What Are the Things Every Dating Profile Should Include?



Creating an online dating profile is a bit daunting, especially when you are looking for your ideal match with the kind of people you want to date. Of course, a pretty face can do half of the task, if you are looking for a real relationship there are other factors that come into play.
A general profile that doesn’t define much about the personality or the one that says wrong things will be overlooked. So, let’s get into the article to know how you can attract your right mate for the date.

Define who you are:
Start by defining yourself; show your positive character traits. Are you creative? loyal? Affectionate- choose the one that best describes your personality. If you are unable to define yourself, ask your friends how they would see you as a person.

Also include things that you care about like things you love doing, you are passionate about, your inclination toward pets, etc. Don’t make it sound like a resume. Just be honest about your sayings and don’t downplay your desires. Keep in mind that you want to attract people who are looking for someone like you.

Create a story:
The entire game of dating is to find someone for a casual or long-term relationship. Although every individual uploads their best clicked and edited photos, you cannot underestimate the power of words. So, it would be best to create a story instead of writing anything. You can put up a story of an ambitious person, a traveler, or maybe a reader- just be specific and honest about what you write. You can also use a quote from a book or TV show or ask questions to make it convenient for potential matches to connect with you.

An Attractive Photo:
Some people just look at the photos on dating app online, so make sure you choose an appropriate picture (see tips for choosing your best photo). This means to refrain from posting old photos or anything that is edited or filtered. Include a clear picture of your face, an action shot of you traveling or cuddling with your pet, or a picture of your face. Just keep in mind no group photos and no photos of kids unless they are your kids.

While you don’t need a professional headshot, keep in mind that it should represent your best self. If the dating app online or website allows you to upload multiple photos, make sure you upload only your best shots. Also, don’t wear shades or caps, and ensure that your face is clearly visible.

Don’t use- ‘Catch me on Insta’ tagline and other taglines:
One of the most common mistakes people make is to grab followers for their social media accounts. While most people use to take their matches on another platform, avoid using it. You may not want to give an impression that when they read your profile, it doesn’t show that you are behind follower count. So a common opening line, “Hey cutie,” won’t work, but something meaningful and catchy.

Avoid clichés
Those sections asking you to describe yourself can be downright unsettling. Instead of using statements like “I really don’t know what to write here” or “I enjoy traveling,” highlight what sets you apart from others.

When talking about yourself, it can be helpful to think of stories rather than facts. So instead of saying you love to travel, you can say something about how you just returned from a Maldives trip and hope to visit Iceland next year. The more information you provide, the easier it will be for someone to contact you.

Show your true self, don’t tell.
When writing about who you are and how you live your life, it is important to show the reader how you see yourself in action. For example, a lot of people say on their profile that they like to travel.

“Travel” can mean anything from a trip to Disneyworld to a hike on the Appalachian Trail, a Mediterranean cruise, or a luxurious Kenya safari. Please don’t assume that the reader knows which one would interest them! Instead, talk about the destinations you have traveled, dream vacations, or the best trips you’ve ever been on – the person with similar interests will notice you!

Be as concise as possible.
When there is only room for a few sentences, even the smallest number counts. You want to pack as much information as possible, but this doesn’t mean using all of the provided space. You might be having a limited character limit, so be concise and specific about defining yourself.

Use the right words and be specific about what you want in your partner and who you want to meet without sounding overly demanding and specific. Avoid listing the hobbies, body type, education, and other things you are looking for in your partner.

Set the negatives and the sarcasm aside:
When you say, “Drama Queens, please stay away,” Viewers will assume that you have a lot of drama in relationships, which means you don’t have the confidence to see how much you believe.

Also, it doesn’t look nice to talk about what you don’t like in someone or about their cynicism or pessimism. Negative things never attract people; it gives an impression that you are a dramatic person and don’t have any self-awareness. The positive you show yourself, the more right people you will attract.

Final Words:
Creating a dating app profile is more of an art than a skill. You need to understand the dating game from the perspective of your profile viewers. Make sure you write only the things that you do in your real life. Don’t try to brag about yourself to earn a date. Go slow and be genuine about everything.

My name is Eshika. I am a marketing and social media professional. Specialties include social media technologies, advertising, and interactive marketing, public relations, and more. I have written various blogs on Modern-Day Online Dating, Relationships, Dating tips, etc.