Being Well Podcast: Integration: How to Solve Most of Your Problems

Being Well Podcast: Integration: How to Solve Most of Your Problems

On today’s episode of Being Well, Forrest and I discuss the fundamental strategies that allow us to become aware of and integrate all parts of ourselves – those we want to celebrate and expand, and those we’d like to heal and change.

We explore a lot of big ideas on this show, and alongside them a lot of specific tactics and frameworks that can support people in growing and changing for the better. This includes everything from how to get the most out of therapy, how to deal with traumatic experiences, and how to manage a variety of psychological conditions and individual tendencies. There’s a question that underlies all of these domains: how does personal healing actually work?



0:00: Introduction

3:00: Overview of psychological patterns related to healing

7:25: Forrest’s personal journey as a case study

13:15: Rick assessing Forrest’s narrative from a psychologist’s perspective

15:45: Cognizing and other stories we tell to avoid parts of ourselves

20:40: Showing appreciation for our defenses, completing patterns

26:50: Catharsis and ways to reach it

39:15: Practical ways to reclaim and reconnect with parts of yourself

43:45: Playing with the nature of identity/ego

47:00: Self-forgiveness and celebrating what you’re good at

50:05: Recap

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