20 Self-Care Quotes to Keep You Mentally and Emotionally Strong

20 Self-Care Quotes to Keep You Mentally and Emotionally Strong


It’s a new week, and that can bring with it a sense of excitement and possibility or a sense of dread about your overwhelming responsibilities. Sometimes for me it’s both.

And not just because I have a lot to do, but also because, like most of us, I have a lot going in my head and my heart at any given time. And it’s not always easy to be a feeling human in a busy world that won’t just slow down when it all feels like too much. Which means sometimes we need to stop instead.

Stop doing. Stop pushing ourselves. Stop ignoring our needs. Stop avoiding our feelings. Stop expecting more from ourselves than we’d ever demand from anyone else we love. And start listening to the voice inside that knows what’s best for us so we can feel and be our best.

Whatever you’re feeling today, whatever you’re dealing with, whatever happened this weekend, whatever’s coming in the days ahead, take a few minutes to set the intention to take good care of yourself, and let these messages be your guide.

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