Your Guide to Dating in Newark

Jersey City, New Jersey, Skyline From Across New York Harbor.


So, you’re ready to begin dating in Newark; but all of your current ideas are a bit old-hat? This guide aims to remedy this drought of unique dating ideas, and includes some of our favourite suggestions for a great date in Newark. 

Romantic, unique, quirky, fun, and ideas only our well-versed insiders will know about. So whether you need some inspiration for a first date that is guaranteed to impress, or you’re looking to take someone you’ve been seeing for a while somewhere new, this guide contains some fantastic Newark NJ dating suggestions.

Our Favourite Dating Ideas for Those Dating in Newark, NJ

If you’re looking for a date night that’s a little more exciting and unconventional than your typical candlelit dinner, we’ve hand-picked a range of activities, locations, and simply better things to do that have the guarantee of providing that perfect first impression or keep that already lit fire burning, that isn’t just telling you to get to Manhattan instead. 

  1. High-end Cooking Classes

    We know that it sounds like a cliche, but cooking together and learning to create some truly fabulous dishes is one way to woo your date. Everyone likes someone who can cook for them, and showing your date that you’re a competent cook can be one of the most attractive aspects to a prospective partner.

    From simple things like crepes, to more complicated and international dishes like Malaysian street food, there are a range of classes that give you the skills to tantalize you and your date’s taste buds. Who knows, you both may even discover new skills you didn’t even know you had.

  2. Expand your Flavour Palette and Make your Own Wine

    Share your love of sauvignons, merlots, and even Moscato with your date, and grow your palette to even greater heights. Signing up for a wine-making class not only flexes your muscles as a pseudo-sommelier, but it is also a particularly intimate experience where you get to discover each other’s favoured flavour notes – determining whether or not you’re a match if they dislike red!

    From crushing grapes to designing your own label, don’t miss out on the chance to create your own signature bottle from start to finish; a fantastic keepsake for your future together.

  3. Six Flags Great Adventure

    We know what you’re thinking, why on Earth would I take my date to a theme park? But we say “why not?” Add a boost of adrenaline into your date with some thrill seeking rides at New Jersey’s most thrilling theme park.

    Have a carefree date, grab a corndog and some other classic theme park snacks after getting on some heart-pumping rides. Will you put on a brave face to impress your date on El Toro, or will you feel comfortable enough to show how terrified you really are?

  4. A Laid-Back Walk Around Branch Brook Park

    For a more laid back date, why not simply grab a coffee and go for a walk? One of the most challenging things for new couples to do is a simple walk around the park without it feeling awkward. To determine if you’re a good match, see if you can hold a conversation and really get to know each other.

    You can always bring in the romance, too. Find an area with a stunning backdrop, which is normally found during cherry blossom season, and bring along your date for a picnic of delicious locally sourced baked goods, high quality chocolate dipped strawberries, and even a bottle of your best wine for a date that is simple in scope, but effective when trying to impress.

  5. Drag Brunch or Drag Show

    The Newark gay dating scene is one of the more fun kinds. Catch a show from some of your favourite stars from Rupaul’s Drag Race, or some famous local queens. The dream date for gay singles, witness an exciting performance from the greatly talented queens of New Jersey. Unlimited mimosas, great music, like-minded gay men, an LGBTQ+ community, and a fabulous show makes for a great drag brunch.

    If you’d rather take things into the night, bring your date along to one of the many queens’ unique shows for some heart-pumping shows that last until the early hours. Make sure you bring cash to tip your queens for their phenomenal show, too.

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