Tiny Buddha’s Self-Care Course: Buy One, Give One Sale!

Tiny Buddha’s Self-Care Course: Buy One, Give One Sale!


As we get older, we tend to get clearer on what matters most to us in life. For me, it’s self-care and relationships. If you share my top values, you’re in luck, because today’s special offer honors both of those things!

In my experience, self-care and relationships have been deeply intertwined—because I’ve found that deep-level self-care reinforces my worth, which enables me to attract and hold onto healthy relationships. Which then inspires me to continue taking good care of myself so I can give the best of myself to the people I love (without losing myself in the process).

This isn’t easy or instinctive for a lot of us. Many of us were wired young to disregard our own needs and feelings, perhaps because they were too uncomfortable or inconvenient for the people around us. We then formed beliefs about what we deserve based on those experiences.

Left unchecked, these kinds of beliefs can guide us to choices that don’t really serve us in all areas of our lives.

In my twenties, that meant living in a seedy single-room occupancy building in Times Square. And only forming ‘friendships’ with people who wanted to get drunk and stoned together. And only ‘dating’ men who were interested in being friends with benefits, while treating me with much less respect than one would expect from a genuine friend.

It didn’t occur to me until much later in life that I cared for myself so poorly because I cared for myself so little. It also didn’t occur to me that I could completely change my life by getting to the root of why.

Why I’d turned to bulimia as a kid. And substances later. And unhealthy relationships pretty much all my life. Why I sabotaged myself when it came to money. Why I was always trying to prove I was a good person. Why I always worried people would figure out I wasn’t.

Over the last two decades, I’ve made tremendous progress on all these things, and I’ve seen a ripple effect in my health, my work, and my relationships.

I want the same kind of growth and healing for all of us—both because I believe this is how we can all carve out a little happiness in this world, and because I believe the world would be a better place if more people did this work.

This is why I created my new eCourse Breaking Barriers to Self-Care: to help us all identify and overcome our self-sabotaging beliefs and habits so we can meet our deepest needs and thrive.

Maybe you can relate to my story of self-destruction and self-sabotage. Or maybe you haven’t struggled with low self-worth to this extent, but you’re tired of feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and unfulfilled from doing and giving too much. Either way, I believe this course can help you create meaningful change, from the inside out.


From today through midnight PST, on Monday, May 6th, I’m running a buy one, give one sale. That means that when you sign up for the course, you’ll also be able to extend free access to someone in your life who you think would also benefit.

And if you’re in the US and one of the first 25 people to sign up during the sale, I’ll send BOTH of you a free print copy of my book Tiny Buddha’s Guide to Loving Yourself.

All you have to do is register here and forward your purchase confirmation email, along with your address if you’re in the US, to [email protected]. I will then send you a promo code that will work only once for your loved one, and mail both books to you.

If you’re ready to honor, value, and prioritize yourself in all choices going forward, click here to sign up an get instant access to the course.