Being Well Podcast: How to Get the Most Out of 2022

Being Well Podcast: How to Get the Most Out of 2022


Today on Being Well, Forrest and I reflect on 2021, and explore how to maximize what we get out of 2022. We discuss how to rest in our aspirations, claim identity-based change, reframe personal narratives, and form the habits that lead to a more grounded, meaningful life.

Thank you for listening over the last year; looking forward to much more!



0:00: Introduction

2:20: How was 2021 for you?

5:35: Gratitude for listener support

8:25: Rick’s yearly reflection process

12:45: Collaging practice

18:35: Language, and keeping a positive orientation toward desires and resolutions

26:55: Sentence completion exercise

31:10: Identity-based change

35:25: Rick’s approach to nature-based change

39:30: Reframing personal narratives

43:35: Making room for new parts of yourself in middle age

46:10: Process for forming resolutions outlined.

53:35: Rick and Forrest’s goals for 2022

58:05: Drawing on the support of others

59:30: Recap

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