life. I wasn’t interested in a casual fling.

What I was looking for was a healthy, committed relationship. What I needed was comprehensive advise to correct my previous mistakes.

Enter Anna Jorgensen, a quirky, chirpy Canadian lady who delivered home truths with a smile and a sassy wink.

What first drew me to Anna’s YouTube videos was her humour.

I found the antidote to the frustration and resentment I was beginning to feel was laughter.

Whereas the too-cool-for-school YouTube alpha types left me feeling judged and intimidated, I felt Anna was a woman I could trust to give constructive help and advice.

So, I signed up for her WakeUp2Luv program. In terms of cost, it’s a fraction of what dating coaches are asking for one-to-one sessions.

Having completed the program, what I have leaned, surprise, surprise, is this is all about personal development.

There is no point bemoaning the choices women make when it comes to affairs of the heart. Over years of natural selection I am powerless.

The option that is open to me is to become a better man. To embrace my masculinity rather than being ashamed of it (as some voices in our culture would have me do).

Wanna know the catch?

I haven’t found a girlfriend.


But what I have found is acceptance that today I am where I need to be on my journey of personal development.

I have awareness of the nature of the problem, new interpersonal skills (I really did skip school that day) and I am moving forward with a new confidence.

New adventures await.

Kind Regards,



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