The Best Non-Toxic Baking Sheets [2022]

The Best Non-Toxic Baking Sheets [2022]

Baking can be fun whether you are in the kitchen by yourself, or spending time with others. What’s not fun is using bakeware that can be toxic. You may not even know that you are baking on a toxic baking sheet that’s leaching chemicals like perfluorooctanoic acid into your food. 

The more aware of what bakeware is toxic, and which ones aren’t, the more you’ll be able to make an informed choice when shopping for these kitchen must-haves. Keep reading to find out what the best non-toxic baking sheets are.

The Issue With Toxic Bakeware

A big concern with toxic bakeware is that the materials are not clearly labeled. You might not intentionally buy anything toxic but when companies don’t fully disclose what they use, it’s up to us to be informed consumers.

You’ll often see things like “nonstick coating,” and think you are getting a good quality baking sheet. What the labels don’t tell you is that to make the pan nonstick they usually coat it with harmful chemicals and formulas. Teflon, which is a brand of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), is one example of these. A lot of these products aren’t regulated and tested in the United States which means our health is often put at risk for the sake of profit.

The problem with a nonstick coating is that it starts to deteriorate when baking at high temperatures. These toxic chemicals and materials can then leech into our food.

This could mean trouble for us in the form of negative health effects like decreased fertility, thyroid disorders, flu-like symptoms, certain cancers, and more.

Another problem is the toxic fumes that these chemicals give off in high heat. In this next section you’ll find out what to watch out for, as well as what are the safest options for bakeware.

What To Look Out For

I mentioned that Teflon is something to watch out for when shopping for new bakeware and cookware options.

Teflon contains toxic chemicals such as Perfluorooctanioic acid (PFOA or C8) and Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).  Perfluorooctanioic acid (PFOA or C8) and Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). These can lead to those medical issues I mentioned before, and then some. As more people became aware of these chemicals, manufacturers started using what they called “safer alternatives.” These alternatives can cause health problems as well and may not actually be “safer.” 

If you are looking for a great alternative to these types of pans, silicone bakeware may be an option for you. Research is mixed on silicone, mainly because there isn’t much research. However, if you are looking for nonstick cookware without a toxic chemical coating, silicone pans may be an option to consider.

There are others to be aware of as well, though these are a bit more on the unsure side. These materials are plastic and aluminum.

The main problem with using aluminum cookware is making sure you don’t use it for making acidic foods. Doing so not only poses a risk for it being toxic, but it also adds a metallic taste to your food. Aluminum degrades over time making it a riskier choice for long-term use.

Plastic is also not a great option for high temperatures. Many plastics used to contain Bisphenol A or what we call BPA. You’ll often see this advertised on packaging as “BPA-free” but the question we should be asking ourselves is what are they using instead? The replacements are not any better.

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The Best Non-Toxic Baking Sheets and Bakeware

Now that we know what to not get, let’s take a look at the safest cookware. There are five options you should consider if you are looking for new bakeware. They are stainless steel, glass, ceramic, stoneware, and cast iron/enameled cast iron.

  • Stainless steel pans are great for baking. They are also great for cooking once you learn how to cook properly with them. Make sure that when you are buying stainless steel cookware or bakeware you are getting pans that are not made from Chromium. Read more about The Best Non-Toxic Cookware For Healthy Eating here.
  • Glass cookware is a great option for non-toxic bakeware. The main concern with glass is that it is easy to break. If you purchase a glass bakeware set you just want to take great care of it so it doesn’t break.
  • Ceramic bakeware is a great type of cookware to have. It works well for making eggs for breakfast, baking chocolate chip cookies, and everything in between. The one area of concern is that lead can be a concern for ceramic cookware. 

When you are shopping for new pans just make sure it says that it’s lead-free. Another thing to be aware of while shopping is to make sure it’s actual ceramic and not ceramic coated cookware. Ceramic coatings contain metals and chemicals that, of course, are toxic. Since they are coatings the material can get into your food, and we don’t want that.

  • Stoneware is actually a type of ceramic material. In fact, Webstaurantstore suggests that stoneware is the most durable type of ceramic. This makes stoneware a high quality choice for a non-toxic baking pan.
  • If you are looking for a reputable, non-toxic alternative to non-stick cookware then cast iron, and enameled cast iron, products should be your go-to. There are many other benefits to this type of cookware as well such as a longer lifespan and being easier on your wallet. Check out more benefits here.

Brands That Get Non-Toxic Baking Sheets Right

Here are some products and brands to start your search for the best non-toxic baking sheet sets.

I also want to note that my preference to to stainless steel and uncoated bakeware. This do not contain added chemicals and there is no risk of leeching if you accidentally scratch the non-stick coating. However, I also know that a lot of people do prefer non-stick coatings and with proper care these can still be decent options, even if they won’t last as long as stainless steel. So I am including both options in the list below.

When baking, I also recommend using the If You Care Unbleached Parchment Paper. Most parchment papers are “coated with Quilon, which contains heavy metal that can leave toxic trace elements in your food and baked goods.” It’s a better option to help reduce exposure to environmental toxins.


TeamFar sells non-toxic premium stainless steel bakeware and is my personal choice for non-toxic baking sheets. You’ll find different sized baking sheets (half sheet and full sheet pans), cooling racks, toaster oven pans, and more. Their baking sheets are also dishwasher safe which saves you on clean up time. They’re also rust-resistant making them an ideal choice that will last for years to come. 

best non toxic baking sheets

Get this two piece 20″x14″x1″ set for $33 here. You can also find them at Walmart for $28 here. They also have muffin tins in various sizes.

Caraway Bakeware

Caraway uses a mineral-based coating that won’t leach toxic materials into your clean and healthy ingredients. I also like their cookware for a coated-ceramic option. They use a non-stick coating on their bakeware which can break down over time so you do need to be mindful of not scratching it.

Non-stick ceramic is a highly desirable option though because you don’t have to prep the pan in anyway to avoid food from sticking on it. I think this is a good option to consider if you don’t bake frequently. Unlike cookware you use daily, the ceramic coating won’t breakdown as fast.

best non toxic baking sheets

Their ceramic baking set is not only cute, but it includes 11 bakeware items, including a muffin tin, baking trays, and more. Their sets also come in a variety of colors and include a bakeware organizer.


Pyrex sells glass baking dishes, one of the safest options as bakeware. They do not sell just baking sheets, however, you’ll have to use the baking dishes but it’s truly not a problem. It’s actually more versatile that way.

best non toxic baking sheets

Get the 2 piece baking dish value set from Pyrex here.

Gotham Steel

Gotham Steel has an award winning Ti-Cerama coating ensures the ultimate release so everything just slides right off the pan. Their pans are over safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and are dishwasher safe. They are 100% PFOA free and are metal utensil safe. This is not my top choice but it is a more-affordable one for the whole kitchen.

best non toxic baking sheets

You can get the whole 20-piece set for just $149. There’s also this 6-piece bakeware set at Walmart for $60.

Wildone Baking

Wildone makes stainless steel baking sheets in a variety of sizes. Being stainless steel, they are naturally non-toxic and are a safe choice to use for baking. Their stainless steel cookie sheets are some of the best in the business.

best non toxic baking sheets

You can get a set of 3 for under $26.


AllClad makes commercial grade aluminized steel that is warp resistant and coated with PFOA-free, ceramic reinforced nonstick materials. It’s recommended to use silicone or wooden tools on them. As with non-stick ceramic, be mindful of any scratches on the pan because if it get damaged, the aluminum from the aluminum core can still leech into your food. AllClad is a highly trusted brand used in commercial kitchens all over the country.

best non toxic baking sheets

Get the 3-piece set here.

Solido Baking Stone

This pizza stone is great because it can withstand higher temperatures and can fit in the oven. This means you can bring the pizzeria into your home, and who wouldn’t want that? 

best non toxic baking sheets

Get the Solido Baking Stone here.

Now that you know what the best non-toxic bakeware is, you can make a more informed purchase. Let me know which one you buy and what you think in the comments!

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