Why You Attract Broken Men

why you attract broken men


Are you the kind of woman who seems to be unlucky in love WAY more than your fair share?

You don’t know what it is, but you sure know how to pick them. And by them, we’re talking about the most BROKEN souls on the planet.

“Am I doing something wrong here?”

“Is it because I’m broken too?”

“Is the Universe just screwing with me?”

Your friends and family are literally afraid of being introduced to your new man.

“Surely he can’t be worse than the last guy….?”

Famous last words. Because he IS worse.

How is that even possible? The last guy you dated was a total a-hole.

You’re starting to think you’re a giant walking magnet for toxic men.

But what if I told you that on some level, you’re choosing these broken guys?

At first, that might sound shocking.

“WTF, Adam, why would I be CHOOSING to date a**holes?”

Find out why in this video.

The great news is, once you figure out why you continue to repeat this toxic pattern in your love life, you can start to break it and replace it with an empowering pattern that helps you attract a healthy, loving relationship into your life.

I’m gonna level with you, though. At first, you might not want to change because change is hard.

It’s much easier to stick with what we know. What we know is comfortable and safe, like a soft baby blue blanket you’ve slept with your whole life.

But breaking this toxic cycle is imperative if you want to meet a kind, genuine, and stable man who doesn’t flip his lid when he realizes you’re out of fruit loops.

So, are you ready to say “NEXT” to broken men?

Your Coach,

why you attract broken men

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