Being Well Podcast: Self-Help’s Biggest Misconceptions, Part 2: No Pain No Gain, Hedonic Adaptation, and Meditation

Debunking Self-Help Myths


Debunking Self-Help Myths

In the second of two episodes, Dr. Rick and Forrest Hanson explore common self-help myths and misconceptions, including ones related to hedonic adaptation, “no pain no gain,” and meditation.



Key Topics:

0:00: Introduction

2:30: Misconception #1: People can’t really change in lasting ways/Hedonic adaptation stops people from becoming happier.

17:00: Misconception #2: No pain, no gain. What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. 

27:50: Misconception #3: You can only meditate by sitting quietly on a cushion. 

41:15: Misconception #4: I can heal myself all on my own. Relying on a therapist means something is “wrong” with me.

50:00: Misconception #5: All therapy is talk therapy. It’s really cognitive and top-down.

57:45: Recap

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